Authors notes at the end!

Chase's POV

Unconsciously I grab my left side as I stand outside the doors to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. It's been about a month since I was last here. I go to open the door and I notice where my hand is.

Greg says that I do that when I'm nervous. I did it the first time Cuddy came over. The same thing with Cameron and Foreman. I guess I can admit that I'm nervous going back to work.

It took me longer than I thought to recover. Seems that while I was being assaulted, I didn't take good care of my body. I knew that I wasn't eating but the thought of eating turned my stomach. Sleeping also wasn't a big priority at the time.

I figure that my body knew that it could stop fighting and rest once Greg got a hold of me. Because my body was so weak to begin with it took it a long time to heal and deal with the gun shot.

Emotional took just as long as physical.

Took a while to get used to more than one person in the room with me. James helped a lot with that. As did Cuddy. Seems James also informed her what Wimmer said in that room. She also came to thank me. Promised that once my fellowship was done I had a permanent position in the ICU. Greg said that it meant that I could be at his beck and call in the hospital and that he expected to get preferential treatment for his cases.

As I walk through the doors I see Greg and James standing by the elevators. Greg is watching me, almost daring me to keep moving. He's a great motivator.

I know that I couldn't have gotten through this without him. I owe him big on this one. He knows and understands the kind of trauma the mind goes through when the body survives something horrible. He understands the mind games.

He told me how Stacy played mind games all the time to get him to do things. How she manipulated him and Cuddy, once he was put in a coma with his leg.

James shared what it was like going through divorces and the mind games that his ex wives played with him.

I owe both of them big. They are the ones who went to my apartment and cleaned it out. They are the ones who go to collect my mail every few days.

I walk over to where the two men are waiting for me. "Glad to see you back." James comments.

"Thanks." I offer quietly. I'm still not too comfortable out here.

"I'll catch up with you for lunch." He tells me and walks away. I know that James is still not too happy over the amount of weight I lost before. His new goal is to make sure I eat three times a day. In order to do this he makes sure that he's around every time I eat. He's given the task of breakfast over to Greg. But lunch and dinner are still his.

"Did you lock up?" Greg asks once we're in the elevator.

"I even made the bed." I tell him. Besides allowing me to continue staying at his place, Greg even allows me to continue to share his bed.

Authors Note: Well that's the end. Sorry you had to wait so long, I wanted to post this on Friday. Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed. I apologize for turning this into slash, that wasn't the original idea, but sometimes these things happen. I promise to have some more work out soon. Thanks again for reading!