Well… here's another fic of mine, I still owe you the sequel I promised, but I wrote this while I was depressed because of problems in my family


Terra had just returned from being petrified in stone, and life hadn't been the same for her since then. Frequent fights with Raven. Mean glared from Robin every time she walked in the same room he was. Cyborg just wouldn't talk to her. Starfire was careful about what she said and how she said it, thinking about it twice. And Beast Boy, well, he was very happy about her return, but he didn't tell jokes to her anymore. She felt like, her return wasn't as happy and joyful as she thought it would be, in fact, it wasn't any happy and joyful at all. She just got more depressed and depressed every day that passed like this. One day, she heard on the news that Slade had just got to the S.T.A.R. laboratories and stole lots of modern and advanced machines for destruction. He first deactivated the security system, and that's why the alarm didn't get on. This got Terra more depressed because he was alive and the Titans didn't tell anything to her.

Then, some days later, Slade stoke again in the same place, but this time, the alarm did go on. The Titans went after him, but Terra was too nervous, and she crashed a wall without purpose, and Slade escaped. That got her even MORE depressed because it was her fault that Slade got away.

After that, Terra went to the Tower by herself, she wanted to be alone. When she got there, she went to her room and started crying.

"Why does everything I try to do right get things worse?" she screamed to herself crying. She just couldn't stand it more.

Still crying, she got a jackknife out of her closet, and cut both of her wrists.

"They don't care about me… they won't notice I'm gone" she said before cutting her wrists, and a few minutes later, she was in the afterworld, where she won't suffer more.


Yeah, it's a sad story, but I was depressed when y wrote it, I'm working in the sequel I owe you, so stay tuned and be patient please! I'm working in 2 more stories too, so wait for them!