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Chapter 1:

Sleepless Nights

By: CrimsonAnjel

Red digits displayed two a.m.; my boyfriend lay sound against me, thin lower back braced against my crotch, sweet-smelling hair against my face. I've always loved how his body attaches to mine; when we lay together I let my arm fall over his midsection and press against his warm chest.

It does nothing for my insomnia to have such a beauty lying so close.

"…Yama?" I whispered after a thought, using my favorite epithet for Yamato.

After a moment, he breathed a response. A short, pseudo-annoyed huff he loved to use in order to shut me up when he didn't feel like talking.

"Uh," I spoke slowly, "your hair smells good."

The comment sat still in the air for a minute as he adjusted his spot on the bed, then, "Thanks."

"I-I mean…" What did I mean? "What shampoo did you use? Err… nevermind."

He'd hate it now if I dropped the conversation—especially after waking him to say something so lame.

"You know I have a Calc. test tomorrow. Can we talk about my hair products later?" He sighed and scooted closer, knowing full-well that I wasn't responsible for anything I'd say after midnight.

I smiled towards the wall. "Actually, I did have an ulterior motive in waking you up."

Either annoyed or amused, he hit my chest slightly. "What was it?"

"Well, I mean… it's still about your shampoo. Sort of." I curled my leg around his mischievously. "See," I breathed into his ear deliberately, "it sort of made me…horny. That shampoo mixed with your smell… I can't sleep."

"You can't sleep anyway, idiot."

"But—but I'm serious! It's your fault I'm still horny, even after the last few hours."

"Your logic never fails to amaze, lovely." I whimpered and rubbed my hand across his chest meaningfully.


"Uh-uh." And the covers made their way over his head.

"Your hair smells really good so it's your fault I'm horny, right?"—I covered his mouth through the fabric—"Don't answer that. But here's the deal. We can either do it one more time or, unfortunately, you'll have my boner pressed against you for the rest of the night."

"Right now you deserve to be uncomfortable," he mumbled from somewhere underneath. "You're annoying as hell."

I laughed and tugged at the covers. "Did I mention I'll probably dry-fuck you if you don't help me out?" I underlined the statement by grinding into him once or twice, producing a yelp and a shove.

"Ew! God, that's gross, Tai!" He slammed the covers down, trying to appear annoyed. "You're like a little kid."

As soon as he was open, I rolled over him and wrapped my hands around his waist. Immediately his heart raced and his crotch tightened.

I traveled lower.

"…Please? Your body seems to want it now."

"God damnit." He swallowed and dug his hands into my back. "You're such a fucking pile of hormones. Stop thinking with your dick so late at night."

I grabbed him in one hand. "Stop thinking with yours… Yama."

Hot breath ghosted my shirt, low moans lost in the cotton fabric. He snatched my hand; this would be his last intelligible sentence of the night.

"Fine," he panted. "But you have to do me a favor tomorrow, no matter what. D-deal?" I

"Anything you want, baby."

"Good. Now, just—lay back and pull down your boxers."


Kari banged on my door loudly—as usual, what are sisters for?

"Tai, Matt! Wake the fuck up, it's 7:30!" She would keep banging until one of us opened the door and told her to shut up—along with a good reason.

I shoved Matt slightly. "It's your turn to calm the morning storm."

He shook his head and grimaced. "Uh-uh… I got her last time. 'M tired." He sank deeper into the covers.

"Aw, come on, that was last Friday!" I argued with half a brain, more interested in peace and quiet and more sleep. "You're closer. Just do it."

The noise was getting unbearable; I grabbed Matt's pillow to cover my head. Lucky for me, a few harsh words later—a few of which I had to write down—Matt's weight lifted from the mattress.

"ALRIGHT, KARI. AWAKE. UP. GETTING READY. HAPPY? GREAT. GOOD. BYE." The door slammed in her face and he return to the warm covers tense and angry. I loved his one-word sentences—such a turn-on.

Boxers twisted and tight, I finally managed to crawl out of bed. My alarm blared the morning news a few seconds later and, shutting it off with breaking force, I made a mental note to secretly set Kari's alarm for aftermine, or just destroy it altogether.

Matt then claimed bathroom shortly after, meaning I wouldn't get a shower for another thirty minutes. So, I busied myself making drum beats with my knuckles against the bathroom door to serenade his shower.

He loved it when I did that.


Mom poked her head in to check up on us, much like Kari, except she hadn't had her morning coffee yet. I covered my… situation quickly with last night's pants.

She yawned and scratched and grumbled, "Get your boyfriend to hurry up… you don't have all day… not signing 'nother tardy form. I like coffee. Come down for pop-tarts? Good, breakfast is good. You hungry? Tell him to hurry up…" She left and continued rambling all along hallway.

As I dropped the pants I tried to put my mind together I was met with a door to the face. "—The fuck, Matt?! Watch the door, will you?"

"What?" he said nonchalantly. "It's not like you have any more brain cells to lose." I scoffed and was about to mention my 3.9 GPA but my eyes finally regained focus and I realized that he was standing in front of me in a towel. A small towel; low on his waist; little flecks of water lining his torso; hair wet and mussed.

"Brain cells… Yeah. Dumb… Whatever." My head lolled to the side. Maybe the line in that towel goes far enough… just an inch further and—

"Tai! Wake up and unglue your eyes from my crotch for one second please."

He was probably saying something important. "Have I ever told you I think you're the sexiest man alive?"


"Yeah… on occasion," I agreed. "And I'd already be done shower if Ms. Prissy Perfect didn't scrub each god damn toe nail for five minutes!"

"Shut up… You stink; go. " He ushered—shoved—me into the bathroom and slammed the door kindly. "I'll be downstairs," he said. "And I'm borrowing some of your clothes. I forgot an extra pair."

"Hell no!" I yelled over running water. "The last time I let you borrow my clothes I didn't wash them for weeks." I heard the desired the response and the morning routine continued.

Both Kari and Matt were tying their shoes at the front door by the time I thundered down the stairway. Mom was in the kitchen staring at a pot of coffee as it slowly filled.

"Hey, hon. Want a pop-tart or coffee or something? You need food to learn you know."

"What, no pancakes and French toast?"

She deadpanned. It was no secret that Ami Yagami couldn't cook to save China, though she was too tired to throw back an insult so she threw a pop-tart instead and waved me out of the kitchen.

"What," I jeered, "no coffee?" This time, it was Kari who grabbed me.

"Come on, Tai, let's go!" I huffed and flopped into the foyer. Matt crammed the pop-tart in my mouth—strawberry, my favorite—and handed me my skateboard. We would be at school in no time.


Kari, Matt and I went to a suburban public school called Odaiba West Laurence, whose mascot, ironically, was the Odaiba West Lawrence owl. Acronym jokes were definitely our strong suit.

Everyone was already shuffling inside; we were probably late. Again.

"If I'm late for chemistry one more time Mr. Farmer is going to give me detention." Kari waved goodbye and shouldered her pack. "Bye, guys! Let's hope the old bastard forgets to do attendance."

We waved her off and, after I pulled Matt in for a I would need to get through my second period math test, we rushed to our respective classes, skipping lockers altogether.


"FAILED! Can you believe it, guys?! I hate Biology so much, it's so unfair!"

Lunch time was always the same. I met up with Matt and Kari and our friends Mimi, Sora, TK, Daisuke—TK's boyfriend—, Izzy, and Joe. As usual, Mimi was well in to her Oh, Woe is Me! stage of lunch period; basically, she complained about anything and everything to do with, well, her and we listened… sort of.

"I'm sure it's not going to hurt your grade that much," Sora said kindly after swallowing a bite of Salisbury steak. "We'll study harder next time, ok?" She flashed one of her grins-to-beat-all and effectively shut Mimi up. The drama-friendly girl forked a piece of cantaloupe and sat unsatisfied adjusting her pink tank-top.

Matt squeezed my hand under the table to get my attention. I leaned over so he could whisper in my ear.

"Hey," he began normally.

"Hey. What's up?"

"…I'm sort of worried about starting Gym class this semester," he admitted. "You're not in it with me, right?"

I shook my head and whispered back. "No, why? I'm sure you'll be fine. Why are you worried?"

"I'm not really worried. It's just, Cody's in that class," he explained irritably. I tensed and immediately felt my protective instincts kick in. Cody was a part of the some 20 students at Odaiba who were practicing bigots and homophobes. He especially hated me and Matt and had it out for us ever since we pissed him off freshmen year by violating the precious PDA code: Public Display of Affection. The only reason he hadn't messed with us this year was because we got bigger than him over the summer and were rarely seen alone. He would almost definitely try to start shit during Gym class if he thought he could get away with it.

"I've kicked his ass before and I can do it again," I offered willingly. Matt shook his head and frowned.

"Not this time. Remember how pissed I got the last time you decided to step in? It's my fight. You don't have to protect me; I can handle myself any day, Tai."

"I know you can. I was just trying to make you feel better…"

He nodded and stabbed at his food irritably.

"Do you want to skip next period or something?"

"No. I'll see you after class."

The bell rang and he left first. As everyone else got up to leave, TK approached me separately.

"Hey dude, what's up with Matt?" he asked cautiously. "He looks pissed or something."

"It's nothing," I replied harsher than I meant. "He just… doesn't want to go to Gym class… Cody."

He mouth oh as Daisuke walked up behind him, snaking an arm around TK's waist.

"What about Gym class?" he cut in.

"Don't worry about it," I said and tossed my tray on the dirty rack.

Dais frowned. "Oh, bummer. Why not?" TK clamped his mouth shut and answered for me. He was great at reading moods.

"Because he just doesn't, babe." He began leading Dais away. "Let Tai deal with it," he whispered audibly into Daisuke's ear. Then, to me, "Later, man!"

As they walked away, Dais looked back over his shoulder still frowning; TK pulled him into a kiss to get his mind off the new information. A few girls giggled and swooned, whispering the usual "Why do all the hot ones have to be gay?"

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