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... "Now it's a waiting game." Bors told the Scout as he placed a hand on his shoulder...

Tristan was brought back to the present by a heart wrenching scream that Caley let out. It was the final tipping point for the Scout. He stormed towards the bedroom door, Bors and Dagonet both jumped in front of it to stop him.

"No Tristan. You have to wait." Bors told him.

Caley let out another scream. Tristan drew the dagger at his belt and pointed it at the two Knights in front of him. "Move," he stated, both men slowly raising their hands, preparing to fight him. "I don't want to hurt either of you." The other Knights stood, ready to restrain Tristan if the need arose.

Tristan glared at the men in front of him, and they just stared right back. Tristan went to make a move, but Caley's scream stopped him. There was silence for a moment, and the sound of a baby crying.

The Scout was frozen to his spot, hearing the sound of a baby. His baby. The dagger slipped from his hand and clattered to the floor as the crying continued. Dagonet placed a hand on the Tristan's shoulder and walked past him to sit with the others, not at all bothered that he just held a knife to him. Bors clapped him on the back as he walked past the Scout with the same temperament, but he spoke in passing.

"That sound there." He said quietly, which was odd for Bors. "That means that you are now a Father." He finished, also taking a stand with his brothers in arm.

Tristan didn't know how many minutes, as he stood there staring at the door. All he could focus on was the sound of his newborn baby crying, and that Caley was no longer crying out in pain. Before long, the wooden door in front of him slowly opened, making the crying louder, and the midwife stepped out. She smiled at the Knight and nodded at him, before moving past him. Mina followed next, her eyes alight with joy.

Vanora was last and she stopped in front of Tristan and spoke softly to him. "Caley is exhausted, but she and the baby are healthy. Certainly doesn't have your silent temperament either." He glanced at her for a moment, and was about to ask if it was a boy or girl, but Vanora spoke again before he could. "Why don't you go find out for yourself, Tristan?"

Without another word needed, Tristan walked into the dimly lit room and Vanora closed the door behind him. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he focused on his baby's cries that had softened to soft whimpers. He could make out Caley sitting up in bed, with numerous pillows stacked up behind her. He smiled at her, as he moved closer. She was looking down at the small bundle in her arms, and Tristan had no choice but to admire her.

She did look tired, he could see, but she also looked excited and content. Her hair was pulled up into a high messy bun, but some strands were plastered to her face from sweat. She had been changed into a thin, white night dress, with a low neckline, which he assumed was to make it easier to breastfeed when the time came.

"Tristan." She whispered, but did not look up at him. "He's so perfect. I can't believe we made such a perfect little creature."

"He?" Tristan whispered as he made it to the bed.

"Yes." She said softly, and finally looked up at him, eye alight, as he sat down on the edge of the bed next to her. "I have given you a son."

Tristan's heart swelled with pride, beyond even his belief, when he heard her speak those words. He couldn't resist planting a loving and passionate kiss on her lips. When they broke apart, he looked down at the bundle in her arms that was still quietly whimpering.

Tristan was amazed as he looked at his son. A small little baby, with a mass of dark brown hair, that he didn't' think was possible for a newborn. When the baby occasionally opened his eyes, he could see that they were a chocolate brown, set in a small round face. He couldn't see his hands or feet since he was swaddled up.

"He has your likeness." Caley softly told him, and Tristan swelled with pride once again.

He reached out slowly and gingerly placed his hand on his son's head. The baby instantly stopped crying, looking up at his father, and Tristan could feel the love for this child explode within him. The need to protect him at all costs. To teach and guide him.

"Rivalen." Tristan stated, as he gazed at his son.

"Sorry?" Caley questioned, slightly confused.

"I would like to name him Rivalen, after my Father. If you are fine with this?" he answered, not breaking eyes contact from the baby.

Caley smiled, as she watched the way Tristan looked on at the baby. She was beyond ecstatic that he had taken to the child instantly. "It's a good strong name. Very much like his Father's. Don't you agree my sweet little Rivalen." She spoke sweetly to her baby as she agreed with Tristan's suggestion.

"Thank you." Tristan whispered and looked at Caley again. "You are so beautiful." He stated and kissed her again. When they broke apart this time, Tristan gave her a questioning glance. "May I?" he asked motioning to Rivalen with both hands.

Caley smiled with pure joy at his question. "Of course Tristan!" she cried with joy. And lifted the bundle in her arms, holding him out to her lover. Tristan tentatively reached for him, not knowing what to do. He had never held an infant before in his life. Caley couldn't help but giggle as she noticed his discomfort. "Support his head." She whispered, moving Tristan's hand so that it was under Rivalen's head. She helped him adjust a little more until he was comfortable with holding the newborn.

"There you are. You look like a natural." She said with pride in her voice.

Tristan smirked, as he looked down at his son. He couldn't believe that he and Caley created the most perfect child. The child she carried in her for nine months. The child that she, through pain, blood, and tears, had brought into this world. The child that he know held in his arms, and he never wanted him to be anywhere else, except maybe his Mother's. Tristan smiled at himself, 'I never thought I would change so quickly with the birth of my child.' He thought to himself as he caressed the back of his baby.

With a little more courage, now that he was used to holding Rivalen, he began walking around the room with him. Caley was beside herself, just watching as Tristan's eyes explored their son's features, memorizing every detail. The Scout in him was coming out.

"I will never allow any harm to come to him. On my life, I will protect him and you both." Tristan vowed looking over at Caley as he stopped in front of a window. Caley beamed, knowing how sincere a vow it was. She then couldn't help but laugh as she looked at Tristan.

He looked at her worried, thinking he was holding the baby wrong, and started to come to her so she could help him. "What am I doing wrong?" he asked quickly.

Caley continued to laugh, "Nothing Tristan." He gave her a confused look. "I just know that you mean that from the bottom of your heart. I was laughing because I just noticed that you still had your armor and weapon on. It looks quite comical while you're holding your newborn." She explained to him.

Tristan smiled at her, knowing that he probably did look a little funny, but je continued walking around holding Rivalen in his arms. He heard Caley sigh after a few minutes, and when he looked over at her she had her eyes closed and was leaning heavily into the pillows.

"You are beyond weary?" he stated more then asked, and she responded with a nod of her head.

Tristan moved to her and reluctantly, but gently, placed Rivalen in her arms. He quickly rid himself of his weapons and armor, changed into his light breeches and a clean tunic, before making his way back to the bed. He climbed in beside Caley, and she moved to rest against him. Tristan out and arm around her shoulder and placed his other hand lightly on top of Rivalen's head. Soon he heard Caley's breathing change, and knew her to be asleep, but Tristan continued to watch Rivalen. Even after the baby yawned, which Tristan thought was the most precious thing, and finally fall asleep, Tristan remained awake for a time, watching his family. He couldn't that he was blessed so much as to be given his beautiful woman, and the most beautiful child he had ever seen. After a few more hours, and the candles in the room burned completely down, Tristan eventually nodded off, holding and protecting his family.

Happy Father's Day! How perfect did that work out.