Okay, I hate when people add a new chapter and its only an AN, but I'm doing it anyways. Sorry.

Those of you that have been around for awhile may remember this story, you might also remember that it had a 4th chapter and it was in incomplete limbo. The reason for that was because I never intended to have more than three chapters to this story, I fully intended to leave it with the ambiguous ended of will or wont Rhett be able to convince Scarlett to come back to him. But then I got an idea for what could happen next, but no ideas for what happened after that. So with the best of intentions I wrote another chapter and posted it with having no idea of just how the story would now end. And so it remained unfinished and untouched for five years.

Fast forward to 2011 I've decided to clean house in terms of my fanfiction and finish off old stories and when I opened up those musty old computer files I realized that this one should have been left as originally intended and marked complete a long time ago.

So what I did was revise the hell out the first three original chapters because talk about typos and awkward sentence structures like whoa, as well as adding and removing a couple of passages and then deleted the fourth chapter. If I ever do get the inspiration to add more to this story I'll do it as a sequel and use what was the fourth chapter as the new first chapter.

And if there is anyone out there who remembers and/or cares about Room and Board or Revelations, I do intend to get those finished up sometime in the near future.