They're dancing. Or rather, Remus is attempting to dance and James is stepping on his left foot.

"Sorry," he says for the eleventh time, a light blush coming to his cheeks.

"Stop apologizing," Remus says for the tenth time. "And stop looking at your feet."

"But when I stop looking at them I step on you."

"I think I'll live," Remus says with a small smile.

"But I won't," James says with a dramatic sigh. He drops Remus' hand and steps back. "The wedding is in two weeks, Moony. Two weeks!"

"I'm sure Lily's relatives won't particularly care if you can't dance," Remus says, laying a hand on his shoulder.

"But this is our first official date! I need to woo her, it may be my one and only chance."

"This is true," Remus agrees. "Have you thought about just drinking that new dancing potion that's going around?"

"Too many side effects," James mumbles and looks away. Remus smiles faintly. Of course James would have exhausted every option before coming to Remus for help.

"Well, let's try again, shall we?" Remus says, forcing cheer into his voice.

"Thanks for this," James says almost shyly, stepping forward to take Remus' hand once more. He slides a hand around to Remus' waist and steps closer until Remus can feel James' breath on his neck. "I mean, you're so patient and good at dancing and smart…"

Remus closes his eyes.

"If…," James says faintly and Remus thinks he can almost maybe feel lips on his neck. He flicks his wand and turns on the music – a lively waltz.

"Don't talk like that," he says and lets James lead.