Walk With Me

Ever since that incident, he had always offered to walk her home.

In the earliest days, she would turn him down not so gently and go off in search of her brooding heartthrob.

But since that day, when he asked her, she would turn him down gently. She would have an excuse ready, but she always smiled and thanked him for the concern, then would promise to meet him the next day.

And then one day, seemingly out of the blue, when he asked to walk her home she agreed. To say he was ecstatic would be an understatement, but he did his best to keep it friendly, unwilling to scare her away.

The two would talk, sometimes about old times, or about recent missions, or just walk in a companionable silence.

And he began to hope.

It was extremely hard for him to contain his glee at the person he adored finally accepting him, if only in this small way.

He would be patient. She was always worth it.

Then one night, as the two walked down the deserted street together, this time silently entertaining their own thoughts (his of course were trained on her, but he couldn't begin guess what she would be thinking), he caught her looking at him more frequently than usual.

Of course, when he turned to look back, she would duck her head away. He thought he saw the faintest tints of red against her creamy cheeks, but he explained it away as merely a trick of the dull lamp light.

However, when the two reached her house, he knew for certain something different. She was polite and friendly like always, she thanked him and promised to see him in the morning and he eagerly agreed.

But when she finally stood before her door, she seemed to hesitate. She was fumbling with her keys now, he noticed clearly, which was something she never did. His eyes softened as he watched her, but he didn't make any attempt to near her.

He would still be patient for she was still worth it.

Finally she had the right key, which she put in the lock. But she didn't enter. Instead, she turned and faced him. He now knew for sure she was blushing, and he guessed he was as well, if the speed of his heart was any measure for how he was feeling.

He saw as she took a deep breath and a strange smile crept upon her face and he blinked.

"Naruto, would you like to come in?"

He hesitated for only a second, as a result of shock, but quickly regained himself and in one giant bound he stood next to her, blue eyes bright and eager. She smiled at him, blush still present as she took his hand in hers and to lead him inside. Before she did however, she leaned down and placed a delicate kiss on her forehead.

"I thought you'd never ask Sakura-chan."

Well, this is the first little story in my collection of Sakura pairings. My favorite pairing, so I wanted to have it be the first. I hope its not too hard to figure out what 'that' incident that was referred to (it shouldn't be hard to figure out). I'm not sure what pairing to do next, but I have a few ideas. I'm willing to take votes for what pairing you would like to see next, so don't forget to review!