Written for the livejournal community iy-no-kakera.




"I just want you to know - seeing as we're about to die - that I hate you."

"Oh, quit being so melodramatic."

"We're tied to a tree."

"Well, yeah."

"We're about be eaten."

"Stop panicking."

"Panicking? I'm not panicking. I'm calm. At peace. One with the fucking universe."

"Okay, okay, be quiet. I'm about to come up with a brilliant plan so we can escape."



"... well?"

"Okay, I've got it. Hold on a moment."


"... Okay, yeah, it looks like we're doomed."

"Squirm? That was your brilliant idea?"

"I was, quite obviously, trying to wiggle free."

"...really, really hate you."

"Well, we've lived long lives, right?"

"I'm fourteen."

"Well, I've lived a long life."

"Really, really, really-"

"C'mon, look on the bright side."

"I fail to see a bright side."

"It's, um, a nice day. Sun's shining."

"If you wanted to kill me, you could have just drowned me at birth and saved time."

"Jeez, shut up. You're acting like this is my fault."

"It is your fault!"

"My fault!"

"She was a miko! A MIKO! As in, a virgin that can blow things up! You do not hit on miko!"

"You do if they're pretty."

"It doesn't matter how pretty they are!"

"Well, I may have stepped a tad out of line, but Midoriko overreacted."

"You're a lecher, you know."

"Heh. Well, if I weren't, you wouldn't be-"

"I really don't want the last thing I hear before I die to be the story of how I was conceived, thanks."

"Pity, it's a funny story. Broke a rib, you know - Ah, here comes the youkai that's going to eat us."

"Hate you, hate you, hate you-"

"Oh, quit hyperventilating. It's not coming towards us, it's - oh. Hmm. It's attacking the village."

"It is? Oh, thank the gods."

"Sesshoumaru! That's an awful thing to say."


"... Great, now Midoriko's fighting it."

"I hope it kills her. Or she kills it. Or some combination of the two."

" 'Some combination'? How many combinations can you make? Either one of the two dies or they both do. It's not like-"

"Oh, shut up."

"If my arms weren't tied, I'd smack you for that."


"So, um - what's new?"

"Aside from the tree and the chains? Nothing."

"It's called small talk, Sesshoumaru."

"Small talk really falls flat when you're in life-threatening situations."



"We never talk anymore, you know."

"There's a very good reason for that."


"I disagree with everything you have to say."

"Ah. Yes, that would put a damper on things."


"... how much longer is this going to take?"

"I am in no hurry."

"They've been fighting for a long time already."

"They're two powerhouses. I wouldn't be surprised if it continued for days."

"... I hope it doesn't rain."

"I hope Toutousai doesn't rescue us."

"Why do you hate him so much, anyway?"

"I don't have to have a reason."

"Well, someone will realize we're missing soon and come get us."

"As long as it's not Toutousai."



"... any minute now."

"I really, really hate you."