COMMENTS: Well, Sasuke's still being stubborn.

DISCLAIMER: Masashi Kishimoto is the mangaka. Hayato Date is the director of the anime, which was released by Studio Pierrot. No profit will be made out of this fan fiction. No copyright infringement was intended. The only thing I own here is this piece of writing.



The last two months or so? Bizarre. Absolutely bizarre. First, some spy tried coming into Konoha by pretending to be Gai-sensei while he was gone, except he and bushy eyebrows and I beat him up and sent him off to jail before Tsunade-baba even put the wanted posters up. And then I nearly got devoured! By this haunted castle, 'cause the guy who owned it like over fifty years ago died wishing that anyone who comes in would be eaten up alive! I rasenganed the way out, of course. Hehe. Then, a bunch of guys came looking for Gai-sensei for revenge, except we stopped them too, 'cause they thought Gai-sensei did something really horrible, but it wasn't true.

I mean, Gai-sensei? Come on, right?

So, so... there was a bomb threat. The ANBU got involved. This old man, Gennou, used to treat me to Ichiraku. I think you met him once or twice. Do you remember the old guy? He'd eat a bit of his ramen, then give me the rest of the bowl?

Turns out he was a bomb expert and a shinobi in his village... that was destroyed by Konoha some thirty years back, so he came to Konoha to blow us all up too. But Shikamaru, Chouji, Ino, Shino, Kiba, Hinata, Neji, Lee, Tenten and Sakura and I all found him and stopped him in time. Sort of. I mean, Shikarmaru said... um... the old man gave up on his plan after meeting me, 'cause I remind him of this kid of his... or something. So... he died, Sasuke.

It was old age. I think he was smiling...


That's not actually bizarre, is it...

Bizarre is... rushing into a genjutsu world to stop some girl with the power to erase Kurenai-sensei from existence with some paint on a canvas. Yeah, that happened. I mean, Kurenai-sensei's still alive, and that girl's still alive, and there was some sort of happy ending for them, and come back, bastard, because revenge is really... I mean look at those people! Revenge on Gai-sensei? Revenge against an entire village years and years and years after a war when no one is fighting any more? Revenge on Kurenai-sensei because Kurenai-sensei stopped the girl from her dream for her own good?

Sasuke, I'm not saying that you shouldn't have your revenge or anything, but you don't have to go about it on your own - you know that, right? I mean... Orochimaru. Wants. Your. Body.

HELLO? I just want you back home, Sasuke. Konoha's still your home, no matter what you say. You can't change where you came from, and well...

Damnit, write back!



Note: I am so glad the fillers are over now. Well, over for now, because I'm sure there can be more, unless the battles get drawn out forever like Dragonball, which I really hope they won't, but you know... Eh, best not to focus on that. Next one up is probably going to be a bit different, but I'm debating on how different, so I won't say more about that, haha