Demyx gaped at the skeleton man, feeling utterly stupid. Axel crossed his arms, smirking in the background. Jack Skellington frowned, before waving his bony fingers in Demyx's face.

"Are you quite alright?" the skeleton said in a sing-song voice, before playfully tugging a strand of hair on the blonde man's head. Demyx winced, quickly pushing the long arm away.

"Hey! No touching the hair," the blonde insisted, but Axel teasingly mussed the taller man's hair. Demyx frowned down at Axel, before using his gloved hands to pull his mohawk back into place. "Well, it was nice meeting you Jack but Axel and I have places to go."

"Oh, won't you stay for Christmas?" mentioned Jack, a slight pout embracing his features. Axel blinked at the sight, slightly afraid at how a skeletal man could imitate Roxas so well. Demyx waved a hand, grinning.

"Maybe some other time?" he said, before turning on his heel. Axel gave Jack a bit of a shrug, before the blonde man's arm found its way around his waist, and he was tugged off toward the world exit.

Demyx faked a look of sadness, pressing the small pouch of munny into Axel's open hands. Axel grinned at him, quickly accepting the reward. "Hah. Told you so," the red head said, rather smugly. Demyx rolled his eyes.

"I just didn't believe that you could find someone skinnier than you," said the musician, shrugging. Axel arched an eyebrow at the man. "I mean, I didn't think it was possible to weigh less than zero pounds."

"Ha, ha. Very funny," the red head muttered, sarcastically. Demyx frowned and gave the shorter man puppy-dog eyes. Axel, slightly weary, wondered what the man was trying to pull, now. "What's that look for?"



"Aw, come on! You proved me wrong! You said after the bet was over we could-"


"Hey, wait! Where do you think you're going?"

"Off to go find Marluxia."

"Akk! WHY?"

Axel laughed, turning his neck to award Demyx with a smirk. "Why do you think, loverboy?"

"Aw, that's not fair! I'm right here, why not me?"

"Because you're whiny and annoying. And if you think I'm too skinny, go fuck Lexaeus or something."

"…Ew." Demyx had an expression that reminded Axel of the time that Roxas had drank expired milk, and then proceeded to vomit on Vexen, who had grimaced horribly. Axel laughed.

"Oh, fine. Come on. Maybe Marluxia will let you in on the action."

"Oh, YAY."

And with that, Demyx followed Anorexia Man off to Marluxia's bedroom, where many fun things happened.


written just to make sense of all of the demyx/axel smut i have running rampant in my mind.

if i post a lemon of the two of them in the future, it doesn't suprise me.

not to mention that demyx/axel/marluxia makes a really interesting scene in my head. :D