Happily Ever After

"I used to dream of happily ever afters," Ginny says quietly. It's that near magical time after midnight and she's lying in Luna's arms, not sure if she's still awake, if either of them are. "I used to want the prince on a steed, the hero. I wanted to live in a castle.."

"You do," Luna says sleepily beside her and Ginny can't help but smile a little.

"You know what I mean."

"What do you think happened to happily ever afters, Ginnily Gin?" Luna asks. Her breath is soft of Ginny's neck, almost a kiss. "Maybe the Ministry has them in glass spheres like the prophecies…"

"I don't know," Ginny says and she's suddenly overtaken by a wave of sorrow at how far away her childish dreams seem, at how much she grew up over the past year. She had to of course to survive, but sometimes it seems like such a great cost.

She feels butterfly kisses fluttering on her shoulder and leans her head so it rests on Lunas, the red strands mixing with the gold.

"You know what my mum said," Luna says, fingers lightly skipping down Ginny's arm, stopping on every other freckle or so like a frog hopping over lily pads. "Everything is a happily ever after so if it's not happily then it's not ever after."

"It is happily," Ginny says faintly and she's almost surprised to find she means it.

"I'm not a metafae, you know," Luna says simply. "I'll still be a girl tomorrow. And the day after," she muses. "I don't foresee that changing, though we'd really have to ask a kuten to be sure..."

"Luna," Ginny starts to say but Luna continues.

"I just mean, if you're waiting for me to become a prince, or a steed or a hero you may have to wait until our next life. For this life though, they're not for you," Luna says with a small shake of her head. "They're not in your happily ever after."

"They're not?"

"Of course not. I am," Luna says with a laugh as if it is the most simple thing in the world. And then again, maybe it is.