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Link: so, shes an adult in this one?

Me: duh!

Link: damn, bite my head off, would ya?

Me: ok:D and this will be the last and final chappy... a two-parter... lol...

"Zelda," Impa got on one knee in the middle of Kakariko Village as a sign of respect for her princess. "Take these Deku nuts, they'll come in use later. And visit the Potion Shop after I leave for duty." The princess had grown over the seven years. Her blonde hair now sparkled in the somewhat light around.

Zelda nodded her head. Impa had thrown one on the ground and disappeared. Zelda quickly headed for the Potion Shop and saw the horrid flasks and smelt those vicious potion fumes.

"Ah, your Highness, I have somethings here for you," the witch behind the counter bowed, hitting her face on it. Zelda fought to hold back her laugh. "Please hurry and take them."

Zelda bowed after receiving her "items" and left the Potion Shop. "Let's see what Impa gave me," she said to herself. What she found was an old Sheikah costume, a harp, an odd device, and a note.

Princess Zelda,

Please disguise yourself as a male Sheikah named Sheik. This harp is to help Link on his quest, teaching him songs to help him teleport from one temple to the next. The device is called a tracker, which is implanted in his earring. When you hear a beeping sound, it signalizes that he is close by. I hope you reveal yourself to him after he's collected the six medallions. Remember not to show yourself to anyone now: it will endanger your life!


"Okay, Impa! I'll do my best!" Zelda yelled out, raising her fist in the air, not knowing she was watched by the townspeople oddly.


"Hey, Navi," Link began as he was walking through the Water Temple in his blue tunic and hat, "How do you think Sheik finds wherever I am?"

Navi began bouncing up and down. "No time for questions, Link! Look up!"

"But she disappears just as fast!" Link said astonished as he sliced open a Blue Tektite.


"Link, we must leave now! The castle is falling apart!" Zelda warned.

Link followed Zelda through the castle, watching her smash boulders with her magic to make a path to the entrance to the castle, and watched it as it tumblued down.


"OK, so I am guilty of those charges, and even stalking!" Zelda admitted. The judge smirked slightly.

"So, would you like to pay the fine, or would you like to wait on it?" the judge asked. Zelda's eyes bulged out in disbelief.

"A fine? That's it?" she asked out in utter shock.

"Well, after all, you did help save Hyrule, and you did make the cover of Cross-Dressing Weekly with some fantastic pictures," the judge giggled.

Zelda snarled and marched out of the court doors in a huff.

Me: thats it! its finished! i forgot the whole game cuz its been YEARS since i last played it... literally...

Link: did you ever give the judge a name?

Me: now that i look back... nope... and im not gonna unless people want me to... :D until next story... (phoenix!)--

Link: Sayonara, Minna-san!

Me: ;gargh!; Baka no Link! (baka ne baka baka!)