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The garden was filled with good friends.

The bride was absolutely beautiful.

The vows had been said.

Many tears were shed.

And joyous laughter had been shared by everyone.

All in all, Grissom decided the entire day had been a rousing success. Despite his fears going in to the thing, everything turned out wonderfully. He was leaning back in his chair, his legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles and his hands clasped over his middle as he mused about the events of the day.

He was so caught up in his own thoughts that he failed to notice the appearance of the tall, gray haired woman standing beside him, as she also observed the rest of the party. When she spoke, he was a little startled, "Weddings always seem to bring out the romantic in us all, don't they?"

Grissom turned in his shock at the voice, and then smiled at the person behind it, "Elizabeth, I didn't hear you walk up."

"Lost in your thoughts again, Gil?" She smiled back at him and laid a tender hand on his shoulder.

He stood, and pulled out a chair for her to sit. "Please, join me?"

She chuckled at his gesture of chivalry, "Ever the gentleman." He demurred to her comment and waited for her to take a seat. However, she was ready to stop him in his tracks again when she asked him a question as he was about to sit back down, "So, does all of this give you any ideas, Gilbert?" When he blanched and stood perfectly still, she giggled under her breath. "Sorry, but it had to be asked."

Grissom shook his head and was finally able to take his seat, "Elizabeth, you never cease to amaze me."

"Just don't be foolish, Gil." She turned her gaze back to the others, as they were dancing at the center of the garden. "Too many mistakes are made by doing nothing… Wasted opportunities are the greatest tragedy of mankind."

He noticed the faraway look in her eyes, and wondered what she could be referring to. He followed her gaze and realized that she was watching Catherine dancing with Sam. "I'm not following you," he said as he looked back at Elizabeth.

"Mike should be here." Her face was a complete void of emotion for an instant, and it nearly broke Grissom's heart to see it. Then she turned back to face him and gave him a weak smile.

"I'm sure he is... In one way or another." Grissom laid his hand over hers for reassurance.

"If we had not wasted so much time on propriety, he could have walked down that aisle and danced with our girl today." She then looked directly into his eyes and put her other hand on top of his forearm, "Don't make our mistakes, Gil." She then moved her hand to his heart, as though she wanted to drive home her words with her touch, "Learn that lesson the easy way." As the words left her lips, a lone tear made its way down her cheek and she stood to leave him with her parting advice.

He was still processing the wisdom which had just been shared with him when he felt the presence of another at his side. He turned to find a slender, obviously winded and stunning, brown-haired beauty taking the seat next to him. The sight of her nearly took his breath away, and when she leaned her head on his shoulder after plopping down in the chair, next to him, he felt that electricity passing over his skin once more. "So, how much longer are we here?"

He almost missed the fact that she had been talking to him, and he had to ask her to repeat herself, "I'm sorry, what?"

She smiled at his question, "In your head again, Gris?" He shrugged to show that he had been caught, "I just wanted to know when you felt it would be safe to leave, this time."

He sat up a little straighter and was trying to size up the situation, because her question had confused him a little, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, sure." It was Sara's turn to shrug.

"Then why is 'Miss Life of the Party' set to go already?" Before she could answer him, Nick walked up to the table where they were sitting.

"Hey Boss." He was carrying a small gym bag and a CSI vest in his hands, "Here ya go, Sar… You left these in the Tahoe."

"Oh yeah, thanks, Nicky." She took the things from him and stashed them under her chair. And then she returned her attention to the younger man with the obvious circles under his eyes, "You gonna be okay to drive home?"

He sloughed off her question, "No problemo… Super Dave is ridin' back with me, so I'm golden." He stifled a yawn as he was talking.

She smiled at him, and that was when Grissom noticed that she also looked very tired. "Well, you go home and get some sleep. We should have everything back from the lab by the time shift comes around tomorrow night, so I need you awake." She winked at him and he laughed at her joke.

"Well, have a good time, and congrats. Glad everything's workin' out 'round here." He waved them both goodbye, and walked back down the path to the driveway.

"What's up with Nick?" Grissom looked her in the eyes when he questioned the scene he had just witnessed.

"Oh, nothing unusual really… We just ended up pulling a double to get our last scene processed." Sara actually looked a little more tired just with giving him that explanation.

Grissom placed a hand over hers, "So, you haven't slept yet?" She just smiled at him. "Sara, why didn't you say anything?"

She looked at him with a shocked expression before answering, "Are you kidding? I wasn't missing this thing even if I had worked all the way up to getting here. I probably would have left a scene unprocessed to get here on time." Grissom's face was replete with incredulity at her remarks. "Don't look at me like that… I already screwed up at the bridal party, if I had messed this one up, I'd have gotten my head blown off." That was when he started laughing. Slow at first, but it built up into a full blown belly laugh by the time it hit its apex. Sara, however, was a little irritated at his laughter and she leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms over her chest, "I'm glad you think this is funny."

He shook his head and put a hand on her knee to try and reassure her, "No, it's not that… I just had the most unbelievable image of Stephanie in her wedding dress, chasing you around the grounds with a shovel."

Sara pursed her lips, as she tried to suppress her own grin, "Yeah, well that was the same image I was trying to avoid." Her words brought the joke home even more and the smile started to curl the corner of her mouth. "It's still not funny." Grissom held his mouth with his other hand, as he attempted to stifle his laughter, "Okay, so maybe it is a little funny." She leaned forward and rested her head on his shoulder again.

Reaching back to put his arm around her waist, he turned and lifted her chin up to get a good look at her sleep deprived eyes, "Okay, let's get you to bed." Without even a moment's hesitation, Sara's eyes lit up a little at his statement. "For sleep, woman."

She rolled her eyes and shrugged him off, "Fine; for starters." She reached down and retrieved the items from underneath her seat as Grissom stood and held out his hands. At first, she was not sure what he wanted, but then she realized he was trying to take the bag and vest off her hands.

He slung the bag over his shoulder, laid the vest over his arm and then offered her the other arm. She shook her head as she used the proffered arm to rise from her seat and then said, "Man, this chivalry thing takes some getting used to." Grissom simply smiled as she wrapped her arm around his elbow and grabbed his upper arm with the other hand and squeezed, "So, your place or mine?"

In a blaring second, the entire week flashed into a single memory through his mind's eye, and it was punctuated by his old friend's words: Too many mistakes are made by doing nothing… Wasted opportunities are the greatest tragedy of mankind. Instantly, Gil Grissom knew exactly what Elizabeth had been talking about, and the left side of his mouth curled up for a moment before he spoke. "Actually, Miss Sidle, I've been meaning to talk to you about that…"