George Granger sighed as he looked out his kitchen window above the sink.

His wife was a very stubborn woman. As soon as Hermione was out the door, he turned to his wife to say that they should follow her. It was wrong to leave it like that. But she merely glared at him and told him in no uncertain terms that this was his fault. He was the one with a gay cousin, after all - Hermione must have learned it from him.

He knew that arguing with her over this would be useless. He would give her a week. By then she would have cooled down and see reason.

It was true, Hermione had never actually said whether she was a lesbian or not. They never gave her the chance. He winced as he poured the rest of his coffe down the drain. They attacked her, yelled and backed her against the door without even listening to a word that she was saying. The look on her face.…

He put his cup in the sink and straightened his tie. The look on her face would forever haunt him. She looked so scared, and lost, and hurt. He wanted to reach out and hold her, tell her that it was all okay.

Right before she disappeared out the door he was reminded of when she was little and convinced there were monsters hiding in her room. But it was no longer a father saving his daughter from the monsters - her friends were saving her from him.

And that boy, Harry, came in and his shame intensified. Harry didn't say anything about what they did to her. He didn't ask, he most likely didn't care. He just had a look of controlled anger on his face.

George wanted to tell him, explain to him. The Grangers were a strict Christian family. It was hard enough to accept magic into their lives; throw in homosexuality, and something in his wife was bound to snap!

A magical daughter could be hidden from the normal world. No one needed to know. But a gay one? What would the neighbors think? And at family reunions she'd bring a 'special friend.' It was a lot to handle.

He sighed as he put on his coat. He'd give it a week and then talk to his wife about it. She would be more accepting then.

He looked into the mirror by the door.

"My daughter might be gay."

But even if she were, he wanted his baby girl back.


Hermione scowled as Ron ran off to the joke shop, chasing after Harry. All she asked was that they join her in the bookstore!

After horsing around for a while Mrs. Weasley called them all in and they floo'd to Diagon Alley. Mrs.Weasley made sure that they had all that they needed for the school year. After a lot of whining from Ron and pleading from Ginny, and a promise from Hermione to make sure they stayed out of trouble, Mrs. Weasley took the things home and left the children to their own devices.

They had exactly two hours. The first half hour was spent in the Quidditch store. Hermione didn't really want to stay, but Ginny wanted to show her something. Ron promised that if she stayed then he would go to the bookstore with her. Of course he broke that promise, which was obvious by Hermione walking into the bookstore all by herself.

Ginny and Luna went to the pet store to get Luna an owl. And Harry said he wanted to try the Weasley's joke shop, at which point Ron turned to Hermione and made puppy dog eyes.

So here she was.


"What about this one, Luna?"

"I don't think so. I don't like that color in an owl. Brown makes things look frumpy"

Ginny blinked at her friend. "Owls are brown, Luna."

"Harry's isn't."

"Oh, so do you want a white owl? I thought I saw one to our left."

"No." Luna stared at Ginny. She knew that Ginny was just trying to help. But why would she want a white owl? It could get dirty so easily. Sometimes Luna thought that Ginny was a little off.

Luna moved to another table and looked closely at an owl. It was asleep, and when she poked it merely hooted and moved away from her finger.


"Do you really think we should have left Hermione back there, Ron?"

"Why not? She'll be okay. She's with books. Hermione loves books."

Harry laughed and moved to another display case. The twins had yet to notice them, what with the end of summer rush and all.

"Blimey, Harry, come look at these!"

Harry's head popped up from looking at a box of fake glasses. They could be charmed to look like anyone's glasses, and would confuse the wearer into thinking that random people were clad only in their underwear.

Harry made his way over to Ron. When he saw what Ron was looking at a smile broke over his face. "Ron, this will be perfect for Malfoy."


"That's it! You are no longer for sale but are now kibble food. Enjoy the next ten minutes, for they're your last. I'm getting a dog, and feeding you to it!"

Luna looked in the direction of the irate voice, but saw no one - only a door. So she walked over to it and was about to open it, when the shop keeper came out of itand knocked her over instead.

She looked behind her but Ginny was too busy gushing over owlets to notice. The shopkeeper, however, took Luna staying on the floor as her being hurt.

"Oh, miss, I'm sorry! I didn't see you there."

Luna looked at him, and cocked her head trying to see into the room behind the man.

"Um, are you alright?"

"I don't know. Do I appear alright?"

"Eh, well Miss…."


"Miss Lovegood, how about a discount on whatever it is that you're here to purchase today?"

"I'm getting an owl."

"Well I have a nice new selection in from the America's. Cute little things they are, very ladylike."

"I'd much rather have the kibble food."


Hermione walked into the ice cream shop, where they all promised to meet, and spotted her friends immediately.

"And he just couldn't figure out why Luna would want that thing for free instead of a discount on the owl she bought! Oh, hello Hermione. Did you have a good time at the bookstore?"

"Yes, Ginny, I did. What are all of you laughing about?"

"Luna got two new pets," Harry said as he grinned at her.

Ron moved over and let Hermione sit next to him. She leaned down and put her bag on the floor next to her. When she looked up her brown eyes stared straight into Luna's face as the girl had leaned forward over the table.

Hermione was too surprised to do anything.

"Your eyes don't look the frumpiest in the least."

The table burst into laughter again as Luna sat down in her seat.

Hermione, not having heard the story of the pet shop, didn't find it funny. She was, however, finding it hard to catch her breath.