This is my new Rogan story. This idea sort of popped into my head so the odds are it sucks but hey I'll give anything a try once.

Background information: Rory did live in stars hollow and did date Dean, but once she couldn't say I love you back they never dated again. There is no Jess but she did date Tristan She dated him all through high school loosing her virginity to him. They dated until she caught him cheating at a Harvard party during October of her Freshman Year. (Sorry, To all Trory lovers.) So to get away from him she transfers to Yale. Lorelai is with Luke. Chris stayed apart of society so he's rich making Rory have money. As well as the Money she gets from Her Gilmore Grandparents who she's also close with. Logan, Colin, Finn are a year older than Rory but Stephanie is a the same age. I THINK THAT'S EVERYTHING … BUT IF NOT PLEASE ASK!



Rory walked over to the dorm room that she was assigned 24B. Never had two numbers a letter been so scary. She was nervous. After what happend with Tristan at Harvard she wanted to start over and forget about everything. This was her chance to go back to her quiet, bookworm life that she had before Tristan.

Rory knocked on the door when a tall, dark haired, tanned skin man opened it. "Umm, Hi. I'm Rory and I just transferred to Yale and this was the dorm I was assigned." Rory said trying to hide the fact that she was scared.

"Oh, Of course Love, Steph said you'd be coming." The man said with a accent. "Mom would love him." Rory thought to herself.

He stepped aside so Rory could enter the room. It was huge obviously her grandfather had made some calls to get her a good room because this was far better then a normal dorm.

"Steph, Your roommate isn't here at the moment. She left us as the welcoming committee so let me welcome you!" He said happily.

"FINN! Don't scare her off! That's what happened to the last room mate and I don't think Steph what's to have a new roommate every month!" Rory heard another voice call from the other room.

Not more than a second later another man with brown hair, who was slightly shorter and less tanned came in. "Don't let him scare you. I'm Colin and this is Finn."

"I'm Rory." She said shaking the hand that Colin held out for her. "I thought your name was Lorelai, That's what Steph said." Colin said confused.

"My name is Lorelai, but that's my mom's name as well so Rory is my nickname. Less confusion that way." Rory said as if it were obvious.

Colin and Finn nodded in comprehension. "So, Do you need help bringing your stuff up?" Colin asked to cover the awkward silence they were falling into. "Umm, I just have a few boxes in my car but the movers are bringing the rest tomorrow."

"Well, Love we'll help you carry the boxes up here." Finn said "Just let me call to find out where Logan is."

"Whose Logan?" Rory asked confused. "He's another one of Steph's friends. She drafted all three of us to be here. But apparently he got lost on the way. Typical Logan." Colin said rolling his eyes.

"There's only three boxes. He doesn't have to be here." Rory said quietly not wanting to inconvenience anyone.

"This is more for Logan's protection. You haven't met Steph yet. But she sort of like our queen. We do what she says and no one gets hurt." Colin said laughing.

"He's on his way. I just hope he gets back before Steph does, She still hasn't forgiven him for not showing up to her 4th grade birthday party because he had the flu!" Finn said seriously.

Rory looked over at Colin "The girl can hold a grudge." Rory nodded and walked out to her car. The two boys followed. Each of them grabbed a box and walked back up to the room.

Rory's box was small so she opened the door to see a blonde man sitting on the couch flipping through television channels. She ignored him though and followed Colin and Finn to her room to drop the boxes off.

Colin and Finn put the boxes on the Floor. "MY GOD THOSE WERE HEAVY! WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU HAVE IN THEM? Finn whined.

"Books." Rory told him. "Who needs a whole box full of books?" Finn asked. "That's not even a quarter of them." she said smiling.

"Have all the books you'd like love, as long as I don't have to carry them." He said as they all walked back into the main room.

"Finn's not used to physical exertion." The blonde said. "I don't do it either if I can help it." Rory said with a laugh.

He smiled at her "I'm Logan." "Nice to meet you, I'm Rory." She said shaking his hand. "So Huntz, Where were you?" Colin asked Cutting into their introduction.

"Have a nice little chat with my father, Apparently some friends of the family have their granddaughter Transfusing here. I am supposed to be the perfect gentleman and ask her out on a date that doesn't end with any funny business. She's a respectable girl and she shouldn't have to put up with any of my shenanigans." Logan said mocking his father causing Rory to laugh a little.

"Ah, In other words. She's a trust fund whore and regardless of what your parents say your going to end up banging her?" Finn asked.

"Pretty much. He said Respectable which means, She probably slept with every guy at her old school and is now trying to conquest Yale." Logan added.

"Well who better then to begin with other then Yale's reigning player?" Finn told him. "My thoughts exactly."

"So what's her name?" Colin asked curiously. "Um, Lorelai Gilmore or something like that." Logan said watching the expressions on his friends faces drop.

"You know her?" Logan asked confused. "You could say that." Colin said eyeing Rory whose expression was blank.

Once Rory finally came out of shock about what was just said about her she walked up to Logan. "Umm, Excuse me. I'm Lorelai Gilmore. Rory for short." she said with anger clearly present in her voice.

"I am not a trust fund whore, nor will I ever be one. I am also anything but a slut. But I wouldn't hold your breath about going on a date with me. So I hope for your sake that daddy isn't depending to much on you dating me." and with that Rory walked out the door mumbling something about coffee.

The three boys sat in silence for a few minutes, None of them could believe what had just happend.

"I cannot believe you said that." Colin said as Stephanie barged through the door. "Where's my new roommate! Finn said she was pretty cool!" She said excitedly looking around.

"Steph, I don't think she's going to like us very much." Finn said trying to word it as presently as possible. "WHAT DID YOU THREE IDIOTS DO!" She yelled.

"Well you see, My dad said I had to take out a girl named Lorelai Gilmore. Usually when my dad sets me up he sets me up with slutty trust fund chicks who are destined to become Trophy wives. Apparently Lorelai Gilmore is your new Roommate but I didn't know that because She introduced herself as Rory." Logan explained.

"I am still not seeing how this would make her hate us." Steph said annoyed. "Yes, Well I pretty much said that she was a slut and that I would end up banging her by the end of the night." Logan finished.

"LOGAN!" Steph screamed. "What the hell! My last roommate was a creepy hippy and the one before that was in a cult and kept trying to convert me! I've had two roommates in the last two months and I had to pay off the dorming advisor to make sure I got a normal roommate this time and you ruin it!"

"You paid off the Dorming advisor?" Colin interrupted. "NOT THE POINT COLIN! The point is he is going to go find her and he is going to apologize because I am not living with another roommate from hell!" Stephanie shouted.

At the moment Rory walked back into the dorm with a rather large cup of coffee forcing all eyes to turn to her. "I was going to leave and walked around but then I realized I have no clue where the hell anything is." She said quietly.

Stephanie stepped forward "I'm Stephanie, Your roommate. Most people call me Steph. I am so sorry about my socially inept friends. Please don't hold it against me." Stephanie said practically begging.

"Don't worry about it. I've had my fair share of dealing with cocky, arrogant, blonde, rich boys. I can deal with it." She said taking a pause. "I'm Lorelai, Rory for short. I think that's how I am going to introduce myself from now on so there is not confusion."

"So you don't hate me?" Steph asked hopefully. Rory shook her head no. "I don't hate any of you. I don't know any of you well enough to hate you." She said honestly. Steph hugged her. "Thank you so much for not judging me based on these idiots"

Rory smiled "No problem." "What about Logan?" Finn said not wanting someone hating Logan to end. After all it wasn't very often that someone of the female persuasion hated Logan. "Like I said I don't hate any of you, I dislike him with a passion but I don't hate him."

Rory looked around to see the four of them looking at her. "I have strange logic, But I assure you I am not as crazy as my mother." She said trying to lighten the mood.

"Well, I would love to show you around the campus and then we could go get something to eat?" Steph asked hopefully trying to get on Rory's good side. "It's a deal. A Gilmore Girl never turns down food. Let's go."

Rory grabbed her purse as did Stephanie as they were walked out the door she turned to see the three boys still sitting on the couch. "Are you guys coming?"

"All of us? Even Huntzberger?" Colin asked suspicious considering Logan had just said all this horrible stuff about her.

"Yes, All of you. Colin, Finn and even Logan. Now hurry up! I'm hungry and rule number 3 is never keep a hungry Gilmore waiting."

The three boys joined the girls as they walked out of the building. "So what's rule number one?" Logan asked cautiously. "I'm not telling. And even if I was I wouldn't tell you." Rory said linking her arm through Steph's and Logan's as they walked through the campus.

"This girl is crazy!" Finn whispered to Colin as they walked behind the three who had linked arms. "I know, Logan completely insults her and she still is willing to breath the same air as him." "This is going to be an interesting year." Finn said. "A very interesting year indeed." Colin agreed.

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