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Chapter one

"I am the box Ghost!" The usual cry wailed.

"Danny!" Sam called. She pointed to the clock. He had five minutes to end this and get to class.

"Later Boxy!" He opened the Fenton Thermos and absorbed him.

Danny put it away as he landed next to Sam. He linked arms with her, kissing her cheek as he turned back into Danny Fenton.

They made it to their 'Career Development' class, like they'd been struck by another one of Ember's 'love songs'. They made it to class as the bell rang. The class really didn't matter; it was usually just an excuse to have two Study Halls in one day.

They took their seats in the back next to each other. They smiled at each other while the class settled down.

'Yes! Finally a girlfriend I don't have to hide from ghosts…or "invisobill". I love life.' Danny thought kissing Sam's cheek.

Like classic gossip, the whole school knew about them.

"You guys do know that if you stare at each other like that people will start to think that you're going out, right?" Tucker asked, taking his seat next to Danny.

And like classic gossip, not everyone knew.

"Settle down!" Mr. Lancer called holding a stack of papers. He divided them among the rows. "You all thought this was gonna be just a fluff class. Well you were right. But it turns out that the school system wants all the career classes to assign at least one paper or I don't get paid. Everything is in those packets."

Danny took his and handed the last two to Sam and Tucker.

He read it:

"Choose one profession, study it."

"I don't want to read a class load of papers on hobo's so one per person. Fenton! What's your choice?" Lancer called.

"Something involving absolutely no work. A--" Danny drug it out for dramatic effect.

"A Ghost Hunter?" Dash interrupted, causing the class to laugh.

"No! That's too hard. A billionaire!" Danny retorted.

"Very well Fenton. I expect a detailed report on Mr. Masters, due to his visit." Lancer said writing it down.

Slowly Danny sank to in his seat, banging his head on the wall behind him. For the rest of the class he sat regretting his decision.