Back Home




"It is time," he heard the soft voice in the back of his head," The circle closes."

"Do you always have to say that? Hearing it from a Vorlon is irritating enough."

"You seem to forget who I am."

He sighed.

"Well, It is too easy to forget it most of the time."

"If you say so..."

He sighed and focused his glance onto the large view screen in the front of the Command Center.

"All capacitators are charged," the voice said again, this time through the speakers of the mostly empty Command Center," Ready for dimensional jump."

"Execute jump," he said and leaned back in his seat.

This would bring him back home. Hopefully.

"Executing Dimensional Jump Sequence."

Deep within the bowls of the majestic ship the large capacitators released their charge focusing it through transformers and into the Jumo Engine. Minute amounts of artificial Quantum 40 mixed with a substance called Tyrelium were injected into the main chamber of the Engine and the charge of the capacitators reached the chamber. The large amounts of energy were transformed yet again and released through special emitters, tearing at the wall that separated normal space, hyper space and the inter universal medium, called Third Space.

A dark blue funnel opened directly in front of the majestic ship and it accelerated into it. It seemed to get longer and than disappeared inside the funnel. With a flash of light the funnel closed.

Several thousand kilometers away a small Vorlon bioship dropped is cloak and swung around. Its passenger looked at the place where the other ship just disappeared.

"Your circle here has ended, but another has just started."

The Kosh seemed to sigh as he turned around and looked at the hologram showing a growing jump point.

"I wish you luck, Tenchi Masaki."

Just at that moment a dark skinned man appeared beside the Kosh.

"Yes, he will need all the luck he can get. Now we can't help him, can we Kosh."


With that the Vorlon bioship disappeared inside the jump point.