He was taken aback, far past the point of sanity. He had considered she may reject his offer but so...bluntly? Neji he wasn't exactly the ideal beau (arrogant, temperamental, on occasion cold and generally angsty) but he had thought she...was happy. He choked as he tried to speak hoping he wouldn't throw up again, an unfortunate response his body seemed to have to a combination of nerves and Sakura's presence.

"S...Sakura?" Previously she had not turned her face up from its view of the grass. She faced him now with a look he had never seen from her before in their entire acquaintance. It scared him.

"You..." she returned to her old favourite, the 'poke the chest' move. "...Are a jerk on so many different levels!"

"You are angry?" Were men supposed to be able to understand this kind of behaviour? He caught her hand but she snatched it back like he was causing some kind of contamination by willful contact.

"Of course I'm angry Neji!" She glared at him in such a way that he knew he was supposed to understand what he had done wrong. Neji was a fast learner and he executed a plan he had practiced well over the time he had been involved with Sakura. Ever so slightly, he raised his bottom lip to a point where it wasn't dramatically emphasized. Then slowly, his eyebrows rose widening his pale eyes close to their fullest extent.

"Saaakura?" He didn't whine; Neji wouldn't even consider such a disgusting idea. He instead drew out the middle assuring she knew the value he placed on her name. Sakura sighed.

"You can't just bring up such a topic like you're mentioning I need to buy more milk Neji!" That was her problem? Now he was annoyed, she couldn't mess around with his mind like that!

"Oh really? What do you want me to do? Get down on one knee?" He sneered as his famous sarcasm was unleashed despite his will to keep it kept away for the night.

"Yes!" Okay, he hadn't expected that.

"You're serious?" She blushed.

"Of course I am." He stared at her for a moment feeling like more and more of a bastard as she grew pinker and pinker and Kami no, those better not be tears. Before he could sort his thoughts and guilt into something close to rational he was grabbing her hand and dragging her behind him

"Come on."

"Neji?" He ignored her storming towards the darkened buildings of the Branch household. He led her through the doorway of one of the largest and tended to the lights. "Where are we?" She had been in his quarters before and was able to observe that these were definitely different, mainly from the almost complete lack of furniture.

"It was my parents." He mentally slapped himself for sounding so solemn.

"Oh, Neji..." She slipped her hand back into his forcing a smile to his face.

"This way." He led her down a narrow hallway and through a sliding door. The room before them was bare except for a worn tatami mat and chest.

"I appreciate your effort but this isn't exactly my idea of a romantic setting either Neji..." She spoke carefully apparently worried about his emotional stability in such personal surroundings.

"Be quiet." He knelt before the chest sliding open the bottom draw and searching in a less than careful manner.


He was rummaging, no, he was digging through his dead parents belongings in a furious manner and she was beginning to worry. Perhaps even the mention of a romantic proposal had snapped his cold exterior into insanity.

"Neji?" He rose suddenly.

"I'm sorry I didn't think of this earlier." He held out his hand to her and she stared at the three diamond white gold ring in his palm.


"Is it okay? It was my mothers." He sounded nervous but at that moment Sakura would have liked nothing more than to have tackled him to the ground. It was beautiful and the fact that it had been his mothers made her gasp slightly. She would never have thought Neji would produce such a loving gesture towards her.

"Of course! It's lovely!" She couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed when his hand snapped shut before she could look more closely. He turned around and walked to another shoji. She followed him outside onto the wooden deck her shoes clacking loudly. She could just see the lights from the gathering glimmering through the trees.

Neji continued to walk guiding her down steps onto a stone path.

"You're certainly making me work for this." It was difficult to keep matching pace with his strides.

"Of course." She could hear the smirk in his voice. "We're here anyway."

"And where is 'here'?" She looked around herself, her gaze having been previously engaged on keeping her footing on the slightly un-even stones. The garden had finished to this point and made room for a pond large enough to require a bridge. The plants surrounding it and the fish making their home within it were barely illuminated by the soft moonlight. Neji startled her out of her musings when he gently took her wrist.

"Sakura?" Who would have thought that Neji really would have a sense of romance when he tried? "Do you really need me to kneel?" Her eyes narrowed instantly.

"Yes, get down." He groaned and she resumed her gentle smiling attempting to create an aura of sensitivity and calm that Neji knew didn't exist around her. He knelt and thrust the ring at her.


"Neji! Do it properly!" She offered him her hand in a helpful gesture. "And don't even think about just shoving it on there!"

"Then what am I supposed to do? Levitate it up your finger?"

"Say something nice!"


"About how beautiful I am or how much you adore the way my hair glows in the sunlight."

"You have given this too much thought."

"You haven't given it any." There was a pause.


"Yes Neji?"

"I...uh love you?" Sakura was less than impressed. "...and would be honoured if you would accept me as your husband. Will you marry me?" He slipped the ring on her finger. She took a step back from him and he stood up his face twisted slightly with visible anxiety. "Was that okay?" She sighed loudly hiding her grin.

"Hm? Fine fine...I suppose I can consider your offer." His face went instantly blank and he spoke, his voice matching his expression.

"You made me go through that so you could refuse?"

"I said I would think about it." He looked like he was preparing to shout at her when he noticed her laughing.

"If I have to propose properly the least you could do is accept properly too."

"Accept? Getting a bit ahead of ourselves are we?" He put his hands on her shoulders and almost whispered.

"Like you could resist me." She blushed again. "Now hurry up and say yes so we may engage in the general post engagement celebrations." She raised an eyebrow.

"You seem to have a pretty good grasp on that aspect of it despite your lack of knowledge for the most part."


"Fine." She beamed at him. "Yes." The corners of his lips pulled themselves into one of his rare smiles.

"Thank you."

"NEJI!" It could only be one person.

They were both standing innocently conversing quietly by the time Hanabi had found them. "What are you two up to hiding here?"

"Just discussing supplies for my mission."

"You don't seem to do much for a couple." She told them looking slightly disappointed.

"Really?" Sakura raised her hand to cover her mouth and hide her laughter as Neji smirked.

"Anyway, my Father requests your presence. He can't remember if you threw up on Hinata then passed out on the table or if you threw up on the table then passed out on Hinata after someone spiked your drink." Sakura had to execute every aspect of her ninja training to prevent herself from bursting out in giggles.

"We had best not keep him waiting then."


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