Title: I will
Author: ferretgirl1124
Genre: Action/Adventure, angst
Rating: R
Warnings: Dark themes, graphic content, child abuse, implied character death
Pairings: RaexBB, RobxStar, KFxJinx, CyxBee, SpeedyxAqualad

Summary: Neko's return hails a new reign of terror, and herlatest plot shows itself to be more terriblethen the Titans could have ever imagined.

A/N: Here it is. I updated this rather quickly, neh? Well, this chapter is rather short, but important, so...enjoy.

Alarms blared. Time was running out. She couldn't stop, couldn't wait.



"Neko! Wait, I hurt my ankle!"

No. Distractions would not be allowed. She had too many plans, and she needed revenge. The Titans had won once, and that was all she would allow.

The catgirl paused once, knowing it was foolish but having no choice. He would talk if left. He was still following, his limp now evident, and her tail flicked as her ears flattened in disgust. "Hurry, boy."

"I can't. When I fell, I hurt my ankle."

He had helped her escape, but she owed him nothing. He had only done what was expected of him. As he finally caught up, she lay a gentle hand on his arm and smiled sweetly. "Thank you Trickster. You served me well." Her right hand darted to the left, and one razor sharp claw slit his throat.

He fell to the ground with an odd gurgling sound and she continued on her way. There was a new world ahead of her, and she knew just how to conquer it.