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SUMMARY: Nothing can stay the same forever, and the lab is about to have more than a few feathers ruffled with the arrival of a new pathologist in the Morgue. Will Grissom and the Team be able to handle the changes? And just who is going to come out on top in this newest conflict. Romance/Angst/Drama/CSIness. GSR for certain.

A/N: This is definitely a GSR, and I am rating it "T" for the moment, but it could well end up turning to "M" further down the road. There's likely to be language, when appropriate to the dialogue. And I tend to write my investigations with more of a mature bent, so some of the themes for the ongoing cases in this fic could be dark. The future could be bring some "M" interaction between one or more characters, so keep that in mind before starting this one.

Chapter 1

The morgue looked just as it always did; slightly dark, spotless in every way and with Dr. Al Robbins leaning over a metal table going through his notes before filing his final autopsy report. The silence would have bothered most people, but Doc Robbins had gotten used the absence of noise, so when the phone rang he gave it a look like it was intruding on his space. He reluctantly answered the phone, "Autopsy… Yeah, go ahead and transfer it over… No, I've been expecting the call."

The older man grabbed his crutch and ambled over to his desk to take a seat before the call was transferred in to his line. He reached into the side drawer of the desk and took out a file. He was just starting to leaf through it when the extension at his desk rang, "Doc Robbins… Yes, I was glad to hear you were interested… Yes, it would be for the night position… No, it's just like any other major city; nights are very busy around here… Right, you'd be working with an assistant… No, I don't know who that will be yet… Right, he might want to move to days with me… Well, you came highly recommended by your supervisors at L.A. County… I understand you are looking to relocate to Las Vegas… Ah, yes, I can see why… Well, if you're going to be here interviewing with them, then I would really appreciate being able to talk to you about working here… Fantastic… Thursday sounds great to me, too… I can stay a little late Thursday morning and we can meet at 9AM?.. Wonderful… Thank you for the interest, I know that this is not the job most pathologists are looking for, but it does have its perks… Okay, then I will see you Thursday at 9AM… Until then… Good day." Doc Robbins closed up the folder as he put the receiver down on the phone, and it was only then that he had noticed the other gentleman standing in front of him. "Gil, when did you get here?"

Looking at the doctor over the top of his glasses, Gil Grissom smirked at the man, "'Not the job most pathologists are looking for.' When were going to tell us about the move to days?"

The doctor shrugged as he stood up with the aid of his cane, "About the same time I found someone to fill the empty slot… Simmons is leaving for Chicago at the end of the month, and I was offered his spot, IF I could find someone willing to work with YOU." The Doc shot Grissom one of his own looks this time.