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…Oh My Eyes!


"You think she'll be surprised?"

Harry looked over at Ron and couldn't help but chuckle at the excited look on his face.

"It will knock her socks off," he answered.

It was Hermione's 21st birthday, and he and Ron were taking her out to lunch. She was having a surprise party this weekend. This was a distraction; make her think that this was it.

Harry and Ron had gotten positions as Aurors after they left Hogwarts, but Hermione decided she wanted to help magical creatures (big surprise there!), so she had taken a position at the Ministry.

That's were they were currently heading, though it was a surprise.

It was safe to say that Hermione had quickly become at home at the Ministry, and it wasn't long till she was promoted. And she now had her own office. Everyone thought it was only a matter of time till she became the Department Head, which would probably make her the youngest one ever. They were very proud of what she was doing.

They nodded and smiled at the department secretary as they made their way through the deserted office, it seemed everyone had gone to lunch. They were counting on Hermione to stay at her desk as she often did. Working through.

Ron didn't bother knocking, justwalked straight into her office. With Harry following close behind.

"Surpri…oh my eyes!" Ron exclaimed, throwing his hands up to cover his eyes.

"What are you going on about?" Harry asked, coming around the other side of him. "Oh my Merlin!" Harry shouted at the sight in front of him, he hadn't seen this coming in a million years.

"Fred…George…Hermione what the hell is going on in here?" Ron all but shouted, Harry quickly turning around and shutting the door.

"I'm Fred," he said climbing of Hermiones' desk pulling her with him. "And I think it's bloody obvious what was going on."

"Yeah and what was that?" Ron asked indignantly.

"Well I was about to wish Hermione here a happy birthday, before you two interrupted." Fred answered with a large grin, clearly not at all embarrassed by what had just happened. Meanwhile Hermione was a lovely shade of beetroot, and seemed to be looking everywhere but him and Ron.

"Ah…well…we'll just leave you to it." Harry managed to get out.

Hermione gave him a weak smile, clearly she was mortified.

Harry had to all but drag a shell-shocked Ron out of her office.

The secretary had an apprehensive look on her face, she had heard the shouting. And there was more to come.

"How could you say that?" Came Hermiones' thunderous yell, easily coming through the walls. Harry gave the secretary a small smile, and starting moving even quicker.

Ron didn't speak till they were in the elevator.

"Well, didn't see that one coming!" He said breathlessly.

"Yeah…" Harry replied, that image would stay in his mind forever. "Wanna go get drunk?"

"Abso-bloody-lutely…" Ron muttered.