Back Home – The Dual War

by Warringer

Chapter 60


Leutnant Bauer breathed in deep as he pulled his plane upwards, evading the fire of plasma bolts from the pirate shuttle, just before a Sidewinder from an American F-16 hit it and caused it to be destroyed in a fireball of plasma, showering the surrounding city of Dortmind with debris, adding to the carnage that the ships weapons were creating on the ground.

"Stop attacking," an unknown voice ordered with a firm voice in Japanese a language most of the armed forces on Earth had learned via rapid schooling, accompanied with static," Or we will use heavier weapons on your city."

The voice disappeared and with it the static. Just moments later one of the heavy turrets of the Pirate ship fired, hitting the base of the Florian Tower, a large radio tower in the center of the Westfahlenpark and one of the main sights of Dortmund.

Bauers head turned to see how the large tower slowly began to list to the side, only to collapse into a shower of concrete debris.

He began to grit his teeth as he glared towards the pirate ship, followed by a glance at the tactical overlay of the new holographic HUD of his Tornado.

"New plan," he said, his radio tuned in on the tactical network the Luftwaffe fighters shared with the US Air Force in this operation. "Lets take out the weapon turrets."

"And how?" he heard Americans, 'Spectre' ask. "You got any heavy weapons?"

Bauer breathed in and pulled his fighter around and speed towards the pirate ships hull.

"Our Tornados are armed with dual PPCs," Walldorf noted and Bauer could see him pull up to his on his right side. "Maybe they're all we need."

"Great," one of the Americans said. "Going Freespace on them..."

"What your overpriced planes don't have them?" Walldorf asked and rubbed some salt into the open wound.

"Shut up..."

"Just cover our asses," Bauer said and breathed in deep as he checked his weapons status.

He had still a single IRIS-T on his racks and if he remembered correctly those were infrared guided.

"Walldorf? Got any IRIS left?"

With that question he rolled his finger over the small trackball in his flight stick, trying to get a target lock on one of the turrets.

"Two, why?"

Bauer grinned as he got his lock.

"Those turrets present nice hot targets," he said." Fox Two."

He pulled his fighter up again as the IRIS left its launch rack and the counter went down to zero. Only a few moments later the missile reached its intended target, the heavy shrapnel warhead slamming into the turret. As the engine had not yet burned out, the missile was pushed forward and moments later the warhead detonated, ripping open the only not fully protected area where the turret connected to the hull.

Sharp shrapnel burrowed themselves into the seam, some penetrating it and ripping into the control systems of the turret, locking it into place and forcing it to cease firing.

"One turret down," Walldorf noted with a grin and chuckled. "Fox Two."


Bosorevski grinned, after he had directed his small remote turret up noticing a small speck of light at the edge of the video image in front of him.

"Looks like our boys just blew up one of the turrets," he noted with a grin.

Hinrich, the gunner of the PzKw XI 'Tiger' prototype, chuckled as he directed the turret of large tank to point into the general direction of the massive warship.

"You think I should try to take a potshot?" he wondered out loud.

"I would try," Michaelis, the driver, noted with a laugh." We can't let the flyboys get all the glory."

"Come on," Bosorevski noted with a mock frown and turned his small commander turret back into the direction they were going. "We already squashed a good amount of bad guys."

The large tank buckled a little as it pushed a few cars away from the street as it moved down the B54 towards the Westfahlenpark and the Westfahlen Stadion.

"I wonder if we can get a few squished pirates painted on the turret," Hinrich asked and pulled the main rail gun and the coaxial auto cannon towards the underbelly of the large ship, getting two separate target locks for both weapons. "Lets try full auto."

A few finger strokes on the touch screen in front of him and he had linked the same trigger to both guns, followed by a gentle squeeze of said trigger.

With a muffled staccato, sounding like someone slamming a larger amount of car doors shut, both guns awoke to life. The 88mm main Railgun spat out ten projectiles in the ten seconds the trigger was pressed, a mix of HEAT and tungsten APFSDS, while the 40mm auto cannon directed twenty three HEAT projectiles at the underbelly of the pirate ship.

Hinrich grinned as he saw the telltale detonations of a successful targeting on his displays and a pair of gaping holes in the ships hull as the smoke of the detonations cleared, followed by a pair of sowhat larger detonations as severed plasma lines lost containment.

"Not only are we the first MBT crew to take down an alien fighter," he noted with a huge grin," but also the first MBT crew to successfully take on a warship."

Only moment later several plasma bolts impacted on the street close to the tank.

"Provided that we make it through this..." Bosorevski said with a frown.


Dubinin frowned as he gripped one of the handrails in the Main Control Room of the Earth Defense Center, glaring at two holograms that showed the pair of pirate ships that had managed to make it to Earth, taken by the powerful optics of a pair of AWACS Monsoons in stationary orbit.

At this moment they were the biggest problem. Especially for him, as he was currently the Commander in charge of Earth Defense, something that changed every two weeks to allow all nations of GDI to get their men to work at EDC for a time.

His eyes narrowed as he saw a number of small detonations on the surface of the ship hovering over Dortmund.

"What is happening in Dortmund," he asked out loud.

"Looks like the Tornados are firing at the weapons of the pirate ship," Seiler, who had become something of the soul of the EDC, noted from his console. "I'm also getting reports about a tank that takes on the Pirates on the ground."

Dubinin blinked and didn't notice that Seina Yamada walked up to him, the cabbit Fuku sitting on his head.

A third display appeared, showing a light gray painted tank that looked different to those Dubinin knew. For one it was rapidly moving down a nearly empty street, now and than crashing right through a car, its guns directed upwards, firing now and than, while a trio of smaller PPC took care of shuttles and pirate troopers.

"I didn't know Earth had such a tank," Seina said out loud.

Back in school he and never really followed the military, but he knew that Earth tanks didn't have energy weapons like the side and turret mounted PPCs.

Dubinin flinched lightly, only than noticing the Earth born GP officer and commander of Kamidake II.

"A German panzer," Seiler noted absendmindedly." The Prototype of the new German Tiger Heavy Main Battle Tank. They were stranded in Dortmund because of a problem with their train engine on the way to the testing ground for life fire trials."

Dubinin shook his head. Again the Germans were building better tanks than anyone else in the world. But as long as they were not used to invade Mother Russia...

Than he snorted. It looked like the Abrams had to give away the trophy of being the best tank on Earth.

"I'm pretty sure other races have better tanks," he said out loud and glanced over to Seina.

"I don't remember seeing one," Seina said, blinking once.

Dubinin shrugged.

"Any change in the pirate ships patterns?"

"Yes," Seiler answered." It seems they are loosing their bombardment weapons on the dorsal side and begin to roll over to direct their other weapons at the city."

Dubinin frowned and gripped the wooden handrail harder as if he wanted to break it. But the wood of a Solar Dyson Tree was harder than any Earth wood.

"We need to get them away from Dortmund and Jerusalem," he said." Are any Devastators in orbit above the cities?"

"Two close to Jerusalem, one Thai and one New Zealand, and a Malaysian close to Dortmund. We also have the Monsoons over Geneva."

Dubinin nodded and licked his lips.

"Order them to enter the atmosphere and move to their targets. Also order two of the Monsoons to Jerusalem and the remaining to Dortmund. I want them to take out the pirates weapons from a distance ASAP and than tow the ships back into orbit. And tell the guys of the Israeli Air Force to begin attacking the weapons that are bombarding Jerusalem."

He stopped for a moment and narrowed his eyes.

"Why aren't the pirates activating their shields?"

"Cheap pirated hardware," Seina said, causing some of the operators in the room to groan at the unintended pun." We had that a few times. When the shield generators aren't correctly build or knocked out of alignment they don't work in an atmosphere. As far as I know that is only a problem of pirates."

Dubinin nodded.

"So they won't suddenly turn on their shields?"

"Probably not."

They were silent for a few moments as they watched how their orders were relayed and ow the Israeli Thunderbolts began to attack the pirate ship over Jerusalem.

"Admiral Dubinin," Ensign Walter O'Reilly, Royal Australian Navy, one of the Communication operators called out. "I got a communication attempt of the pirates."

Dubinin's head turned to the man, who most likely had to hear many comments about his name.

"What are they saying?"

O'Reilly breathed in deep.

"They demand that we cease attacking them and let them get off world or they destroy the cities."

Dubinin shook his head.

"Not likely," he growled out, followed by a Russian profanity." Do not respond to that. I want the fighters to take out the heavy weapons ASAP."

Seina winced lightly, causing Dubinin to turn around and glare at him.

"You wanted something?"

"Well..." Seina began, taking a step back.

Facing Dubinin at this moment seemed like facing an angry bear. Fuku used the moment to hop off Seina's head and hide behind his legs.

"I just heard that you have the position of the pirates base and wanted..."

Dubinin cut him off.

"We don't need the help of the Galaxy Police," he said and breathed in deep to calm himself down. "You weren't there to help when the Doranians attacked us. Why should you help us now? We will deal with this on our own."

Than Dubinin grinned.

"In fact we have the only aliens willing to help with the First Doranians Invasion going after the pirates."

For a moment Seina drew a blank, but than knew exactly who Dubinin was taking about.

"Ryoko," he said and swallowed.

"The very same."


"Do a barrel roll!" someone screamed on top his his lungs into the sky.

Goldmann turned to look who that had been, only to see a number of grinning or laughing US Marines. High above them, IAF Thunderbolts began to pound away on the pirate ship hovering over Jerusalem, their plasma gatlings.

"Stop that," he than heard the voice of Lieutenant Marvin Williams, the commander of the Marines that had found Goldmann. "We have other problems."

Goldmann breathed in deep as he slowly reached for a new magazine for his M-4. He was glad that the Marines had given him some new ones.

Deep whooshing noises made his flinch. He had heard them many times today and they had never been very good. The barricade he was leaning into, a low wall, shuddered as plasma bolts from pirate weapons, shaking dust over him and the Marines leaning at it left and right of him.

Goldman flinched again as one of the Marines hadn't been able to duck fast enough. He pressed his eyes shut as he saw that the Marine was missing a part of his left face.

"Fire in the hole!" someone yelled and Goldmann could see a pair of grenades sailing over the barricade.

A pair of explosions followed and Goldmann jumped up, turned towards the road where the explosions had just happened. For a moment he simply pressed his finger down on the trigger, spraying the road with bullets, stopping only as he heard the SAW of the Marines open fire.

The dust and smoke of the two hand grenades cleared lightly and he could see four of the pirates down the road, one was lying on the ground, his legs separate from his body, the other three armored and dazed.

He breathed in deep and tried to aim for the faceplate of the armor and pressed the trigger again. Next to him several more Marines did the same.

"The Spacers are sending ships to deal with the pirates," he than heard someone else yell." They're gonna take it down."

"And we will take the rest."