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I'm back with another Danny Phantom, which sadly is not really a romance one shot…. More of a 'I don't really know what it is' one shot lmao. I hope it isn't confusing, but it may be… I just wanted to give it a go though.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my favourite part.

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He stuck his head round the corner, peering intently down the long, dark corridor. Only the buzzing hum of overhead lights could be heard, and the sight of the eerily deserted battle zone sent shivers of anticipation down his spine . His steps were soft, as he rounded said corner in white boots, fingers idly brushing the steel locks and he senses remained sharp.

There was predatory gleam in his shock green eyes, twitching at any sound…. At any movement. As he tip toed along the concrete tiles he made no sound, not a peep that would inevitably alert his foe of his arrival, and thus ensure his impeding doom.

His fingers twitched with the need for action, but no, he could not be to hasty. This was a delicate situation. Pride was on the table. He squeezed his weapon tighter, grasping at his one saving grace, the only thing that would allow him to leave this place unscratched and un-traumatized.

He eagerly rounded another corner, knowing his prey, his predator was drawing closer. His body stiffened with the need to attack. As if he were a lion, with the most basic of instincts telling him to pounce whilst he could, rip his enemy to shreds with no mercy, and come out again whole and gleaming with the victory of the hunt.

The clang that followed may well have been a thunderous crash next to his ear in it's effectiveness of alerting him to his preys arrival. He grinned a malicious grin, ready to savour the thrill of victory. He crouched and waited, like a tiger hiding in the grass, still as stone with lightning in his boots, ready to propel him to his awaiting victim.

And then, under the neon glow of overhead lights they came. Perfectly unaware of his presence, but looking carefully at their surroundings as if they knew of his hunger, his lust for victory. HAH, of course they didn't know, hence them being his prey, and not he theirs.

He tightened his powerful fist in triumph around his weapon, taking one step forward and sending and echoing thud through the air. His prey jumped deliciously and spun their heads frantically, never stopping to look directly at him.

Oh yes, this would be sweet.

And as quickly as his heart did beat he pounced into the view and showed no mercy as he attacked and they howled in horror. The sheer horrified expressions would have been enough to satisfy his lust but the victory was to sweet , the power was to alluring. He laughing manically as his prey withered and screamed, the phycotic grin never once leaving his face as he took pleasure in their suffering.

Finally, after what seemed like years of undeniable pleasure, he stopped his attack and looked down upon his helpless prey, savouring, as he knew he would, in his sweet victory. Like a proud lion, he towered above them menacingly, breathing hard but grinning maliciously, as the thrill of the hunt came to an end and tension seeped from the very pours in his body.

He looked upon his prey once more and the grin was seemingly swiped from his face, and a look of abstract horror replaced it. He squeezed his empty weapon in terror.

His prey did not look happy.


The once proud lion, victorious and brave, was immediately transformed into nothing more than a tiny kitten in the face of an irate, ketchup covered Samantha Manson.

She stood, a mighty lioness, now in turn, towering over the little kitten clutching a ketchup bottle, his weapon to his chest in terror. She grabbed his hazmat front and hissed at him menacingly….

"You get us into detention, SNEAK OUT of said detention, leave us there so you can what? CHASE US WITH A BOTTLE OF KETCHUP!!!"

The shock green eyes diluted and he squeaked shamefully, disappearing all together from her grasp and fleeing from his predator. Sam's laser like glare seemed to bound off and burn through the walls as she stomped of in a direction she knew would lead her to her prey. She was getting hungrier for revenge as he bellowing cry echoed down the once deserted corridor's.


This was the war cry that shattered the peace of one Casper High, and thus served to make the ketchup covered techo-geek curl up in fear as he clutched his precious PDA to his chest. He, a mere mouse, found no pleasure in being in the company of hungry lions. He sniffled and stroked his beloved 'baby'.

"Don't worry baby, it's just you and me. Those scary people are gone….." He shivered and stood, walking to the doors, ready to go home and cower under the covers in fear of wondering halfa's with ketchup bottles….

Yes, a matter of pride indeed.

Well? Drop me a line if you like, it'd be much appreciated. Oh and for the record, Danny is in his ghost form through this. Just in case you wondered.