Nic and Dana had been married for 14 years now. He was 36 and she was 34. They had two kids Jessica who was 14 and Elena who was 10. Jessica was at school. She was with her friends

"Jess are you going to be at the party, tommarow" one of them asked

"I don't thinkmy mom would let me go"

"Ditch her. Tell her your coming to my place and we'll meet there"

"Nice point" Jessica said.
The Next Night at the party.

"Hey Jess" Jim, a kid from school called. They begun talking and soon kissing. Within few minutes Jess stopped."What" Jim asked

"I can do this" Jess said

"It's not like youer dad's watching jusr chill" he said and contiued to kiss her.

"She pulled away again "I said stop" she got up and ran out the door.Thatwhole night Nick had stayed awake waiting for her, she however never showed up. The nest morning Dana awoke. She turned to her side to see Nick wasen't there. She got up and dressed and made her way down stairs. There she saw Nick with a cup of coffee in his hand.

"Are the kids ready for school" she asked

"One of them is" he answered "I don't know where the other one is"

"What do you mean" Dana asked

"She didn't come home last night"

"Have you called her phone"

"No, I have been sitting here all night waiting for her to come and yet I never thought of calling her phone" he said with sarcasim. Dana begun to panic.

"I can't beleive this" she asid while walking back and forth "Why the hell does she hate me so much"

"She doesn't hate you, she's a teenager she has to do these things sooner or later"

"I'd prefer later. She's fourteen, she doesn't even know how to drive, she has to be home at night"

"Dana, she's fine stop doing this to yourself"

"No, Nick, you don't understand, this is like getting back at me for everything I've done as a teenager."

"I promise you she will be home tonight, if it's the last thing I do she will be home tonight" Nick conferted her. Dana was beguning to get annoyed.

"What the hell is that noise" Dana asked. She walked towrd the phone base and pressed the play button. Jessica's voice filled the silence:
"I just call to say don't expect me home anytime soon. I have left. I don't know where I am and I don't know where I'm going. Don't worry though I'm safe. I'm alittle over 130 miles away but I don't know if it's west, east, north, or south. Don't bother looking for me because you'll never find. And that's for the best" the message finished

"She ran away" Nick said

"Yeah, I heard. I'm not deaf" a tear fell from her eye

"What's wrong" Nick got up and wrapped his arms around her

"Nothing, nothing at all. I don't know if my daughter is dead or alive" she rested her head on Nick's shoulder as she sobbed.That day they went to work. However Nick left before usual. Dana got home at about 6. She was suprise that the only person home was Elena. She walked into the kitchen and took a bottle of water from the frige. She leaded against the counter and opened it. With that the back door opened. Jessica slowly came walking in fallowed by Nick. Jessica stood there looking into her mother's eyes. Dana wasen't giving any reaction.

"Say something" she whispered

"What I want to say your not old enough to hear" Dana answered "What the hell where you thinking. You could have been killed. You could have been in some lake, chopped into a million peices.I strongly sugest that you go to your rom" She yelled with ther voice faiding in the end.Jessica slowly walk away. "Where was she" Dana asked Nick

"New York, she took a train"

"I think you should go talk to her" Nick said

"If I talk to anyone right now I will kill them" she answered as she walked away. 20 inutes later she had calmed down.She opened the door to Jessica's room and closed it behind her. "I've calmed down, I thought you might want to talk" she said, Jess was lying on her bed, she turned to her side facing the wall.

"Well I don't" she said.Dana sat down next to her.

"Why did you leave."

"Look, I'm tired and and I'm in pain. I don't want to talk now or ever"

"I don't care" Dana yelled

"Of course not, why would you care. For you work has always came first and that will never change" Jessica yelled back. Dana's cell phone begun to ring.

"You know that's not true" she said as she took it out of her pocket and looked at the screen. It was the hospital

"Answer it, you know your going to" Jess whispered. Dana slowly turned around and flipped her phone open. After a short conversation she looked at Jess. "Let me guess: You have to go and we'll talk about it later"

"And in addition you are not to leave this house" she turned around to leave, than she turned back."Jessica let me tell you something. Being the motherisen't always easy. I don't always know what the hell I'm doing. It's not like you and your sister came witha book of instrutions. If there's anything wrong you should be able to tell me, I might be able to help you"

"Whatever, just leave"Jessica yelled as her mother walked out the door.An hour later Jessica jumped out of the window, she begun to ran hoping her mother would catch her. Dana got home at 2am that night. She went straight to Jessica's room only to discover she isen't there. As soon as she walked out of the room the front door opened, Jessica walked in to went into her room fallowed by Dana.

To be contiued...

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