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Chapter Seven

He awkwardly told his friends what he'd found out.

"Wait so Vlad is--?" Tucker started then thought better of it.

"This definitely a 'yikes' moment." Sam said disgusted.

"Actually, I think of it more as an 'Eww'." Tucker put in.

"Ok whatever. The point is: Vlad is the one that wants to kill me. I have this whole wanting to kill him plan, too. How does that work if he's my dad? I think my mom would definitely ground me for that." Danny asked.

"Well, you could not let her find out. I mean isn't there also a plan where she doesn't find out about you and Danny Phantom?" Sam asked, reminding him.

"Yeah. But it'll be hard to just pretend that none of this happened." Danny sulked.

"Then don't forget it. Remember that your…Sammy, help me here." Tucker admitted.

"I think what he wants to say is: remember that Vlad hid it from you and your dad--your real dad." Sam put in convincing her boy.

"We'll never talk about this again, though, right?" Danny asked.

"Oh yeah." The two chimed in unison.

"Good. I should probably start on that paper." Danny said relieved.

The three of them spent the whole night working on their papers. Their due date finally came.

It went well. Sam was a natural when it came to public speaking. Tucker did as well as to be expected. Dash did well, but it would be hard for him to mess up on a paper about football players. Danny's turn came sooner than he wanted.

"OK I did this report on Vlad Masters. He earned his money…" Danny gave his report.

His went well, considering Vlad Masters walked in just as Danny reached the end of his first paragraph which was the only thing that wasn't made up. The class was so excited to actually talk to Vlad that Danny was glad he stalked him.

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