If these hills could talk soundtrack-

1.Johnny Cash - I've been everywhere

2.The 69 eyes - Hills have eyes

3.Creed - My Scarifice

4.Guns n Roses - Welcome to the jungle

5.Kid Rock - American Badass(Undertaker Remix)

6.WWE - Stone Cold Steve Austin theme

7.Slayer - Raining Blood

8.Lynard Skynard - Freebird

9.Drowning Pool - Bodies

10.Powerman 5000 - Drop the Bombshell

Ok,now if you have bearshare,or limewire,or anything like that you can download songs off of,this is where you can get most of these,these last one's are good for what I thought to be the monsters theme songs,most are WWE(don't own) wrestlers thems,but they are cool,and I don't own any of these...not a single one...

11.WWE - Cactus Jack (Axel)

12.WWE - Papa Shango (Mole)

13.WWE - Paul Burchill (Bladez)

14.WWE - Kane (Pyro)

And Johhny Cash's I've been everywhere,would be Old Man Skinners theme,I know this is completly pointless,but I thought it would be cool to have the first ever fanfic with a sound track,no it will never be avalible(Unless I can merge Disney with the company that own The Hills Have Eyes,and direct the movie staring the cast of H.S.M,and my buddy Chey...hint hint),but you can download them,and they are cool songs,I will tell you where they fit in the story when it's finished.The Next chapter will be kind of short,I want to get to the killings...I'm not joking...seriously,it's time to shed the blood of the innocent...and Sharpay.