That Fateful Day in Luke's

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Gilmore Girls. Well, other than having all 5 seasons on DVD and watching the show religiously…None of these characters are mine, unless I make some up, but that'll be obvious 33

Summary: This takes place way before season 1, when Luke and Lorelai first met. Switching points-of-view, Luke and Lorelai's relationship grows into something neither of them dreamed of. Note: may not take the course of the actual show, other than main events like Lorelai's graduation and Rory's graduation and crap like that.

Chapter 1: Luke

A/N: Hopefully, this fiction will be as successful as my other one! Thanks a bunch, OkGoPrettyMuchRules (my beat…okay beta). And don't be cruel, I don't think I can write Luke as well as I can write Lorelai…cuz, thank god, I don't think like Luke. I think like Lorelai!

Ding-a-ling-a-ling! There goes the bell in Luke's Diner, located in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Many times a day, I find myself thinking about why I keep that bell. All it does is annoy me. I should really get rid of it. Ah, I'll deal with it later. Right now, I have to work. Yippee.

"Take a seat; I'll be right with you." I say, without turning around from the table I'm cleaning. I hear heels clicking as the woman, I assume, walks over and sits down at the table next to the window in the corner, tapping her fingers on the table. I continue wiping the table, lost in thought about how annoying that little bell is.

After about two minutes, the woman becomes extremely impatient and stands up, following me around. God, what does she want? Can she not sit still for two minutes? She keeps babbling on about coffee and how much she needs some. This is just getting ridiculous.

"You're annoying!" I say, my back still turned to her. "Shut up, sit down. I'll get to you when I get to you!" I hear her humph as her heels click on over to Taylor.

"Excuse me can I borrow your horoscope page, please?" I hear her say to him. Oh, dear God, she is getting crazy. I whip around, starting to confront her.

"What do you think you're—" I start to say but catch myself staring at the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She stares at me, too. God, her lightning blue eyes could stop a person halfway across the world. She straightens out after borrowing the horoscope page of the newspaper from Taylor and flips her hair, her long, curly, dark brown, gorgeous hair.

"I'm just getting part of the newspaper!" she says, waving the paper in front of my face. "What is there a rule of some sort against that? Is some crazed lunatic gonna come at me and snatch this away from me if I take it, or would you just do that? It's not like it would make a difference!" Her face softens once she sees the hurt look that, no doubt, is plastered all over my face. "I'm sorry. I get crabby when I don't have any coffee in my system," the dazzling woman confesses.

"Mommy, Mommy! When can we go to the bookstore? I wanna see if they have The Fountainhead in, yet!" A little kid comes bouncing up next to the woman, who, apparently, is her mother. No, she is too young! She can't be older than me, and I'm only 29!

"How old are you?" I ask, not sure to whom, exactly, I am directing the question.

"Twenty-seven, and this little girl—" the lovely woman hugs her daughter "—is eleven."

"B-but, then that would mean you had…er…what's her name?"

"Lorelai," the little girl answers.

"And what's your name?" I ask the woman who I would really like to kiss right about now despite the fact I'm not a guy for PDA.

"Lorelai," the woman answers. Huh?

"I thought she was Lorelai!" I point to the daughter.

"No, no, we're both named Lorelai. You see, I was lying in the hospital wondering why guys could name their kids after themselves but girls couldn't. I was wacked out on Demerol and—I probably didn't need to tell you that. Everyone calls my daughter Rory, to keep it simple," Lorelai finishes. Does she always talk that fast? Ugh, my head hurts.

"Okay. So what do I call you?" God, Luke. Could you sound like anymore of an idiot?

"Uh…Lorelai," she says as if it's obvious and flips her dark brown curls again. Damn, she does that so well! "Hey, what's your birthday?"

"My birthday? Why the hell do you wanna know my birthday?" I ask, bewildered. This has got to be the weirdest conversation ever.

"Because I'm freakish, and I want to know everybody's birthday until I have filled all 366 days of the year!" Lorelai jokes, laughing a rich, contagious laugh. It takes all my willpower and more just to keep from smiling.

"There are only 365 days in a year," I correct. I'm not one to beat around the bush.

"One, I was talking about February 29th, and two, I was joking. Just tell me your birthday! Or at least tell me your sign!" Lorelai pesters me, following me around the diner as I refill coffee mugs.

"My what?" I whip around, thinking she just said something completely different.

"Your sign, tell me your astrological sign!" Lorelai follows me behind the counter, still holding the horoscope page.

"What are you doing?" I look at her, challenging her by staring looking straight at her face.

"Is this a trick question?" she whips out and crinkles her eyes a bit.

"You're behind the counter," I state as I turn and steer her out from my sacred space by her shoulders.

"Ah! God, what's your damage, Heather?" Lorelai stumbles and turns her head to look at me.

"Heather?" I raise my eyebrow, confused.

"Ugh, never mind. Now tell me your sign!" Lorelai leans over the counter, her face so close to mine that I can feel her breath on me. After a lengthy staring contest, I finally cave.

"Scorpio, are you happy?" I burst, walking past her as I place a food order—grilled cheese with an extra side of fries—in front of Andrew.

"Thank you!" Lorelai squeals and bends over the horoscope page now lying on the counter. "Hey, do you mind?" Lorelai reaches across and pulls the pencil out from my ear, her fingers brushing my face. "Thanks!"

Stifling a protest, I glower and take more food to the customers when Lorelai jumps up again, proudly handing me a slip of paper. Grumbling, I unfold the fragile newspaper slip and read it:


When it comes to showing someone how much you care, you're like a little kid. You'll do anything it takes to ensure that they get the message, depending on your mood, straight out, and you may tell them by tucking a rose under their windshield wiper -- anonymously, of course -- because, of course, they'll know it's from you. Regardless of how you handle it, you'll go with both barrels blazing, and you'll do a fine job, too.

You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she'll go away!

Sighing, I go behind the counter, pick out a blue mug, and pour her a steaming cup of coffee. "Happy?" I ask.

"Very…but can you give me another one please?" Lorelai pleads. Are you kidding me?

"What? Why?" I inquire incredulously.

"For Rory!" Lorelai motions to her daughter, who comes up and makes a puppy dog face, begging for coffee.

"You're kidding right? The kid is eleven!" I exclaim.

"Yes, but she is her mother's daughter! Now, fill 'er up!" Lorelai smacks the counter.

"Ugh, I can't believe I'm doing this," I mumble, reaching for another mug. This woman is insane; utterly and completely insane.

"Hey, who are you?" Lorelai asks.

"What do you mean? I'm Luke," I declare, turning around and handing Rory a green mug filled to the brim with coffee.

"Very nice to meet you, Luke!" Lorelai sticks out her hand so fast that she rams into my stomach. I don't even grunt. "Oops! Sorry!" Lorelai leans over the counter to see if I'm alright.

"It's okay. I'll be right back," I declare and rush behind the curtain to rest on the staircase up to my apartment. Sitting down on the steps, I catch my breath. God, that woman is beautiful. Inconspicuously peeking into the diner, I watch Lorelai and Rory joke with each other and drink their coffee. This particular mother-daughter duo is different.


If Lorelai is twenty-seven, now, and Rory is eleven, then that means that Lorelai had her when she was sixteen! Oh, god, I'm falling for a woman who got pregnant and most likely dropped out of high school! How the hell does she make a living?

A/N: Don't be cruel! I suck at writing from Luke's point of view! But i am trying to have different storywriting styles so give me a chance. Next chapter is Lorelai's point of view so it will be good! i hope. Now, press teh pretty purple button and review review!