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Shino's parents quietly walked up the stairs, and peered into their son's room.

"Shino? It's Christmas. Want to come downstairs and open your presents?"

But there was no response from him. They tiptoed over to see Shino was fast asleep.

"Aww, he must be exhausted from a night of terrorizing something." His mother smiled. "He looks so cute with his glasses off."

Shino slept on as his parents went to go have some breakfast. He looked awfully content as he slumbered away.


"Honey! There's a goat in the kitchen!" Mr. Akimichi cried in alarm. This alarm changed to happiness, as he spotted the deep fat fryer in the counter. "Who wants goat for breakfast?"

"I do!" Choji shouted, waking up quickly and accidentally rolling out of his chair and landing on his honeyed ham. "Aw man...oh well, squashed ham is still good ham! Did you sleep well Grandpa?" Choji asked as he walked by his mountain of a grandfather.

"Huh? What? Oh, hello Choji. I had the strangest dream...there were these three people climbing over me, and they almost died in my fat rolls...oh well, what's for breakfast?"



So the rest of the akimichi clan waddled to the kitchen to inspect the new food stuffs they'd received and prepare for a mighty Christmas breakfast.


Things at the Hyuuga house were a little less festive. Hizashi looked on as many people attempted to pull a half dead Neji out from the Koi pond.

"How on gods name did that boy break through the ice?" he wondered aloud. "It must be at least two feet thick."

Hinata just happily squeezed her new Naruto plushie. "Thanks Santa.." she whispered.


"YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE IT GAI SENSEI!" Lee shouted as he retold his tale to his beloved sensei. We all know Lee would rather spend time with Gai than his family. "I MET SANTA! AND HIS MERRY BAND OF ELVES!"




And the two broke down into tears and had a vicious hugging session, which would kill a normal man.


Ino groggily walked downstairs, and happened to look over to the living room. She saw over the back of one of the chairs a familiar raven hair hairdo.

"SASUKE!" Ino shouted, and ran into the living room.

"This is the best Christmas eve..."

She stopped at the sight.



Jiraiya looked around to find the mysterious source of the yelling, but decided it wasn't worth it. He lazily kicked some slush and shuffled along. He'd gotten coal again, and a large hole in his ceiling to boot. Maybe it had something to do with all the perverted behavior...nah.

"Maybe Tsunade will cheer me up..." he hoped. When he arrived at Tsunade's house though, it wasn't exactly intact. There was a rumbling from beneath the rubble, and Tsunade popped out.

"What the hell happened?" she wondered, looking at the mess. She spotted Jiraiya, who was looking rather dumbfounded. She jogged over to him, which seemed to be making Jiraiya very, very happy.

"Jiraiya, do you know what's going on?" she asked. Jiraiya just nodded.

"That doesn't answer my question." she huffed. It was just then she noticed it seemed very cold out here.

"Is it colder than normal?" she asked Jiraiya, rubbing her arms.

"Jiggly..." Jiraiya responded.

"Jiraiya, are you feeling okay?" she asked. She then noticed where he was looking, and glanced down at herself.

Tsunade was still very topless.

"THIS HAS BEEN A WONDERFUL LIFE!" Jiraiya shouted as he was blasted off by a nosebleed rocket. Tsunade ran back to the wreckage to see if she could find a shirt.


Kiba yawned, walking into the living room.

"I wonder what Santa left this year...oh crap."

The living room was in a state of chaos. All the furniture was broken, and there were mysterious bloodstains everywhere.

"I guess Santa was sloppier than normal..." Kiba shrugged, and went to go find some Kibbles and Bits.


"SHIKAMARU!" a shrill voice yelled. Shikamaru covered his head with his pillow and moaned. His mother burst into the room moments later, shrieking.

"What happened to the coffee table young man!"

"Mom, I've got a headache..."

"Have you been drinking!"


"Oh." she paused, and smiled. "At least you're honest. Come on honey, your father is waiting downstairs to open presents."

Shikamaru wondered as he was dragged out of bed why his father married this woman.


Tenten hopped downstairs, eager to see what Santa brought. She stopped at the kitchen, and looked at the large hole where the door used to be.


"What dear?"

"We still have that door insurance, right?"

"No, I cancelled it last week."



Anko looked crookedly at the dead hobo lying at her feet. Her little shoulder angel appeared.

"You must give this man a proper burial! It is Christmas after all."

"No no, make a stew out of him! No one's lookin!" her shoulder devil sneered, poofing onto her other shoulder. Anko contemplated for a minute.

"All right shoulder angel, you win this round, but only because it's Christmas. If I find anymore dead hobos, they're as good as stew." she sighed, dragging, the hobo to the funeral home.


Asuma and Kurenai just kept sleeping. You know why...


Naruto awoke to the sound of knocking on his door. He winced when he sat up.

"Why am I covered in bruises?" he wondered. He hastily did a mini cleaning session, put on his clothes, and opened the door.

"Merry Christmas!" Sakura and Iruka smiled.

"Hi guys!" Naruto said, inviting them in. "This is awesome! Sorry if the seats are a bit messy, I wasn't expecting company."

"I can tell..." Sakura moaned, looking at the horrible mess.

"Woah! What happened to Kakashi sensei!" Naruto asked, looking at the battered Kakashi strewn across Iruka's back.

"No idea. We found him in a tree on the way here."

"Wow, must have been some party he went to. Hey Iruka sensei, I thought you couldn't celebrate Christmas." Naruto wondered.

"Just because I'm Jewish doesn't mean I can't spend time with the people I care about." Iruka told Naruto.

"Okay then. Who wants ramen for breakfast?" Naruto asked, opening his kitchen cabinet. Iruka and Sakura politely declined.


Temari woke up with a start, and looked around. She was in her room. She looked at herself for cuts or scratches, but she was totally fine. No elf suit either, she was in her P.J.s Temari sighed and laid back down.

"What a weird dream..." she muttered to herself. She then heard the sound of Kankuro running up the stairs, and he then burst into her room.

"Temari, you gotta see this! It's incredible!"

She groaned and put on her slippers, following her excited brother downstairs. She was awed by the sight that struck her eyes. The living room was absolutely stuffed with presents. Every size and shape imaginable. Gaara was sitting on the one open space on the couch, and opening a gift.

"I can't believe it!" she said, looking around. "It's a Christmas miracle!"

"Well these presents aren't going to open themselves!" Kankuro smiled, and lept into the huge pile. Temari also smirked and tore into her presents.

"Hey guys, I found a card!" Kankuro said, popping out of the hill of gifts. "It says, 'thanks for taking back my holiday from that corporate fat man and doing so many good deeds last night. Here's a show of my gratitude.' Huh, no name though."

"Who cares." Gaara said.

They all tore through the gifts, marveling at what they received. Gaara played with his truck for a minute, then went to the next package. He paused, noticing the not as professional wrap job and a decorative tag. He read it to him self.

"To: Gaara Love: your brother and sister."

He paused for a moment, then looked up at his two siblings.

"Temari? Kankuro?"

"Yes?" They both answered. Gaara looked at his feet for a minute. "Thanks." he managed to squeeze out.

"No problem!" Kankuro smirked.

"But I didn't get you guys anything..."Gaara admitted.

"It's okay." Temari said. "To be honest, we never expected anything from you."

Gaara pondered a moment, then realization dawned on his face.

"I know what I can give you guys."

He released his sand, and wrapped it around his siblings. He pulled them over to him, and they looked pretty scared.

"Gaara, don't kill us!" Kankuro whined.

But Gaara did not kill them. He released his sand, and pulled his siblings into a hug.

"Merry Christmas you guys."

They both were shocked for a moment, but then they returned the hug.

"Merry Christmas Gaara."