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A/N- Written for the Naruto100 "Accidental" challenge.

"Hate… you…" Sasuke groaned as he was carried on a stretcher, forcibly taken from the Sound.

"I said I was sorry, jeez." Naruto grumbled.

"So much…" Sasuke continued, pained.

"What'd you do, Naruto?" Sakura asked curiously, having missed the surprisingly short battle.

"Well, it was an accident." Naruto said sheepishly. "I mean, I didn't mean to-"

"DIDN'T MEAN TO!" Sasuke glared up at the blonde.

"Okay, so I kind of did." Naruto acquiesced. "But he pissed me off."

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched.

"You didn't have to kick me so hard! How the Hell am I supposed to restart my clan now!"