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Sango was up in her room with her friend Emily and they were gossiping.

"Today there was this guy at school who telling about this tape. If you watch 1 week later you die, they say the last thing you see before you die is a ring" told Emily.

"Oh my god!" screamed Sango close to tears "Who told you this?"

"Some guy at school" replied Emily "Why?"

"I saw the tape" whispered Sango.

"When?" asked Emily.

"Last weekend, up at the Skion Jewel Lodge," replied Sango.

"I thought you were with Beth last weekend" said Emily.

"No, I was with Miroku and some of his friends. We were trying to record the football game. But we went to watch it was something else" said Sango before pretending to pass out.

"Sango wake up!" screamed Emily.

"Ha! I can't believe you fell for that," said Sango.

Emily trough a pillow at Sango "That wasn't funny you idiot"

"Come on I'm hungry," said Sango.

Sango and Emily went down stairs. Emily got some popcorn out of the cupboard.

"You can wait upstairs while I wait for the popcorn Sango," said Emily.

"Alright" said Sango taking a soda and went upstairs.

After Sango left the TV turned itself on and wouldn't turn off. Emily was really scared she ran over and pulled the plug out getting a slit jolt of electricity.

"Sango, are you all right?" asked Emily running upstairs.

There was water by Emily's door and when she opened it she saw a ring on the TVand Sango was dead.

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