"Well at least this is nicer than the last place we ended up when we followed a signal." Rose said, as the three of them strolled along the sunny street, one hand holding the Doctor's, the other tucked into Jack's arm.

"'Course it is." The Doctor said cheerfully. "After the war, before the recession. Those who could were living the high life."

"And they never had Prohibition in England." Jack added with a grin. "So you could party the night away."

Rose felt an answering grin on her own face and thought again how much the clothes of this time suited Jack. It was a shame the Doctor never joined in the games of dress-up.

"But," The Doctor added pointedly. "There'll be no partying until we've found what we're after."

"Yes sir." Jack rolled his eyes at Rose and switched his cane to his other hand, pushing up his sleeve to check his wrist-com. "This way!" He declared cheerily, brandishing his cane like a baton and leading them round a corner.


"In here?" Rose asked, looking a little doubtful.

"Yep." Jack said, leaning on his cane as he peered up at the building in front of them. "Doesn't really seem like the sort of place to be hiding alien tech, does it?" He commented, glancing at Rose and the Doctor.

"Appearances can be deceiving." The Doctor flashed him a grin, then headed up the steps, nodding a greeting to the doorman and leading the way inside.

"So what're we gonna do if whoever's got it doesn't want to give it back?" Rose asked, standing between Jack and the Doctor in the lift. Jack was counting off the floors on his wrist-com, but the Doctor grinned cheekily at her.

"I was thinking we'd throw Jack at them until they surrendered." He said, as the lift came to a stop and they stepped out.

"Hey!" Jack said with a laugh, trailing behind them.

"What, you're hoping to annoy them into giving it back?" Rose asked, glancing back at Jack, who was trying to hide his grin behind an expression of wounded dignity.

"Be nice to me." He warned. "Or I might remember how to pick that lock on the bathroom door."

He looked up as they stood outside a door the same as all the others they'd passed.

"This is the place." He said, pulling his gloves off and adjusting his sleeves again. The Doctor watched him, amused.

"When you're done preening." He drawled, knocking on the door.

"Gotta look good if you're planning on throwing me at someone." Jack grinned, turning to Rose. "What's the verdict? I trust you more than a guy who only owns three sweaters."

"You look beautiful." Rose said, laughing, as she reached up to straighten his hat. "Like you didn't know already."

"Beautiful?" Jack wrinkled his nose.

"I've got more than three jumpers." The Doctor huffed indignantly.

The door swung open and a tall man with a placid expression studied them carefully.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"Yes, thanks." The Doctor said with a grin, as the man eyed his clothes in distaste. "You've got something of ours, we'd like it back." He pushed past the man into the room, Jack trailing close behind. Rose shot him an apologetic smile and shrugged, the man stood aside and gestured in a somewhat weary way for her to follow.

"Aha!" Cried the Doctor from the living room, triumphantly pouncing on a strangely shaped object that was displayed in pride of place on the mantelpiece. "Gotcha!"

"What is it?" Rose asked, coming up beside him. Jack flanked his other side, frowning slightly and as Rose glanced up at the Doctor's face she was surprised to see it suddenly fall dramatically. "What's wrong?"

"It looks a bit like a Tonnian communication device." Jack said. "But…"

"There's only half of it here!" The Doctor wailed.

"I say!" Came a surprised voice from behind them and Jack and Rose turned to see a rather stunned looking man, who had just emerged from one of the other rooms, doing up his shirt cuffs. "What's all this noise about? Who're you?" He looked around and spotted the man who'd let them in standing stoically in the doorway. "Jeeves, who are they? What do they want?"

"I gather, sir," Said Jeeves calmly. "That they believe they are the owners of the ornament you purchased the other day."

"What? That's nonsense!" The new man turned back to them and moved closer. "That's nonsense!" He repeated, more firmly. "I bought it fair and square." He tried to snatch it off the Doctor, who jerked it out of the way and tucked it into the pocket of his jacket.

"It was ours first." The Doctor said sternly. "It got pinched. And now we've got it back. Sorry about the fuss, but it's ours."

"Oh." The man said, looking somewhat at a loss. "Well, that's rather rummy, isn't it?"

"Just a bit." Jack drawled, shooting Rose an amused look.

"But still, you can't just barge into a man's home and start pinching all his bits!" The man rallied.

"I can if you want." Jack offered.

"It was pinched off us first." The Doctor repeated. "But there's only half of it here. Do you know where the other bit is?"

While they spoke, Rose strolled around the room, inspecting its contents curiously. Picking up a book, she peered idly at the front cover and found a name for their host – Bertram Wooster.

Currently, he was looking quite thoughtful.

"Tuppy Glossop bought something like it at the same time." He said finally. "He's probably sold it on, or given it to Angela or something, but he's the chap you need to speak to."

"Right." The Doctor grinned. "And where do we find him?"

"He's probably at the Drone's." Wooster said, suddenly looking more cheerful. "I'm heading down there for a quick snifter before lunch – I'm meeting Bingo Little and we're off to his uncle's. If you wait a mo, I'll take you with me. Jeeves! My coat!"

"Yes sir." Jeeves inclined his head respectfully and disappeared, only to return a few moments later with a coat, gloves, cane and hat. He shot the Doctor's attire another look of pained disapproval, as he held his burden out to Wooster.

"What's wrong with you?" The Doctor asked.

"Oh don't mind Jeeves." Wooster told him, shrugging into his coat. "He's a good deal too nice in his views on fashion – would you believe he even took offence at this hat?" He took the white hat from his valet, who had been pinching it between finger and thumb with disgust, and displayed it to the Doctor.

"I'm not surprised." The Doctor said. "It's hideous. You're not planning on wearing it out are you?"

A brief flash of approval ghosted across Jeeves' face.