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Rory awoke to see Logan smiling at her as he traced small circles on her stomach. "Morning, Beautiful." he said sweetly.

"Morning." She greeted with sleep still evident in her voice. "Ace, I was the one who undressed you last night and I don't remember those." he said motioning to her hello kitty underwear.

Rory blushed slightly, "I have a bunch of clothes here, Remember?" Logan nodded "Oh yeah, Just so you know Finn was snooping around my room the other day."

"That explains the 'pretty kitty' comment I got." Rory laughed. "Remind me to kill Finn later." Logan said kissing her.

"Why, Who said I didn't like the comment?" Rory questioned. "Oh is that so?" Logan said grinning mischievously.

He attacked her sides with his hands and began to tickle her. "LOGAN!" Rory yelled. "Hey, Finn would do the same thing." he mumbled not letting up any on tickling her.

Rory laughed hysterically. "LOGAN! PLEASEEE " Rory whined but was laughing so hard she was crying now.

"SAY IT!" Logan told her. "NO! I WILL NOT SAY IT!" Rory said between laughs. "Then I guess you like being tickled." He told her still attacking her sides.

"LOGAN HUNTZBEGER IS THE MOST GORGEOUS PERSON I HAVE EVER MET!" Rory said laughing loudly. "And…" Logan egged on.

"AND HE IS BY FAR THE BEST KISSER IN ALL THE LAND!" She squealed. Logan stopped ticking her but was still hovered over her.

"See was that so hard all you had to do was tell the truth." He said as a matter-of-factly . "THE TRUTH? I'm surprised my nose didn't grow." Rory said seriously.

"I'm hurt! I knew you were only using me for my body!" Logan exclaimed dramatically. "I've told you already once before that that's what I was doing but you just don't listen, do you?" Rory tried to stay serious but couldn't and broke into giggles.

Logan leaned down and kissed her passionately. "Logan, Now you know I don't do strenuous activity with out coffee in my system." Rory said pulling away after she felt oxygen was a necessity.

He smiled and rolled out of bed pulling her with him. Placing a kiss on her forehead he whispered "How could I have forgotten the Gilmore girls cardinal rule?"

"I don't know. Must have been a temporarily laps of insanity." She smiled as they walked into the common room hand in hand.

They saw Steph and Colin sitting on the couch, Steph was dressed in Colin's shirt and Colin in boxers. A very angry Finn was sitting on the chair.

"What's wrong with Finn?" Rory asked becoming aware she and Logan were dressed just like Colin and Steph.

"What's wrong with Finn? Hmm, Let's see…I come home early to try and sleep for once and I can't because you and lover boy over there decided your going to have full out screaming orgasm sex, Then as if hearing the two of you go at it wasn't bad enough I have to then hear them go at it as soon as the two of you stop!" Finn ranted.

A blush crossed over Rory's face. "Oh god." she muttered burring her head into Logan's bare chest.

"Oh but then I finally get to sleep and then I hear you again saying 'LOGAN PLEASE' and I don't even want to know what the hell you were doing. So that is what's wrong with Finn. You all got some and I didn't!"

"Poor Finny!" Rory said as she winked at Steph. Both girls walked over and sat on the arms of the chair. "How about we make it up to you?" Steph said suggestively.

Logan and Colin both stood there in shock as Finn's face lit up but then fell again. "It's not nice to tease ladies."

"Who said anything about teasing?" Rory said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah, After that pillow fight. I've seen the light Finn, your so much more hot and exotic the Colin!" Steph said dramatically.

"Step off Steph! You've had your chance. It's my turn to give the Australian a go!" Rory challenged. "Gilmore, Do you really think you can take me?" Steph said standing up.

"Oh! Vanderbilt. I already know I can!" Rory retorted. Both girls lunged at each other in fake fight as the guys just watched in pure shock.

"I don't think they are aware we can see their underwear." Finn said walking over to Logan and Colin. "No, But that's part of the fun." Colin laughed.

The girls finally broke apart and tried to contain there laughter. Logan sat on the couch pulling Rory onto his lap. "If Finn hadn't seem your underwear the other day he sure did now." he whispered.

"Your just going to have to defend my honor, show him no one gets away with looking at your woman." Rory told him. "I think if I ever referred to you as my woman you'd kick my ass."

"True." Rory laughed as she leaned down and kissed Logan deeply. Rory hadn't a clue how long they'd been kissing but she knew it'd been a while after hearing Finn's comment.

"My god! You think they'd be sick of each other after last night! I am the king of sex and what you did last night pretty wild. Definitely not what I'd think you two would be doing. Of course I always assumed you'd be a firecracker in bed, doll." Finn told them.

"I am going to ignore the fact that you're picture my girlfriend in bed." Logan scowled. Finn just shrugged.

"So how was the dinner last night?" Steph asked changing the subject. "It was fine." Rory said shortly not wanting to go into details.

"Fine? That's all I get?" Steph pried. "It was just a normal dinner, Logan's black card is safe, My grandparents love him. China patterns are being picked as we speak. It went just fine." Rory said nervously.

Catching Steph's gaze Rory mouthed the words 'Later' Steph nodded and kissed Colin to distract him from the topic at hand.

"So, What are everyone's plans for the day?" Logan asked playing with the bottom of the shirt Rory was wearing.

"We were just going to lounge around all day and watch movies, you guys can join if you want." Steph told them. "Sounds Fun!" Rory exclaimed excitedly.

"I get no say?" Logan questioned. "Nope." Rory said kissing him lightly. "I'm going to shower." she turned around and eyed Finn. "and I will be locking the door."

"Me too!" Steph said walking into the other bathroom. It sure did pay off having one of the best dorms at Yale. Two bathrooms certainly was helpful. (A/N: I know, Two bathrooms is unlikely just pretend!)

"You take all the fun out of life, love!" Rory heard Finn pout as she walked into the bathroom.

As soon as the doors shut the conversation started. "You and Rory finally did it!" Colin exclaimed like a school girl.

"Yeah, I know. I heard it. Loud and Clear. I heard you both. Steph and Rory both have a set of lungs on them." Finn said bitterly.

"Finn, Need we remind you of how many times your house guests have been quite vocal as well?" Logan asked.

"Yes, but none of my house guests have been close to you! I don't like hearing about Rory and Steph's sexcapades …unless they involve me." Finn winked.

"Yeah…Not gonna happen." Colin commented dryly. "One day, Mate. One day." Finn told him with determination on his face. Logan and Colin both just rolled his eyes.

"So, I know you are not going to leave us hanging! How was she?" Finn asked. "You honestly think that I'd tell you?" Logan questioned.

"You did it before!" Finn whined like a small child. "Yeah, with girls I could care less about. With Rory it's different and that's the end of this conversation." Logan said sternly getting up to walk into his room.

He walked in to see Rory had already finished her shower she was looking through her drawer and was humming.

He walked up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist she shirked in surprise and turned in his arms subconsciously pulling her towel tighter around her.

Logan took her hand off the towel and looked into her eyes "Ror, It's a little late for you to try and hid yourself from me." he said with a small chuckle.

A blush crept over her cheeks "Sorry, It's just I'm not usedto being naked with a boyunless its during or after sex."

"Don't worry, Ace. I'm not going to jump your bones the minute I see you naked or close to being naked." he assured her.

"Thanks." She told him sweetly resting her head on his still bare chest. "That's not saying I don't want to it's just saying I won't." he teased.

She laughed lightly. "Good to know." Logan leaned forward to give Rory a gentle kiss but she instantly deepened it.

Rory guided Logan backwards to the bed as the both laid down. Logan's hands slowly pulled the towel that was wrapped around Rory open.

Rory blushed. "Ace, What's with you and that towel?." Logan chuckled lightly. "You know just trying to hid the tattoos and piercings." She quipped pulling his boxers off.

They attacked each others lips with hands surveying each others bodies. This time wasn't sweet and slow as the first time. This was rushed and lust filled.

"I need…." Rory panted not finishing her sentence. Logan understood and quickly grabbed a condom out of the night stand and slid it on. As he entered her she moaned loudly.

"Ror, Bite my shoulder." He panted. "Why?" she asked confused. "Because if Finn hears us again, he might just try to join."

Rory obeyed Logan's orders as she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her again. Once they both climaxed they fell against each other.

Logan sat up and threw the condom away then snuggled back next to Rory. Rory turned and traced the bite mark on his shoulder it was deep and red almost to the point of breaking the skin.

"Sorry." she said blushing. Logan looked at his shoulder "I doesn't even hurt." he told her as he kissed her forehead.

"So, Apparently this isn't the first time you've needed to keep a girl quiet during sex." Rory stated. "Rory.." Logan said seriously.

"Logan, I'm kidding. I know that I'm not the first girl you've been with. I just hope I am the last one for a while."

"You have nothing to worry about because I am hoping the same exact thing." he assured her as they both fell into a peaceful slumber.

Logan woke up about an hour later. He covered Rory with a blanket and made his way to the bathroom to take a shower. After finishing his shower he changed in the bathroom not wanting to wake Rory and walked into the common room were his friends were all still residing.

"You had sex again didn't you? My god! I didn't think the women had it in her!" Finn exclaimed. Logan just smirked and sat on the chair.

"Hey, Enjoy it while you can. Eventually she'll get bored with sex every chance you get. Believe me." Colin said looking at Steph.

"Keep talking Colin and you'll be even more sex deprived than you already are." Steph threatened. At that moment a glowing Rory came out of Logan's room dressed in jeans and one of Logan's Yale hoodies.

She sat next to Logan and snuggled into his side. Logan kissed the top of her head as everyone just watched them intently.

"You two are the most sickly sweet couple I've ever seen." Finn said disgustedly. "Yeah and we're proud of it." Logan defended.

Rory sat there snuggled into Logan watching the movie. Her life couldn't have been anymore perfect. She had left Harvard thinking she was going to go back to her regular uneventful life. Though that didn't happen she was happy. She had made some of the best friends she'd ever had. Her whole family finally approved of the man she loved.

She looked up at Logan who was laughing at a comment Finn had made. He was it for her, He was her one and only. She couldn't picture he life with out him and she didn't want to.

Logan pulled Rory closer in his arms as he watched her go off into her own little dreamland. He couldn't have been anymore happy. He had his best friends who were always there for him and he had Rory. His Ace. He had accomplished his only goal in life, To find his true love. It was only a bonus that his family actually approved of her.

Logan knew she was the women he was going to marry and grow old with. He knew it from the moment she yelled at him when the first met. She was special and he wasn't going to let her go.

Finn observed his friend that he had known all his life and his newest best friend Rory Gilmore. He hadn't ever seen Logan as happy as he was with Rory in his arms and he could tell from the way Rory acted that she had never been this happy either. They were picture perfect. Even if Finn did find it sickeningly sweet.


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