A/N: Guess I'm more of a J/O shipper than I thought I was...meh...anyways, I guess you could consider this a companion piece to Unrequited, though I can't for the life of me remember which chapter. Ah, well. And SVU isn't mine.

It's been habit ever since the first time they did it. Every time they get the chance, they leave the other two behind, and go someplace that only they know about. They talk on the way, still playing the game of Twenty Questions they'd started a few months before. But they've both asked a lot more than twenty questions. They've gotten to know each other a lot better than they did before. And neither of them have a problem with it.

When they get to their destination, he holds the door open for her as they walk inside. She goes off to find someplace to sit, and it's always someplace different. He goes to stand in line, always insisting on paying for it, even though she's offered many a time. But chivalry isn't completely dead yet, at least, not to him, and he refuses to let her.

There's always something different in the cups he brings to wherever she is a few minutes later. She'd told him to surprise her the first time, so he does it every time, and he takes it as a good sign that she's never complained about it. She'll take the lid off the cup he hands her and take a sip before smiling at him over the rim. He'll smile back, taking the lid off of his own and sipping from it.

And together, they'll sit, either talking or looking out the window, watching the people pass them by, both of them enjoying yet another morning coffee together.