Nut2: Okay Fans! (Looks around empty room) Erm...Here is the sequel to 'Unfortunate Circumstances'. It is set only a few days after the first story as people were requesting reactions and brilliant as they are, Neji and Sakura wouldn't have been able to keep it hidden all that long. Well, read on I guess...

Sakura checked her paper again. Anger welled up inside of her. At the very bottom of her shopping list, her scrawl of 'chocolate ice-cream' had been crossed out and next to it, neatly printed was 'strawberry ice-cream'. Worse, it was neatly printed in Neji's hand writing. Just because he spent most of his free time in her apartment and ate ninety percent of her food anyway, gave him no right to start giving commands as to what she purchased, especially if the matter was as delicate as ice-cream types. What was she supposed to be now, his maid?

Reaching the freezer, she threw in some of the requested ice-cream despite herself, only because he had to visit his family today. She shuddered; the Hyuuga's being entirely unaware of Neji and her own situation at the moment, had become curious about where he was going all the time. Still, they planed not to tell anyone for a little while longer. Oh, except Tsunade knew but unless she put the information up for grabs in a gamble, their secret remained safe.

Strolling out of the shop and turning right, Sakura began to wonder how her own parents may react. She was pretty sure they would be fine with the whole idea. How Neji's relatives may react was beyond her but Neji seemed unexplainably nervous even at the suggestion of it. It didn't worry her a lot, she was sure they were nice and if they weren't, what was the worst they could do? Wave their money at her? Laughing, she was taken entirely by surprise when a small, white eyed lady walked in front of her and proceeded to render her unconscious with a nearby pineapple.


She woke on a wooden floor next to a table. In the room around her was a small gathering of what she had to assume were Hyuugas. Actually, about fifteen of them. She sat up.

"Whatsagoinon?" They began talking and she wasn't quite sure if it was amongst themselves or directly to her.

"Ah, it's awake."

"Right missy, lets get down to business. Are you the vixen who has been seducing our Neji?" Sakura recognized her as the lady with the pineapple.

"Oh! Don't speak to her like that!" A man somewhere near the end of the table shouted.

"I will only speak to her as she deserves."

"No Mumsie, he's right. We don't even know if it's the correct girl." So that was pineapple ladies daughter

"How many other girls have pink hair? I know who I saw him with!" Okay, that didn't sound good.

"Please calm yourself Mum!" The daughter pulled out a clipboard and turned to face her properly. "Right, age and name?"

"Oh, 24, Haruno Sakura." She saw a few of them exchange head shaking glances.

"What does your clan give you each week?"


"Money girl!"

"My parents haven't given me pocket money since I was twelve!"

"Parents? You have no aristocratic blood. So you work." She drew what appeared to be a bold cross on her clipboard. "How often?"

"Why do I have to answer these?" The older lady thumped the pineapple on the table in front of her. "Err, full time." Several more crosses were added in what appeared to be a list.

"What are you? A waitress?"

"No, I'm a ninja." They all stared at her in shock. She was beginning to feel really uncomfortable. "A medic."

"So you trained at the hospital?"

"No, I was trained by the Hokage." She saw she had been given one tick.

"So, you work full time but you continue to court Neji?"

"Yes...I think." She noticed that this cross was drawn with a tiny flourish.

"So when will you take time off?"


"To have children. When are you planning on starting?"

"I...I don't know." They all sounded annoyed and rolled their eyes.

"Okay then how many?" She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders.

"Look girly, I can't write that down can I. Can you give me any timeframe?"


"Right, well would you say by the end of the year?"

"What? No!"

"Then when?"

"WHEN I GET PREGNANT! OKAY?" They all stopped mumbling and stared at her. The 'interviewer' coughed.

"Right then." She noted something down then drew a few more crosses. "If you could pick any, which season would you get married in?"

"I'm sorry, am I just behind or have I not been proposed to yet?"

"It's hypothetical."

"I don't know..." they all looked at her expectantly. "Spring?" Another cross was noted down.

"What is your best skill out of cooking, cleaning, account keeping and child minding?"

"None...I mean...I guess...none really." This time she counted four crosses.

"Previous relationships?"

"You can't ask me things like that!"

"Okay, next question...Are you chaste?"

"No! I mean yes! I'm not answering that!" Thank every squirrel's bushy tail that Neji had made the decision to rebel away from his family's upbringing.

"That's okay. I have finished now." She turned to one of the men behind her. "Take this to Hiashi." He left. Sakura stood to leave. "And you wait here." She sat.


Neji sipped his tea daintily. He had been sitting in silence for the past ten minutes with his uncle, who had summoned him here, then said barely a word to him. He decided to speak up.

"I apologize but I really don't see a lot of point in me staying any longer."

"No! Stay." Suddenly, one of his distant cousins sidled into the room and passed a piece of paper to his uncles waiting hand. "Ah!" He read for a few moments as did Neji.

"What is this?"


"Byakugan, remember?" He was starting to get suspicious.

"Neji, we know you have been associating with a commoner girl."

"Associating with a...You don't mean Sakura do you?"

"The pink haired one."

"Hm...What's going on?"

"Well, I'm afraid she failed every aspect in the 'Possible Hyuuga Marriage' test except for..." He read for a moment "High standard political ties."

"Failed? It sounds like you were..." Hiashi coughed nervously. "Uncle..."

"We are only doing what's best by you and there is no way this girl meets up to standards."

"That's why you had me over here! So you could ambush her! Where is she?"

"Neji please calm down."

"What have you done to her? If you have upset her in anyway..." He stood up.



"See? Look at the influence she's having!" Neji leaned over the table and glared at him.

"Tell me where she is."

Several minutes later, Neji had stormed into the specified building, violently abused every relative gathered there and strode out again with Sakura thrown unceremoniously over his shoulder.

"I think you're overacting a tiny bit." He jerked her angrily.


"Really, they only want the best for you..."


"What harm did they do? It's not like they were trying to rip my heart out or something."

"I wouldn't put it past them to try." She laughed. He growled. How could she try to defend them?

"Anyway, you don't have to be angry at me for it." He sighed and put her down.

"Aren't you at all annoyed?"

"Well, a little because now all the strawberry ice-cream I bought you will have melted." He smiled down at her. How could someone who had failed that test be so perfect...actually he had a pretty good idea having viewed the test before. Any of the other women his family had picked for him may have gotten every question 'correct' but would they have ever brought him strawberry ice-cream? He smiled again. So she only met up to standards on the political ties question...the smile drooped slightly.

"Err, Sakura?"


"Err, well...about the last question..."

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