A bipedal winged omnivore dinosaur whose egg was found by Littlefoot in a cave high on the protective mountains of the Great Valley…

Zill and Bull…

Fast Biter brothers who seeked entry into the Great Valley. They found their entry information from a DuckBill Zill hunted down…

Thanks to these two Fast Biters, Rex's Sharptooth side has been awakened, and it cost Zill's life in the process, driving the angry Bull into a rage for revenge. As consequence, Rex disappeared from the valley, leading Littlefoot and his friends on another adventure, a perilous adventure that nearly took the life of Littlefoot's and Cera's.

During the midst of his adventure, Rex has befriended the young Fast Biter Yu, the lovable Sharptooth Chomper, and also Yu's family and velociraptor pack.

During his adventure in the Mysterious Beyond Rex has went up against all kinds of dangers: Against a prey, against Bull himself, against Bull's pack. Even against one from his own kind known as Kumo, the supposed dinosaur who lacked emotions.

But the biggest mystery Rex has encountered was the quiet group of black and red dinosaurs composed of five bipedal dinosaurs, named the Arich. Claiming to know the name of the species Rex, Kumo, and themselves, belong to, they keep an eye on the kid, helping Yu's pack fight against Bull's, and helping Rex in being reunited with his friends.

But in the end, they must part ways. Littlefoot and the gang return to the Great Valley with the help of the Arich pack, while Rex and his Sharptooth friends stay in the Mysterious Beyond to face off against Bull, the Fast Biter who, along with his brother, was the source of all their troubles.

In the end, Bull met his end, and Rex, Yu, Chomper and Kumo barely survive with their lives to live another day…

It's been one year since then…

The night is as dark as it can get. The clouds riddling the sky as the Night Circle hides behind them, leaving the earth in a dark shadow of nothingness. Every living creature, all of them except for the nocturnal ones, sleep peacefully in their dens.

But somewhere high in a chain of mountains, a creature flies high above, scanning the grounds from high above and finally setting foot on the edge of a cliff on a mountain. Muscles on its legs tensed as its weight now shifts onto them and holding the creature upright on its two feet.

The creature stands up straight in its bipedal stance, flexing its claws to stretch the muscle and spreading its wings, stretching them after the night's flight. It gave a pleasing yawn through a squared-off muzzle before opening its eyes, letting its green iris show off.

The creature takes a step forward, taking that step with a graceful stance, not hunching forward or any of the sort, like any human would walk. Taking another step, it slowly enters into the cave. More of a dark and sinister darkness engulfs the creature as it takes more steps forward, getting deeper and deeper into the cave until, there in the middle of the cave, sits another bipedal creature much like it with wings on a huge rock.

It was using its strong claws to carve on the cave wall, silently scraping dust and pebbles off of the cave to make shapes and indentations. It didn't even seem to acknowledge the newcomer walking into its home.

After a bit of silence between the two dinosaurs, the one sitting on the rock speaks, "so…Have you found anything new today?"

The one standing shook his head. "No, nothing."

The dinosaur stops carving on the wall, giving off a sigh. "It has been like that for a few Bright Circles now."

"Maybe we should call off the search; we haven't found any traces or clues on his whereabouts."

"No…I refuse to give up…"

The one standing growls. "When are you going to accept the fact? He's gone. He always was. He disappeared along with her. All of these clues and rumors you talk about are nothing but nonsense."

The one sitting suddenly stands up, glaring at the green eyed creature with his dark blue eyes. He was a bit taller than the green eyed one, and though hard to see in the darkness of the cave, you can make out a scar over the creature's right eye.

"I have faith that he is still alive." He growled at the other. "Who are you to question my beliefs?"

The green eyed one takes a step forward, glaring at the tall one in the eye, growling. "Who are you to boss us around searching for someone who might be dead just because of your beliefs? We are exhausted with this night and day search! You should forget about this dang search and focus your attention to your so-"

"Not so loud!" The dark blue eyed one snapped, glaring at the creature in front of him before turning his head toward the end of the cave. "You'll wake him…"

At the end of the cave lies a nest made out of leaves and twigs. Sleeping on it is a creature similar to them, small in size, a child. His little wings were tightly folded against his back as he sleeps curled up, his arms folded under him as his tail is curled up around him.

The green eyed creature's glare softens into one of sorrow, bowing his head a bit in shame. "I'm sorry…" He apologizes, giving off a sigh. "I'm just tired…I know how hard this must be for you…"

"No time for sorrow…" The blue-eyed one speaks, shaking his head. "Get some rest, tomorrow I'll be doing the search. You and the others can take a break from it."

Slowly opening his eyes, Rex was greeted by the bright blue sky, clouds beautifully plaguing it as the Bright Circle shines down upon him. The dinosaur slowly got up, yawning widely as he did so. He was just about to get up when something pounces him from behind, toppling him to the ground on his stomach.

"Waah!" He yelped, now on the ground on his stomach as he hears the familiar laughter of a certain longneck. "Heheh! Alright, you win Littlefoot! Now please, get off!"

Littlefoot couldn't help but grin as he got off of the winged dinosaur, letting him turn over to his back. "Hahah! Couldn't help it, I was a bit bored before spotting you here."

"Heh! Same ol' Littlefoot." Rex jokes, shaking his head as he gets up. "But I guess I deserved it after being so long back there in the Mysterious Beyond."

"You can say that again!" Littlefoot giggled as he gets up on his hind legs and pawing at Rex with his forepaws.

Rex giggled as he puts out his paws and held Littlefoot's paws, but the sneaky Longneck focused his weight on Rex and pushed him back onto the ground, this time Littlefoot pinning him down with his forepaws on Rex's stomach. The two dinosaurs broke into laughter, so happy to finally be together again.

Littlefoot couldn't help but smile at his omnivore friend once the laughter subsided. "I really missed you, Rex. The Great Valley wasn't the same without you…"

Rex smiled back at the Longneck who's practically been like a brother to him. "I missed you too, and I tell ya, it wasn't easy living in the Mysterious Beyond, it was insane!"

Littlefoot laughed as he got off of Rex. "Oh really? Why not tell me all about it!"

Rex chuckled as he got up to a sitting position next to Littlefoot. "Heheh! Well, let's see…Where do I start…"

And just like that, the dream was over…It was morning…

An amazing creature

Inside a cave Rex slowly woke up from his dream.

It has been a year since the events that drastically changed his life, and in a year a lot can happen. He has gained a scar over his right eye, one that hasn't properly healed due to poor atmosphere conditions and poor attention to it. He would usually think twice about going into the water, as water would cause the scar to sting.

Through the whole year out in the Mysterious Beyond Rex has grown. He's one foot and a half taller, his body has gotten slightly bulkier and his skills as a Sharptooth have greatly improved. Although even through the harsh living conditions and constant dangers out in the Mysterious Beyond Rex is still the upbeat and cheerful dinosaur he always was

A forgotten species

Rex got up to his feet, letting out another yawn as he stretched out his arms and wings. He slowly opened one eye and froze in mid-stretch as he noticed he wasn't alone. Five Fast Biters, all of them from Yu's pack, stared at Rex with their usual glares. Rex may have been with them for a full year, but they still find the kid a bit…Unique.

Answers so simple

Rex stood up straight, held his head up high and returned the Fast Biters' glares with one of his own. He's practically part of the pack now, and he wants to show it.

Whether that did the trick or the Fast Biters took pity on his attempt he couldn't tell, but the Fast Biters got up and left the cave, one of them giving off a snarl to the rest of the pack outside. Rex blinked as they left and followed them out. He had to shield his eyes from the blinding light of the Bright Circle after his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the cave.

"Rex! Over here!"

Rex turned his head a bit to the side and spotted Yu, the green Fast Biter who he befriended about a year ago, waiting for him.

Rex grinned and waved his paw to him with a "Hey!"

Spirits of the past

With a smile on his face he takes one step forward off, but almost immediately upon stepping the sand he jumps back to the cave's cool ground with a wince. He forgot how hot the desert sand can be, and from the looks on his face Yu was giggling about his reaction.

Feeling silly Rex takes his licks and steps onto the hot sand and heads toward Yu, trying to hide any signs of pain on his face.

"Ow…" He does let out a small whine as he approached Yu before adding, "How can you stand this soil at this time of the day?"

Unforgiving lies

Yu chuckles, "I got no idea; I guess we're just used to it."

Rex smirks a little and shakes his head.

Yu had his fair share of growing as well. Just a year ago Yu's head was at about chest level to Rex. Rex had to lower his head a bit to even look at Yu. But now, Rex didn't even need to move his head to be at eye level with Yu. These two friends have really grown, and their friendship has only grown even stronger through the time.

"So…" Rex begins as he crosses his arms. "What's the pack's plan for today? More roaming in the desert or are we heading out to the areas with green food? I've been craving for a bit of green food for quite a while."

Untold story

Yu shrugged.

"Beats me," he said, "my dad haven't told me of today's plans yet. Though I'm sure he has something special planned."

"Oh really?" Rex arches an eyebrow, unfolding his arms with a nod. "Alright then, let's go then."

Yu nods and turns, starting to run over to catch up with the pack until Rex stops the little race with a question: "Say, isn't it almost time for Chomper to come back?"

Lost ones

Yu blinks, coming to a stop as he ponders about the question.

"You know…Now that you mention it, I think you're right," Yu said as he looks over his shoulder at Rex, "I think it's around this time that he migrates with his parents and joins our pack for a while. I mean, it's been a long time since he last went back."

"Why is it that his parents do this kind of trip all the time? Especially after so many Bright Circles, and I do mean a lot of Bright Circles."

Yu thinks back, suddenly remembering.

"Ah! He told me once that around these Bright Circles his island kind of runs low on food. I think he also said a land path comes out of the Big Water between his island and ours." Yu paused as he tried to remember. He then added, "I think they also join us because his dad saved my dad's life, I think. And it's kind of our way of returning the favor…"

Guardians of the Valley

Rex smiled, sounds just like Yu's dad returning favors to those he owes. He's always been like that, trying to be fair and never leave a favor unreturned.

"It's been a pretty long time since we last saw him," Rex said, thinking back on Comper. "I wonder if he still remembers us…Heh, imagine how much he must've grown after such a long time!"

Yu grins. "Yeah, imagine…He won't be the smallest one of the gang anymore, I bet!"

Rex and Yu suddenly had a thought of Chomper growing to be as huge and tall as his own father. They were a little intimidated at the idea, but then they couldn't help but laugh. They knew no matter how big and fearsome Chomper grows he would always be their friend.

Yu stopped laughing as he noticed how far away his pack was getting. He turned to Rex and said, "C'mon, we're getting left behind, let's get going!"

Rex nodded in agreement and ran alongside Yu to catch up to the pack.

"Say," Yu said as he looked over to Rex, "Have you heard anything from Kumo? We haven't seen him for quite a long time now."

"Now that you mention it, I haven't seen or heard of him since last time he was with us, before we got into the desert. I wonder where he went…"

When distant kinds come to light…

Battles ensue…

But with the heart of three…

A bond will be forged…

And regain the peace that was once theirs…