"Right, now we're screwed."


The two of them stared at the picture. Hayner crossed his arms, thoughtfully, trying to remember where he had seen such blue, blue eyes and hair that was as yellow as the sun. Olette just blinked her pretty green optics, opening and shutting her mouth.

She stared at her shoes, trying to form a proper sentence in her head. "He looks likeā€¦ that Sora boy. You know, do you remember him?" Hayner nodded bringing his hand to his chin, rubbing it thoughtfully.

"I remember Sora, but that's not Sora," voiced Hayner, pointing accusingly at the picture. And besides, Hayner couldn't imagine kissing Sora.

It wasn't quite a close-up. In the picture, the blonde kid with the blue eyes was in the middle, a grinning Olette on the left with an arm wrapped around her waist. Hayner was on the other side of the blonde boy, grinning lips pressed into the boy's cheek, and an arm slung around the kid's shoulders.

Hayner mused for a few more minutes. "Did we lose our memories, or something? Or did we get really drunk or stoned?" Olette shook her head, placing the picture back down onto the coffee table.

"I guess we'll never really know who this blonde kid is."

"What if we slept with him and got crabs or something?" gibbered Hayner. Olette sighed, listening to the oven beep in the other room. Her cookies were done.

"Then we're screwed."


there it goes. my ot3. hayner/roxas/olette. heehee. once again, inspired by gabby. she said 'what happened to the twilight town kids after kh2. did they just forget about roxas?'

also, as for the names of the twilight town crew, i'm guessing by reading the katakana for their names that it's 'hayner' and 'olette'. it could be heine and orette, but the spellings are just the way that i suppose they are.