Good evening,her is a trailer for my next fanfiction,"If these hills could talk"As you may or may not already know,it is a horror fic crossover between High School Musical,and The hills have eyes.


APRIL 23,2008

"I DID IT!" Said Troy,holding up his license.

''Nice man'' Said Chad,rubbing the hood of Troy's new truck.

''So guys,since this could be one of the last times we may ever see each other,I figured we could do one more thing together." Said Troy.

''ROAD TRIP!" He shouts.

Everyons jumps up and down and screams with excitement.

Show Jason,Kelsi,Ryan,Troy,Gabriella,Sharpay,Chad,and Taylor looking at a camper..

Shows Troy's truck with the trailer attatched to the back pass by a sign that say,''Welcome to The New Mexico desert"

"Come on man let me drive." Says Chad.

''No,you don't have a license.'' Said Troy.

''Oh what's going to happen,the snakes going to arrest me." Said Chad as everyone laughed.

''Where you kids headed?" Asked the sheriff.

''Just me and my friends on a road trip.'' Said Troy.

''You kids be careful.'' Said the sheriff.

The kids were to shook up to notice the sheriff carefull cut their front and back tires.

''Well were stuck out here,I only have one spare.'' Said Troy.

''Did anyone hear that?'' Asks Jason.

Shows Jason walking alone through the desert,around cliffs and such.

''Hello." He says.

He walks into a small cavern,and looks around.

Suddenly a horribly disfigured hand grabs his head.


"Troy and Chad still are'nt back.'' Says Gabriella woried.

There is a beating noise on the outside of the trailer,and everyone screams.

Silence...errie silence...

(This is the part where the images flash by)

Gabriella and Taylor running...

Troy walks into a room,and a seven foot tall monster jumps in front of him with an axe...

It shows Sharpay curled up into a little ball,hand over her mouth trying to hide her cries,stuffed into a cabinet,as two monsters destroying the camper looking for her...

Chad covered in blood,stumbling along a wall with a loaded gun...

Troy shouts...

A monster standing above Gabriella with a slege hammer raised high above it's head...

Ryan points a gun,and...BANG!

(screen goes black)

"Gabbi..." Troy whispers walking in a dark room.

''Gabriella...'' He says again.

Suddenly someone jumps him...


"If these hills could talk"