A/N: I have too much time on my hands, I swear. But ah, well. At least I'm getting something done...even if I should be working on a research paper...and SVU's not mine...and now that I'm done rambling, I'm going away.

You're standing there doing nothing when they walk in. All you did was come in for two cups of coffee, something to eat. And in walk these kids, both of them holding guns. A child stands at the register, counting out change with which to buy a soda. You move in front of him, quickly, before the older boys notice him. You don't hear what they're saying. All you see is their guns. And before you know it, shots are being fired.

You hear the sound of glass shattering, but that's it. The next thing you know, you're sliding to the floor, blood pouring from a gunshot wound to your chest. You're just starting to go unconscious when the one you've been on a stakeout with comes in.

And as you start to drift off completely, you realize that at the moment, it is all you can to do breathe.