She stood there, all destructive beauty and bright colors and curves, and she really had no idea how excited he was. Pink eyebrows snapped together in complete concentration as she watched him warily, ready to act at any moment. Sweat beaded at her brow, and his hands itched faintly.

"Get out of my way!" she commanded with contained anger, her emerald eyes flashing dangerously.

"Where have you been all my life, un?" he smiled, watching her eyebrows shoot up in confusion.

It was at that moment he moved and, standing directly behind her, pressed his front just barely against her back so that he could feel her stiffen. He knew, without even looking, that her eyes were wide now, perhaps in fear or disbelief.

"Wh-what do you want?" she stammered, unsure of herself now – normally, the Akatsuki didn't play with people like this; normally, they just killed, killed, and killed some more – oh, but what was this one doing?

Deidara didn't reply, but chuckled faintly to himself as he brought a hand up. And it wasn't until she felt something wet caress her temple that she moved, twisting her body away as she struck out with a leg. Her leg only met air, however, as Deidara dodged, moving away with that same grin on his face as if to only further infuriate her. His arms were crossed over his chest, exposing his tongued hands, and his smile turned mischievous as she looked at them in horror and felt the side of her head.

"Sweet, hn." he said to himself, but loud enough for her to hear and was rewarded with a strangled cry of anger.

In the blink of an eye, chakra was gathering at her fist and she was running at him, a blur of pink and red. A moment later, her fist made contact, but suddenly he wasn't flesh but instead hard clay, which exploded into millions of pieces as her fist destroyed it. Sakura stopped and whirled around, expecting an attack from behind, but found herself alone in the small clearing.

"Beautiful, un." a voice said from somewhere and yet everywhere at once, and her head reeled around wildly, trying to locate his position.

"Again." he commanded as more clay replicas appeared around her, and she was forced to strike again and again and again, obliterating each one as encouragements were called down from the trees.

"Stop messing with me!" she screeched, her breaths coming in quick pants now as she moved to one side of the clearing. Nimbly, Deidara moved to a tree closer to her and watched as she destroyed two more duplicates in one blow.

She was incredible, destroying things with her strength alone. Her explosions were beautiful; her deft movements, her brutal strikes – each and every one was a work of art. And she was his discovery. Only he could be observant enough to know, to witness the true beauty this girl held.

Deidara's smile faltered however, when the kunoichi suddenly turned and swung her fist hard and fast against the tree he was perched on. What had once been a solid branch beneath him was suddenly nothing but sawdust as the tree exploded.

She lured me out, he thought, an awe-inspired smile on his face as he landed below, pieces of wood clinging to his hair and robes.

"You really are something, un." he told her, picking out a sharp piece of debris from his hair. "We could make beautiful art together, yeah."

Without dropping her stance, she flipped her hair away and replied, "That's the lamest thing I've ever heard."

Deidara smiled, his hands already beginning to form explosives as Sakura once again drew chakra to her fist.

"Art is a bang."

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