Special Thanks to mags0607 for suggesting this song for my next song fic and just a heads up this is a little OOC. The thing with Chris never happened and the non-exclusive stuff never happened.

(The name of the song is "The Night Before (Life Goes On)" it is sung by Carrie Underwood and written by Wendell Mobley, Neil Thrasher, and Jimmy Olander. I don't own a thing.)

Sitting up on the roof sneaking a smoke by the chimney
Checking out the moon and the city lights
Takes off his flannel shirt drapes it around her shoulders
Slides up behind her and holds on tight (and she says)
I don't want this night to end… why does it have to end

Brooke and Lucas had been together for almost a year and in that year they had sworn up and down to each other that no matter the distance college would take them it wouldn't change their feelings for one another. She could see him standing on the other side of the chimney puffing on the cigarettes that he swore he would give up but hadn't yet. She made a mental note to nag him about it again, before she left.

Lucas finished his cigarette and stomped it out on the roof of the café where they stood looking at the stars. He walked back over to where Brooke was standing with her arms wrapped around herself, it had gotten chillier since they first got up there. So it did what he had done so many times before, walked over while taking off his shirt that he was wearing over his t-shirt.

"You know you got to stop doing that." Said Brooke not even looking at him as she put her arms through him warm shirt.

"Doing what?" Lucas decided to play dumb knowing what she was talking about.

"You know what, it can't be good for your heart, and not to mention your lungs." Said Brooke putting her hands on his as he wrapped them around her and leaned back into his shoulder.

"Honey I have a bad heart, a bad shoulder, what's one more body part going bad?"

"Every thing I really don't want to bury you anytime soon unless it's at my hand." Said Brooke joking around with him.

"How did a serious conversation about my smoking turn into you threatening to kill me?" Asked Lucas.

"Because if you don't I'm going to kill you long before the cigarettes ever will, promise me you will." Said Brooke.

"I promise I will quit before you come home for thanksgiving." Said Lucas.

"Good, and just so you know I'm telling Nate to kick your ass if he catches you with one."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Said Lucas.

"God I don't want this night to end, Luke." Said Brooke.

"Me neither."

"Why does it have to end, why can't it just keep going." Said Brooke.

"Because, we have no choice in life babe. I know I love you and you will be right back here in my arms soon."

"I love you too Lucas." Said Brooke as she leaned up and kissed him and tasted the mint gum he had stuck in his mouth after his cigarette.

"Told you, you were smoking." Said Brooke as she started chewing on Lucas' gum that had somehow ended up in her mouth.

"Hey you stole my gum." Said Lucas hugging her tighter.

"What happened to what's mine is ours?" Asked Brooke.

"It stops at the gum." Said Lucas.

"Can we just stay together all night? I don't want to go home yet."

"Well that's good because I wasn't planning on bringing you home anytime soon."

"And what would you have done if I wanted to go home?"

"Taken you home…to my house." Said Lucas.

"Lucas, that is home." Said Brooke.

"I love you Pretty Girl."

"I love you too, Broody."