Big Mistakes

Chapter 2: Realization

Summary: Danny and Sam want each other but they're too shy and scared to admit it. At a school dance problems occur and big mistakes happen. D/P in the beginning (Don't kill me!) but D/S in the end (Is that better?)

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7 years after the dance…

24-year-old Danny Fenton was sitting on his couch with his girlfriend of 7 years, Paulina. They were studying for class the next day when they heard the doorbell ring. Danny, being closer to the door, got up and answered the door. He was shocked to see his old best friend Sam Manson, who was apparently still Goth and, as far as Danny was concerned, still the vision of loveliness.

"Danny! It's so good to see you!" Sam said while she hugged him.

Danny smiled and said, "It's good to see you too! How long has it been, 7 years?"

Sam sighed and said, "Yeah it has."

Danny asked, "So what brings you here all of a sudden?"

Sam was about to answer when Paulina asked, "Why don't you two go out and catch up on old times?"

Sam said, "How 'bout it Danny, we could go to the Nasty Burger, just like old times." (AN: Just so there's no confusion, Sam was the only one who moved out of Amity, Danny didn't.)

Danny turned to Paulina and asked, "Are you sure you don't wanna come with us, Paulina?"

Paulina shook her head and said, "No, no you guy go ahead." Danny smiled, grabbed his coat and headed out the door with Sam.

As soon as they were out the door Paulina grabbed her cell and called a number.

"Hello?" Dash said when he answered his phone.

Paulina smirked and said, "Dash, Danny's gone again. Get this; the Goth freak is back!"

Dash said, "That's great, he'll be out for a long time then."

Paulina asked, "So you're coming over?"

Dash answered, "Sure, I'll be over in five minutes."

Paulina said, "Make it ten; I gotta change into that cocktail dress you got me."

Dash said, "You got it, baby." Then they hung up. When Paulina closed her phone she ran up the stairs to change for Dash.

At the Nasty Burger

Danny and Sam were enjoying each others company ate the Nasty Burger. They didn't even order anything; they just sat down to talk.

"So, Sam, what have you been doing with yourself these past seven years?" Danny asked her.

"Well, I'm an activist for Greenpeace." Sam answered.

Danny looked at her in astonishment and asked, "After all these years you're still for nature and animal rights?"

Sam nodded and said, "Yep, and I'm still a vegetarian."

Danny chuckled and said, "You haven't changed a bit, Sam."

Sam smiled and asked, "Yeah, so what have you been doing?"
Danny answered, "I'm at school to train to be an astronaut."

Sam chuckled and asked, "You still want to be an astronaut?"

Danny nodded and said, "Yep, I'm going to graduate next year and then I'll hopefully get a job in NASA."

Sam smiled and asked, "So how have you and Paulina been?"
Danny was surprised she didn't say 'Paulina' in her usual way. Danny sighed and said, "It's going good."

Sam smiled and asked, "So have you guys gotten married yet?"

Danny shook his head and said, "No, no we haven't." Sam gave him a weird look but she knew that she was secretly happy.

After a moment of silence Danny asked, "So, you never told me, what brings you here?"

Sam answered, "I came here to ask if you wanted to be the best man at Tucker's wedding."

Danny replied, "Sure, who's he getting married to?"

Sam smiled and said, "Valerie's his fiancée."
Danny chuckled and said, "It was only a matter of time."

Sam nodded and said, "Yeah, I can't believe that it's been seven years since we last saw each other, it feels like it was only yesterday."

Danny replied, "Yeah it does. I really missed you, Sam."

Sam sighed and said, "I missed you, too." Without thinking they pulled each other in a hug. When they parted they sat in embarrass silence.

After a moment Danny asked, "So, do you want to leave now?"

Sam nodded and said, "Yeah, let's go."

When they got in Danny's car Danny asked, "So, where do you want me to drop you off?"

Sam answered, "Just go to Amity Drive and it'll be the first apartment buildings you see." Danny nodded and started to drive.

After about 5 minutes of driving Danny asked, "Is this it?" The apartment building was big and you could tell that the apartment rooms were inside. It was a pretty little place that had a swimming pool, a tennis court, and basketball courts.

Sam nodded and said, "Yeah, thanks for driving me here."

Danny smiled and said, "No problem."

When Sam got out of the car she waved goodbye and went up the stairs to her apartment room. When Danny was driving he looked at the clock; it was already 7:00pm! He realized that he had spent all afternoon with Sam. Even though he was happy about seeing Sam after 7 years, he felt guilty; he knew Paulina would probably be mad and jealous that he spent all day with Sam. When he was at his apartment building he heard a noise coming from his room. Danny was scared that something was happening to Paulina so he turned into his alter ego, Danny Phantom and flew up to his door. When he was at his door he changed back to his human self and opened his door quickly.

"Paulina?" Danny called out. Suddenly he heard a laugh coming from his room.

"Paulina?" Danny called out again. He then saw his bedroom door brush open and then he saw Paulina come out of the door.

"Danny!" Paulina cried out. Danny could tell something was wrong with Paulina, he could see it in her eyes, and she didn't even give him a hug like she usually did.

Danny asked, "Are you okay Paulina?"

Paulina said nervously, "I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" Danny shrugged and started to walk to his room.

Paulina asked, "Danny, where are you going?"

Danny said, "To the room."
Paulina asked, "Why?"
Danny gave her a weird look and answered, "So I can go to sleep."

While he opened the door he heard Paulina shout out, "Danny, no!" But he opened it anyway, and what he saw, shocked and hurt him at the same time. (AN: Bum, bum, buuuuuuum)

"Dash, what are you doing here, in my room, on my bed!"

Just then Paulina came in and said, "Danny, I know what it looks like but-"

Danny cut her off and said to her, "Good, because that's what it is. You've been cheating on me with Dash, haven't you?"

Paulina said, "What, no!"

Danny rolled his eyes and asked, "Then why is Dash here?"

Paulina answered, "He just fell asleep here, that's all. Besides, you can't tell me you didn't do anything with that Goth freak! That's why you were out all day!"

Danny said, "One, her name is Sam, and she's my best friend, and two, all we did was talk, because I didn't want to do anything that could ruin our friendship because I care about you, and I thought you cared about me!" He than left the room and ran to his car. When he got inside he started to drive, he didn't know where he was going to go, but he decided that anywhere was better than being with Paulina. Suddenly he heard a song start to play. He knew it was probably going to describe what he just saw, so he turned up the radio and began singing with the song.

No, no, no, no this can't be true

I got this feeling, and I just can't turn it to lose

That somebody's been getting next to you

I don't want to walk around knowing I was your fool

'Cause being the man that I am

I just can't lose my cool

Just as Danny predicted, the song was describing what he saw a couple of minutes ago. The song was right; he really didn't want to be Paulina's fool anymore.

My friends keep telling me about the things that's going on babe

But deep in my heart baby I hope that I'm wrong

Yes I hope that I'm wrong but I know it babe

Danny sighed and knew that the song was right again; all his friends kept telling him that they had seen Paulina and Dash kissing, he didn't want to believe them but deep down he always knew.

Somebody's sleeping in my bed (my bed my bed my bed)

Somebody's taking my place (yeah baby)

Somebody's sleeping in my bed

And you know just what I mean oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

The more Danny thought about it, the more he wondered how many times Paulina slept with Dash, she probably slept with him every time he wasn't there.

I come home early expecting your warm embrace

But something is wrong, 'cause it's written all over your face

It hurt so bad when I talked through the door

But you know one damn thing baby I ain't coming back no more

No, no, no, no

Now don't try to tell me things are still the same

'Cause when we made love I heard you call out his name, call out his name

Danny was practically in tears when he heard this part because it reminded him of what had just happened to him, it also reminded him of one night when he and Paulina were kissing on their bed and then she moaned Dash's name…

Somebody's sleeping in my bed tonight baby

Somebody's taking (Sisqo's place) my time

Somebody's sleeping in my bed

Somebody's taking my place

Girl I want you to know

I gave you money and every little thing that you need

I gave you the world (yes I did) 'cause you were my girl (oh yes I did)

But you still ran out on me oh yeah

Danny felt his anger rising. He gave Paulina everything, he gave her money when she needed it, he took care of her, he paid for most of the rent, he loved her, but she still cheated on him. How could she do this to him!

Somebody's sleeping in my bed (Said you're sleeping in my bed, messing with my head oooh)

Somebody's taking my place (Tell my why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why)

Somebody's sleeping in my bed

(Said you're sleeping in my bed, messing with my head)

Somebody's taking my place

Danny really wanted to know why Paulina would do something like this to him.

Now if you truly love me, then this would not be happening

Sleeping in my bed

Messing with my head

Oh no, no, no, no, no

Gotta let you go

Yes I do

What you doing to me (What you doing)

I don't wanna be a fool no more

When the song ended Danny turned his car around and went to his apartment to ask Paulina why the heck she did this to him. When Danny got inside he found Paulina on the couch with her head buried in her hands and luckily, Dash was gone.

When Danny closed the door Paulina looked up and said, "Danny! I'm glad to see you, I was getting worried!" She than ran up to him and was about to hold him when Danny stopped her.

"Yeah, right, I just came back because I wanted to know why you cheated on me."

Paulina sat down and said, "Because I was tired of being second best."

Danny asked, "What do you mean 'second best?'"

Paulina replied, "Look, I always knew you still love that Goth freak."

Danny yelled, "Stop calling her that! Her name is Sam!"
Paulina smirked and said, "I told you that you sill love her."

Danny calmed down and said, "That doesn't mean that I thought you were second best."

Paulina said, "Even if I believed that I still would've cheated on you anyways."

Danny asked, "What!"

Paulina said, "Yep, I mean, look at you Dan, you're not that cute. That was one of the reasons why I cheated on you with Dash." Danny went to his room and came back with a couple of suitcases. Before he left he said to Paulina, "I'm out of here! When I get another apartment I'll come back for the bed and all the furniture, enjoy having an empty apartment!"

Paulina said, "You can't take all the furniture!"
Danny said, "Yes I can, after all, it is my stuff."

Paulina said, "No, it's ours."

Danny said, "Correction; all mine. You don't seem to remember who paid for all this stuff; I did, so technically it's all my stuff. Like I said before; enjoy an empty apartment with no furniture!"

When Danny opened the door he said, "By the way Paulina, I just have another thing to say, can I say it?"

Paulina rolled her eyes and said, "Go ahead."

Danny cleared his throat and said, "I just want you to know that I think you're a shallow, superficial witch and I hope you rot in Hell!" (AN: Woo! Go Danny!) Then he left the room, leaving a very angry Paulina at the door. When he loaded the back of his car with his suitcases he got in the car. Suddenly he realized that he had no place to go. Then an idea came to him, he could go to Sam's apartment! He smiled and turned on the ignition. Suddenly he heard a song come on. He turned it up in hopes that it reminded him of Sam.

I long for the warmth of days gone by

When you were mine

But now those days are memories in time

Life's empty without you by my side

My heart belongs to you no matter what I try

When I get the courage up to love somebody new, it always falls apart 'cause they just can't compare to you

You're love won't release me I'm bound under ball and chain

Reminiscing our love as I watch 4 seasons

Danny felt relived that the song really did make him think of Sam. His heart did belong to Sam, no matter what he tried, and whenever he loved someone new it never worked out, they just weren't Sam.

In comes the winter breeze that chills the air and drifts the snow

And I imagine kissing you under the mistletoe

When springtime makes its way here lilac blooms remind me of the sense of your perfume

When summer burns with heat I always get the hots for you, go skinny dipping in the ocean were we used to do

When autumn sheds the leaves the trees are bare when you're not here it doesn't fell the same

The song was right, when winter came he always had dreams of kissing Sam in the snow under the mistletoe, and spring always reminded him of her lilac perfume that she wore that night at the dance. He and Sam never went skinny dipping, but whenever he went to the beach on summer days, he remembered being with Sam and Tucker at the same beach on long, hot summer days. Whenever he saw the trees in the back of his apartment lose all its leaves he always thought of Sam. He remembered how she used to love it when the trees lost their leaves because then the friends would all jump in them, he remembered that it didn't feel the same when she wasn't there.

Remember the nights when we closed our eyes

And vowed that you and I would be in love for all time

Every time I think about these things I shared with you I break down and cry 'cause I get so emotional

Until you release me I'm bound under ball and chain

Reminiscing our love as I watch 4 seasons change

Danny and Sam never said that they loved each other for all time, but he remembered that one night when they were relaxing outside, they vowed that they would always be best friends and that nothing wouldn't let anything separate them. Whenever he thought about that night he always cried.

In comes the winter breeze that chills the air and drifts the snow

And I imagine kissing you under the mistletoe

When springtime makes its way here lilac blooms remind me of the sense of your perfume

When summer burns with heat I always get the hots for you, go skinny dipping in the ocean were we used to do

When autumn sheds the leaves the trees are bare when you're not here it doesn't feel the same

This loneliness has crushed my heart please let me love again

'Cause I need your love to comfort me and ease the pain

Or 4 seasons will bring the loneliness again

The song was right, the loneliness crushed Danny's heart that was the only reason why Paulina felt second best. If Danny didn't have Sam's love, he was going to die with loneliness.

In comes the winter breeze that chills the air and drifts the snow

And I imagine kissing you under the mistletoe

When springtime makes its way here lilac blooms remind me of the sense of your perfume

When summer burns with heat I always get the hots for you

Go skinny dipping in the ocean were we used to do

When autumn sheds the leaves the trees are bare, when you're not here it doesn't feel the same.

When the song ended he had already reached Sam's apartment. He looked for Sam's room number. When he found it he knocked quietly on the door.

"Danny, what are you doing here?" Sam asked when she answered the door.

"Sam, can I talk to you?" Danny asked.

Sam answered, "Sure, come on in." When he got inside he noticed the time, it was 8:24pm. Then he looked at the rest of the apartment. It had two black sofas, a big bookshelf covered with horror books, a big entertainment system with a big screen TV, a huge movie selection, a radio, and Bose speakers.

"Nice place you got here, Sam." Danny said with a smile.

Sam smiled and motioned for him to sit on a couch.

When Sam sat down she asked, "So, what did you want to talk about?"

Danny said, "Paulina and I broke up."

Sam gave him a weird look and asked, "What, why?"

Danny sighed and said, "I caught Paulina with Dash, they were kissing on our bed."

Sam got up and said, "That witch I'll kill her!" Then she started pacing her floor.

After a few moments Danny knew he had to tell her the truth so he said, "Sam, look, I'm just as fault as she is."

Sam asked furiously, "Really, how? Did you cheat on her? Did you sleep with another girl behind her back?"

Danny said, "Well, no."
Sam asked, "Okay then, how it is your fault?"

Danny said, "The only reason she cheated on me was because she felt like she was second best."
Sam asked, "Second best? To who?"
Danny said, "To you."

Sam asked, "Why did she fell that way?"
Danny said, "Sam, there's something I never told you. The only reason why Paulina and I never got married is because of you. You see, I never asked Paulina to marry me was because I always hoped that you'd come back and then I could ask you to go out with me instead. In fact, the only reason I went out with Paulina in the first place was to try and get my mind off you. I've always loved you, but I always knew you never loved me."
Sam smiled and asked, "Danny Fenton, do you know how long I've been waiting to hear you say that you love me?"

Danny looked at her and asked, "You love me, too."
Sam said, "Of course I do, I've loved you since freshmen year."

Danny said, "Same here! I just didn't know how to tell you." Without hesitation they kissed each other passionately, it was the moment they've been waiting for nearly 10 years. It was the end of a big mistake.


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