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There!Nice and simple!Happy now?

All the Pretty Tokios

Angrybee makes her Tokio all freaky and weird,

No offense though no boos and jeers,

Her Tokio's all grace and cool,

Like a certain wolf in sheep's wool.

Gip-k writes her Tokio snappy and gorgeous,

Able to kill and bring down a fortress,

When it comes to Saito she never lingers,

Coz' the bad old wolf's got her wrapped around his fingers.

L.Sith makes a pretty and innocent Tokio.

Got her Saito melted like jell-o,

The tricks she has makes Saito gapes,

However close she manages an escape.

Pechan's Tokio is a bad ass punk,

Much like her husband guess the attitude's sunk,

She gave poor Kenny a real beating up,

Her only mistake was to give Saito twin pups.