Every Time We Touch

A RonXHermione fanfic, based loosely on the song Every Time We Touch by Cascada. This will be the first chapter of multiple, most of which being songfics, some from Cascada, possibly GreenDay, and others.

This starts out the year after the trio graduates from Hogwart's and will include references to the final battle between HP and LV (will not be featured).

Hello folks! Ladykyo here. Some of you may know me from the Sailor Moon section of the anime area of This is not my first Harry Potter fanfic (I am a member of the separatesisters pairing with my best friend here at my college).

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Every Time We Touch

ch 1 – Every Time We Touch

I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me

I still feel your touch in my dreams

Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why

Without you it's hard to survive

She still had nightmares of him being gone. Missions she wasn't included in; she was their best friend, they'd said – they wouldn't put the center of their world in such danger. The hunt had been on for weeks. She knew that he would return to her, in her heart; but in her mind, she was unsure of how he would fair in combat. Aurors they were, but she and her best friends had little experience fighting within the confines of the Ministry's rules: when they had lead the DA, they had set their own rules. He had nearly botched his interview to become an auror, and only his sheer wit and talent had saved him.

Hermione dreamed of Ron every night he was gone while she had stayed at the Burrow, getting more 'huswifery' instruction from Mrs. Weasley than was probably healthy. At least when Ron comes back, I'll be able to cook his favorite meals for him, Hermione thought to herself. Finally, after a month, Ginny – bless the girl, she had so much to worry about already, with her seventh year looming – had suggested that she and Hermione begin moving her things and Ron's into the small flat that Ron and Hermione had found three small towns away from 12 Grimmauld Place. The day that Hermione and Ron were supposed to move in, however, Harry had gotten a tip that a Deatheater and possible horcrux was nearby – he and Ron had taken off, forbidding Hermione to join them.

"Are you going to let Tonks go? You are, aren't you? I can help fight – I've proven myself more than once. I can't just stay here!" Hermione had pleaded with Ron and Harry while Tonks had waited outside the Burrow where Ron had stashed Hermione.

"You can't come with us, Hermione. Not this time," Harry had finally said, "You are the center of our world – we need you to be safe so that when we come back you can be here for us."

"And what would Ginny think of you saying something like that to me! You've just gotten back together – she'd be so hurt to hear you say those things! And how can you make me into something like that! What am I – a shelter for lonely wizards?" Hermione screamed.

Ron, who had been silent, grabbed Hermione by the shoulders and kissed her roughly. "I need you to stay here. I need to know that you are safe. I need to know that you are here to help Mum and Dad, and help keep everyone on an even keel. He's still not fully recovered from his ordeal – we're not keeping you away because you aren't strong enough or smart enough. I'm trying to keep you here so we can have something, and, selfish as it is, to make sure that my family – our family, yours, mine and Harry's – will still be here and be safe," Ron finished, close to crying and resting his head on Hermione's, "'Mione, please, make sure my parents are okay. Be here for me when I get back. And yes, you are this lonely wizard's shelter."

Harry had left the room to join Tonks. Ron looked at Hermione once more before kissing her again, harder this time, bruising her lips, then gently kissing her tears away and releasing her from his grip.

"I promise, I'll always be your shelter, Ron. I'll keep our parents safe, and we'll have our life together," Hermione said as he turned from her to leave.

"I knew you would, Love."

Hermione looked at the boxes before her, then she turned to the dust covered, originally red hair on the girl coming out of the flat's dirty fireplace. She and Ron had at least had the foresight to magically install a fireplace and connect it to the Floo Network. Hermione had sent the boxes containing her belongings and Ron's to the flat, but knowing the state of the fireplace, she had apparated and had offered to bring Ginny with her, but Ginny had preferred to take the Floo. Now, as she beat dust out of her hair, she looked at Hermione and spoke.

"Next time you offer to apparate me, I'll accept. And if I don't, drug me and do it while I'm unconscious."

"Isn't that what Harry said the first time you—"

"Oh, yer an awful git, you know that!" Ginny tackled Hermione and proceeded to tickle her mercilessly.

"Ah, stop, I'm sorry! I'll never say anything gross again!" Hermione laughed out, breathless.

"No, Hermione, I love it when you're like this – we all do! We all know that you are not really so uptight. At least, Ron knows… and everyone else who's spent a night at the Burrow!" Ginny laughed as her best friend's face glowed a bright red, "But chestnut hair doesn't really go with tomato! You are so blushin' Herms!"

But Hermione had stopped laughing at mention of her love's name. Her eyes glazed over as she seemed to lose her sense of where she was.

"Ron…," she moaned heartbreakingly. Ginny pulled Hermione to the couch, the closest piece of furniture.

"He'll be back soon, Love. Don't worry hun… Ron loves you, he won't leave you like this," Ginny murmured soothingly, stroking Hermione's wavy chestnut hair as Hermione cried softly, her sobs becoming louder as she kept repeating Ron's name.

"'Mione, why're ya crying? I'm back, just for you. No need to cry now, I'm here, and I need you," Ron and Harry had apparated, and Ron ran over to Hermione and took her gently from Ginny's arms. Seeing that her friend was safe, Ginny turned to her own lover and smiled.

"You're back. I missed you – what are—" Ginny started to say, but Harry grabbed her around her waist and apparated them away so that Ron and Hermione could have some much needed time alone.

'Cause every time we touch, I get this feeling

And every time we kiss I swear I could fly

Can't you feel my heart beat fast,

I want this to last

Need you by my side

Hermione raised her eyes to meet Ron's. "Ron? You're back? I'm sorry I'm not at the Burrow – but your father is much better, and I only left there tod—"

"Hush, 'Mione. It's okay. I'm here – I came back, jus' like I promised. Will you grant me your shelter?" Ron said as he moved his face closer to Hermione's, his lips hovering over hers.

"Always, my love. Never leave me again," Hermione breathed into Ron's mouth as his descended on hers.


'Cause every time we touch, I feel the static

And every time we kiss I reach for the sky

Can't you feel my heart beat so

I can't let you go

Want you in my life

The two spoke nothings as they feverishly removed clothing. Hermione grabbed Ron's shirt and ripped it as she tried to get it off his chest. Ron reached for the front of Hermione's button-up shirt, the top two buttons already undone in concession to the end of summer heat. As Hermione reached for Ron's waistband, he grabbed her hands.

"'Mione, I don't have any protection wif me… Are you on the Pill or anything else?" Ron looked at Hermione.

"No, but I can't stand to be apart from you any longer. Please, Ron… whatever the consequences, I need you, right now. I'm hungry for you – can't you feel it?" Hermione slipped her hand into Ron's pants and cradled his erection tenderly, "I know that you need me, too."

Ron nodded and held Hermione close to him, so close she could hear his heart beat. Withdrawing her hand, Hermione looked up at Ron.

"My heart beats just for you, Hermione Granger. You and no one else, never for any one else," Ron said into Hermione's mouth as he kissed her deeply, removing her shirt completely, then unhooking her black scrap of a bra, "I've never seen this one before."

"Ginny took me shopping," Hermione got out before Ron's hand moved to her breast, followed by his hand. Hermione put her hands into Ron's thick red hair, holding him to her breast, as his other arm snaked around her waist to hold her to him. Ron was sucking on her nipple at that point, then as Hermione started scratching his neck, Ron bit down.

"Ron!" Hermione screamed as she felt herself dampen for him. "Please…"

Ron paid little heed as he moved to her other breast, laving it with his tongue as Hermione moaned about how good he made her feel and dug her fingernails into his neck and upper back.

"Hermione," Ron groaned as he lifted his head from her breast, "If you don't stop that, you'll never get what you want."

Hermione responded by covering his mouth with hers and thrusting her tongue deep. Her hands would not be stopped this time, and Ron lost his pants in one swift motion… Hermione flung them somewhere in the small room. She continued to kiss him deeply as she rubbed his cock into a frenzy, hard and throbbing, standing straight up from a nest a dark red pubic hair.

"Hermione… please, let me touch you…"

"Not yet… this is for leaving me alone for so long," with that, Hermione lowered her head to his groin, first letting her hair tickle his cock and thighs as he groaned and squirmed, then she moved her mouth over his throbbing head, swirling her tongue around him as she began to swallow his head.

"Oh… 'Mione, stop before I lose it… I want to be in you when I come…Please," Ron begged Hermione as she started moving her mouth up and down, beginning a slow pistoning action, adding suction and speed as she moved and Ron growled.

"God, that's it. I'm coming Hermione…I'm gonna come, I'm coming in your mouth, 'Mione!" Ron cried out as he spent himself in her mouth.

Hermione swallowed his salty essence, then smiled up at him shakily, "Not bad, huh?"

"You're gonna get it… I'm gonna have to figure out how to entertain you until I can go again… And I know just how," Ron said as he grabbed Hermione by the waist and dragged her to stand on her feet. He reached down and undid her jeans, pushing them down and steadying her as she stepped out of them and her pristine white underwear. "How did I see those coming?" Ron laughed as he imagined Hermione fretting over the black bra and comforting her shy side with pretty white panties.

Ron pulled Hermione close and kissed her as he backed her up against a wall. He left her mouth, trailing his warm, wet lips down her chin and neck, past her full breasts and down her softly rounded stomach to a nest of curling brown hair glistening with her anticipation. Ron kissed Hermione's navel before descended to her pink lips, licking and sucking gently, then more insistently as she started moving her hips to meet his mouth. Ron pushed his tongue into her wet opening, tickling her clit and carefully biting her most private areas.

"Ron! Please, I – you're aahh!" Hermione screamed with pleasure, trying to push Ron away in her frenzy to orgasm. Knowing he could give her pleasure as never before, Ron continued on with his thrusts, moving her hips closer to his mouth as she bucked wildly, trying to bring herself to the edge and over it. With his erection completely regained, Ron renewed his tender assault on Hermione's clit, pushing her over the edge. She screamed his name as she came. Ron caught her as her legs gave away. He carried her back to the couch and gently stretched her out, positioning himself over her and kissing her back to her senses.

"Ron, you're amazing… I want you even more now…" Hermione breathed as he continued to kiss her, gently massaging her breasts and crotch, keeping her ready for him.

"Do you want this, 'Mione? I missed you so much, you're so tight – I don't want to hurt you," Ron stopped himself before he entered her to make sure she wanted what he wanted.

"Oh, Ron, I've waited so long for you to come back! Please, fill me up with your love," Hermione whispered into his ear, then leaning back to receive him.

Ron put the head of his cock at her moist entrance, then pushed gently, until Hermione stopped him.

"What? What's wrong?"

"You don't have to be so gentle with me. I'm no virgin now, you made sure of that. You know what I like, and if you can't remember, just take me, hard."

As he heard that, Ron crushed her mouth with his, roughly pushing his cock into her, grinning at her intake of breath as he stretched her wide. As they became used to one another again, they started a regular rhythm that carried them to orgasm on a gentle breeze. As they floated back to earth, Ron put his head on Hermione's chest.

"I love you, my Hermione."

Your arms are my castle

Your heart is my sky

They wipe away tears that I cry

The good and the bad times

We've been through them all

You make me rise when I fall

Ron and Hermione awoke the next morning to sunlight streaming into their flat. Hermione woke up first, and when Ron woke up, he raised his head to see Hermione contemplating him quietly.

"What, 'Mione? Something wrong?" Ron asked, sitting up and looking at Hermione.

She smiled at him, "No, Ron, I was just looking at you, loving being back with you… and thinking about what we have to do here before we can really live here."

"I'm so sorry we left you at the Burrow at the beginning of the summer, but I needed to know that someone would be there to protect Mum, Dad, and Ginny. And after the fact, I'm even happier that you weren't there," Ron had moved to kneel on the floor beside the couch, and he placed his head in Hermione's lap. She stroked his longish red hair and only then began to notice the burns, cuts, and scars that marred his milky white flesh.

"Ron, what happened? What are all these injuries and scars? How did these happen?" Hermione began to fret, worry showing in her voice as she ran her hands down Ron's back, then down his torso, taking in the damage.

"The remnants of a Crucio thrown at me by one of the Crabbes, I think… Malfoy may have changed, but the underling families haven't, if you ask me. Both the Crabbe and Goyle clans are darker than ever," Ron said bitterly, "You aren't a full-blood, but you're a better witch than any of the ones from those pure-blood families."

Hermione cradled Ron's head, lowering hers so she could nuzzle and cuddle him. "Oh Ron, I love you, and I wish I could have been there to protect you."

"No, Hermione… you are my shelter, and knowing that I had you to come back to kept me going, even through this one," Ron said as he leaned back to show Hermione a freshly-healed chest wound, right below his heart.

"Ron! What happened? How could a spell do that to you? Your shields are even better than mine most time—"

Ron cut her off, "It wasn't a spell. It was a charmed dagger, charmed not to let me heal. Tonks found Lupin in time to get him to counteract the spell, but it may not hold, so you'll need to learn the spell from him, just in case. Harry already knows it," Ron looked at Hermione, seeing the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Of course I'll learn the spell. Why can't y—it is a very powerful, very painful spell for you to undergo, isn't it? That's why you need us to help you, right?"

"Right, 'Mione. I need you more than ever now."

"I'll be your shelter if you'll be mine, Ronald. And I mean it," Hermione said seriously.

"Well, then I guess I need a keeper, then, don't I?"

"Fine. Now get dressed, we need to get settled and get back to the Burrow. At this point, everyone is probably looking for someone to divert Harry and Ginny's attention from each other, especially if they kept everyone up last night."

"What do you—Oh, I'll kill 'im for it!" Ron bolted upwards.

"No, you won't. They are finally together and happy, and you'll let them be. Besides, they love each other. And how would you feel if Harry decided to do something about you and me?"

"You've got a point. That's why I love you so much. And the great boobs," Ron laughed, and Hermione glared at him.

Hermione just looked at Ron, and then she jumped on him, crashing them both to the floor.

"The Burrow can wait!"

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