Title: The Hard Way

Author: Fire Top

Rating: MA (another little nasty story here)

Summery: PPTH gets a new Chairman of the Board. And once again Chase runs a foul of him.

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Authors note: I know, I know, I haven't finished 'How Do You Deal' yet. I'm sorry. I actually started both these at the same time. And yet again I hurt Chase. This time I get a bit more graphic in regards to what is done to Chase. I hope no one gets offended. If you are I'm sorry and stop reading. Send all comments to Constructive criticism is welcome, flames will be used to melt chocolate.

It's the same morning meeting as it is everyday. We sit in the conference room waiting for Dr. Gregory House to grace us with his presence and intelligence. Like usual, he's running late.

"Sorry about that. Had to meet the new guy."

"New guy?" Foreman asks.

"Now that Vulger is gone, we needed a new Chairman of the Board. Seems we now got one." House stares at me. "He wants to meet with each of you. We have no cases, so Foreman he's expecting you now."

Foreman nods and leaves the room.

"Don't worry. I don't think he wants to fire anyone." He bites out and walks into his own office.

Again I know that comment was aimed at me and I can't truly blame him. No worries this time House, I'm staying as far away from this new guy as I can. Allison grins at me. I grin back. That comment was aimed at her too. No reason for her to quit if they aren't going to fire anyone.

The two of us get up to go do some other work that we have.

It isn't till about 2 in the afternoon, that I'm paged to the board room upstairs. This must be it. When I spoke to Foreman about it he said the guy seemed better than Vogler. But in my mind that doesn't mean much. I haven't seen Allison yet so I can't get her opinion. And House, well who the hell knows what that man is thinking.

The door is opened and I walk in. "Dr. Robert Chase?" He has my file opened on his desk.

"Yes sir."

"I'm Fredrick Wimmer. Please have a seat." I close the door behind me and take a chair. "I'm trying to get to know the staff a bit better and I believe that these one on one interviews do it the best." I nod again.

He asks me some questions, why I got into medicine, how I came to the States. Of course he has heard of my father and asks me questions about him too. Offers his condolences when I tell him that he passed away recently. "And what about working with Dr. House. Do you like it?"

Ahh, the question I was waiting for. I'm not doing this like I did the last time. "It's very challenging. It's a wonderful experience."

"And what about Dr. House?"

"He's a brilliant doctor. It's an honor to work for him."

"And your co-workers? Allison Cameron and Eric Foreman?"

"Drs. Cameron and Foreman are also talented. We work well together."

"You seem to be very fond of your co workers."

"Is there a reason why I shouldn't?"

"Well there's a note in your file that you sold out Dr. House to the last Chairman."

"That was a mistake. I should not have done that. I was scared of loosing my job, and just looked out for myself."

"And what you said about your co workers you don't believe anymore?"

"What I said was out of self preservation."

"And now, you aren't worried about your job?"

"I am, but I am not going to do anything that will keep me here at the expense of others. I believe that we are all great doctors and Dr. House is a great teacher as are Dr. Cuddy and Dr. Wilson. It would be a shame if anyone should have to leave." I answer truthfully. I learned that recently. We are a team and we all stick together no matter what.

"What if I told you, you can make sure that no one that you mentioned looses their job?"

The grin on his face is disturbing. "Excuse me?"

"Your friends are important correct?" I nod. "Their jobs are important correct?"

"You want me to quit?" I am unsure as to where this is going.

"No. Meet me here." He scribbles an address on a business card and passes it to me. "Later tonight. Around 9. We can talk about what you can do so you're friends keep their jobs."

"No. I'm not doing anything for you."

"Then first Wilson and Cameron are gone. I think I can then get rid of House. Once he's gone, Cuddy will follow soon after. She's the one who hired him. Then off goes Foreman. We'll keep you on of course."

"I'll quit."

"And when they contact the hospital for information about you, what do you think that we'll say." The grin got wider.

Shit, how do I get myself into these situations? I grab the card and his hand snakes out to grab mine. "I don't have to remind you that this little discussion is just between you and me. If I find out that you squealed, well, I've already told you what I can do." His thumb caresses my hand before he leans back in his chair.

I just get up and get out of the room. I put the card in my trouser pocket and quickly find a bathroom. Once the water is scalding I proceed to wash my hands. I have a bad feeling about this.