Katara sat up heaved upon the back of Appa, drowning pools of deep sapphire orbs careening in and out of focus, gaze deeply caught on the moon.

It wasn't full, not nearly. But its neatly arched shape reminded the waterbender of a simpler time. It reminded, and told her that even the Moon and sun, the greatest form of life giving entities known, could curl away and hide. Could shadow itself and cower, if not from itself, it seemed then, from its counterpart.

A soft wind began to caress the sides of her auburn skin. Brunette locks giving in and whipping with slight wanting with the breeze. A Soft smile tugged at girls gentle lips, head elevating to intake a swift clean intake of the salty air. They had camped near the sea. It had been her Idea. A Secretive selfish reason lay imbedded. She missed home. She missed Gran Gran and the rest of her family. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was her life now, and Katara regretted nothing, but she secretly missed the stability of routine. Of waking up knowing breakfast would soon come, and that the tribe would rise with her, and gather for another day of closeness.

If anything, the war had brought nothing but death and destruction. Firebenders were a ruthless species, but one thing was certain, this war had brought nations closer, by driving them apart. Leaning back against the massive bison's course fur, Katara's eyes caught quip of her counterparts. Aang and Sokka slept, rather loudly, tucked within the confinements of the blankets she'd put over them. It was a hard life, but somewhere else she also knew, that it was a good life as well.

She grew up knowing she was different from all the others. Dreams spoke, and suggested she would be something magnificent. With that pride swelled within her chest, watching the rolling stars sparkle back at her with a simple radiance. Katara was different; she was in the company of the Avatar himself. It was hard to believe sometimes, traveling with the 12 year old that he would some day change the entire world for many people.

Katara knew that he had already changed hers.