The Price of a Mistake

A tear fell upon her cheek

He shook his head in disbelief

She hid her sorrows from her friends

He understood her grief

They embraced each other in their times of need

They kept each other alive

They became dependant on another

So what happened when he died?

He died with dignity, his head held high

He died a brave soldier; he was on the right side

He died not in vain, but so she could live

He died protecting mankind, she died because of him

She grieved for her loved one

She cried alone at his funeral

She thanked him in prayer for all he had don

She had lost him, her only one

His life had been full of mistakes

His life he paid in repair

Her life had been full of happiness

Until he disappeared into the air

She died not long after him

Alone and still in grief

She collapsed on his gravestone crying

'Draco Malfoy, rest in peace'

a/n: hope you liked it, and in case you hadn't realised 'she' is Hermione, hence it's in the Draco Hermione section)