Strike Three...

Summary: Sam is having trouble dealing with the powers that were bestowed on him. Dean tries to help, but seems to be hurting Sam more than helping him. Finally Sam has enough of Dean's shit, and takes off to clear his head. Little does he know that what dad always taught him, should have come in handy, he should have paid attention to what goes bump in the night.

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Warning: There is violence, and a lot of foul language, also in some chapters there is self harm... If you do not like, please don't read! For those who can handle this story, please review and tell me what you think.

Epilogue… 4 months later

Sam, Dean and John followed Colby and Rafael to the ranch that they shared. Colby had been intent on teaching Sam about his powers, and Dean wasn't about to leave Sam alone with people that Dean didn't really know. They may have been family, but sometimes family was worse than an enemy, and Sam had already been hurt enough in his life, he didn't need anymore added to it, especially by his flesh and blood.

Supposedly Sam was the strongest Dragonseeker in his generation, and that meant that he was the leader of the whole family, no matter if he was younger than most of his extended and nuclear family. There were only two members, soon to be three as Colby was starting to show; that were younger than Sam and they were Colby's little brother and sister, Paul and Ginny. But if Sam gave a command, all had to follow it, including his father, and any of Rafael's family, the De La Cruz had to at least take what he said into high consideration.

Sam, Dean and John had talked about Sam's problems and about the cutting, which Sam had quit doing. He now knew for a fact that non of what had happened had been his fault; and no longer blamed himself, but it had taken months to get the thought thoroughly implanted into Sam's mind. He had been adamant about blaming himself for the first month, and during the second one he had calmed and started to accept the fact that not every bad thing that happened in the world was his problem or fault.

Sam had mastered his mind, and the powers that it held under the careful guidance of Rafael and Colby, along with some of the elders in the De La Cruz family; and for that Sam had been grateful. He could now control his telekinesis and the premonitions that had brought him nothing but pain and images, now brought the full story, and only left him with a mild headache after the fact. The mental blasts only happened during extreme stress, but even then he could control where the blast was directed, and everyone was grateful for that fact, because non of them wanted to die like the vampires or Gavin had.

Everything about the ranch made Sam happy. He had learned to take care of the horses and he had already knew how ride, so every free chance that he got, Sam was in the saddle of a black thoroughbred and he rode to clear his mind, and to free himself of everything. He had already taken care of the chores that Colby had given him that day and he was riding now, just enjoying the scenery as he galloped by on the horse.

Sam took the horse through the vast fields of green, and over a few fences heading towards a pond that he had claimed his own a while ago. He slowed the horse down to a walk as they neared the pond, and smiled seeing that Ginny was already there with her brown thoroughbred drinking from the pond next to her. He and Ginny had become close during the months he had spent there. They were both the youngest , though Sam was technically older than Paul, but he had grown up with a different family and knew what it felt like to be the youngest.

Sam liked having a younger sister and brother, and Ginny liked having Sam as her older brother, though she didn't always get along with Dean and that was the same for Sam and Paul. Paul and Dean had grown close as brothers, but Dean and Sam still spent more time together than they did with either Paul or Ginny, because whatever happened they were brothers and their old bond overtook any new ones that were made.

Sam jumped down off the black horse and led him over to a tree right next to the pond and tied him there, so he could drink. He then took out his sketch pad and pencils and walked over and took a seat near Ginny, who was now looking at the sunset over the water. Without saying a word, Sam started sketching, while Ginny just watched the sunset.

Sam made deep strokes over the paper, drawing his unknowing model. He watched Ginny as she watched the sunset, the way her eyes sparkled with the beauty of nature and where they lived. He drew her brown mare next to her and how she looked perfectly at ease with the big beautiful animal standing right next to her. Dean hadn't been so fond of horses after the mare that stood by Ginny right now had bucked him off her back; and he had walked away grumbling about the horse being a wild beast. Sam had laughed, because he knew the fault was Dean's when he had startled the horse when he had yelled at Sam; and Sam knew the only thing that had been hurt on Dean had been his pride.

Ginny looked at Sam, who had stopped drawing, and was now watching the water with an unreadable expression on his face. She placed her hand on his arm, and asked; "You okay Sammy Joe?" She was concerned but Sam smiled at her and she knew he was fine. She was the only one allowed to call him Sammy Joe. She had gotten Joe from a movie she had seen and had thought of Sam when she watched the film; so from then on, Sam had been known by Ginny as Sammy Joe.

"Yeah Gin I'm good, I was just thinking about the first time Dean had tried to get on her," Sam said, motioning toward the mare that was next to Ginny with his thumb; and Ginny burst out laughing.

When she stopped laughing, she saw the edge of the drawing that Sam sketched and asked; "Can I see?" He nodded and handed her the book. She gasped at the beauty of his work and the fact that she was the only one in the family that knew Sam could draw like her did. "It's beautiful Sammy Joe." She whispered. He smiled and she smiled back at him.

"You can have it if you like," He said and she nodded. He tore out the page and handed it to her, a gift which she took with excitement.

"Do you mind if I show Colby?" She asked timidly, and Sam shook his head.

"No, I don't care; I just draw for me, so it doesn't matter who sees it." He said and she nodded, and Sam knew he would forever be thankful for finding his family, and this beautiful place.