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Chapter Two

Harry Potter was not your average teenager of nearly fifteen. He wasn't even your average wizard. The only thing truly normal for him was the fact that, as a supposedly juvenile delinquent, he had been tried in court for something that he wasn't even supposed to be tried for. To top it off, he'd gotten no letters from anyone saying anything about what was going on with Hogwarts, the Wizarding World, everything! They'd all been nestled nicely in his godfather's family's old house. What had he been tried for? Defending himself and his blue whale of a cousin, Dudley, from a pair of dementors was what he was being tried for.

He had been walking back to number four Privet Drive, when he had spotted Dudley and his cronies talking. He'd come over and started pestering Dudley, but walked home with him instead of staying out and possibly getting into ridiculously horrible trouble. On the way, they took a short cut through a darkened alleyway when everything went black. The dementors appeared then, though Dudley couldn't see them. Harry, thinking fast, had used his patronus on them and drove them away. That was why he had been tried for using magic in front of a muggle.

On the bright side, things could only get worse from there.

Take it back, there was no bright side.

However, on a surprising note, Ron had become a prefect. Hermione became a prefect as well, but that was a given. That was why he was currently sitting on the train to Hogwarts in a compartment without his two friends with him. Since they were prefects, they had to sit in the specially marked compartment for prefects. Instead, he sat with Neville Longbottom, a round-faced boy in his year and his house, Ginny Weasley, Ron's younger sister, and a girl that Ginny seemed to know, Luna Lovegood.

Luna Lovegood was apparently called Loony Lovegood because of her odd mannerisms, though her very appearance was odd in itself. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes, but that was as far as her normality went. She wore large radishes as earings and was reading some sort of tabloid newpaper, called the Daily Quibbler, upside down, hiding the blue and bronze of her ravenclaw colors.

Neville was poking a plant that looked like it was some sort of culture in a Petri dish that had decided to grow intelligence and take root in a pot of soil. It was something called a mimbulus mimbletonia.

Just then, Harry heard some odd voices that were coming from outside of the compartment. They sounded like they were American. Wait, American?

Harry got out of his seat and started to walk to the door when the mimbulus mimbletonia had squirted everyone with a foul smelling, purple juice. "ARGH!" he grimaced as he splattered some on the floor.

"Sorry! It's great though, isn't it?" jabbered Neville excitedly. Harry sighed and cleaned himself with his wand as did Ginny and Luna. Neville blushed faintly and put his plant beside him where it could hide and avoid the nasty glares from everyone. It was his precious.

Harry heard the voices of three girls become more prominent. One had a low voice while the other one that spoke nearly the entire time had a higher one. Then, there was one that was soft spoken and hard to hear, but had a strange feel to it similar to the one with the low commanding tone.

"Geez, this place filled up quick, didn't it," said the one with the low voice, "I thought we'd at least find a place to sit before the train started moving, but then we got ousted by those hyper preteens."

"Astra, I just want to sit down! Hurry and find a place! I can't keep my balance on this stupid train," said the higher toned female voice.

"How 'bout this one, then, eh?" said the lower female voice.

"I wouldn't go there, if I were you," said the soft spoken female voice as the sound of a compartment being opened traveled to Harry's ears.

"Hey, can we sit with ya'll? We can't find a place together and we're kinda new to this train thing," said the low voice in what he guessed was a southern drawl, but she spoke too fast for it to really be a drawl. After a moment, Harry thought he'd heard Lavender Brown speaking or Parvati Patil saying something before the sound of the compartment closing came to his ears. After that, he didn't hear the girls any longer.

"What are you listening to?"

Harry jumped and slammed right into the doors. Ginny Weasley had been right behind him and speaking into his ear, which sent an odd tingle into his nerves for some reason. "Ginny! Don't startle me like that," he said as he straightened himself up and attempted to fix his hair. It didn't work.

Ginny giggled as Harry felt his cheeks heat up slightly before he sat down again, ruffling his hair once again in thought. When did Americans go to Hogwarts? Didn't they have their own schools?

Astra Knight sat on the floor of the compartment with a few girls that were in some house called Gryffindor. She guessed it must have been the inspiration for her school's house of Firewind. However, she saw lions, which were pretty cool house mascots, on their robes. She still kept her old school's quidditch uniform and robes, complete with a crossbred dragon emblem. All of her school's houses had a different type of dragon for their mascots, because the school, when it was started, had four pet dragons the students were supposed to take care of, two of which were crossbreeds.

Astra heard a strange thump out in the hallway and put her head out to look for what had caused the noise to occur. She was met by a pale, pointed face and pale gray eyes. She shot back in surprise. "Whoa!"

The boy sneered as the girls in the compartment protested in snarls at him to leave before one or all of them put some sort of curse on him at once. The boy, who seemed to be called Draco Malfoy, rolled his eyes. "You lot better be nice to MISS Parkinson and I. We're prefects now.

There was a malicious giggle beside Draco and Astra saw a pug nosed girl that made Astra instantly despise her. The boy, Draco, also suddenly made Astra want to claw his face off. He laughed and the compartment slammed shut and the sound of another compartment opening echoed in the hallway as well as a lot of yelling.

Astra blinked and got to her feet quickly and slammed open the compartment, looking down the hallway hurriedly. Draco had a wand to his face and a boy with glasses and black hair was the one pointing it at him. Astra frowned faintly. Oh well, another day to pummel someone like that would come again.

The girl, Lavender, rolled her eyes at the door and smiled at Astra and Nevaeh. "So you three are from America? Where in America are you from?"

"Central Texas, a city called Austin," drawled Astra as she leaned back against the wall next to the door. "It's a breeding ground for the strange and unusual."

"Oh," said Lavender.

"Why are you coming to Hogwarts, if you don't mind me asking," asked Parvati. Padma, beside her sister Parvati, was busy watching Avalon and wondering how fast she could run out of the compartment and down the hallway before whatever vibes the girl Avalon was giving her would be able to catch up to her. The girl was somewhat scary looking, with long black hair down to her waist, deathly pale skin, and those creepy black eyes that just kept staring at her without blinking.

Astra didn't answer the question, however. She just looked toward the door with a deliberately blank look on her face. Nevaeh, the shorter, round faced girl, smiled sheepishly at Parvati. "Um, it's because their parents went to Hogwarts before. I'm here because my mom wanted me away from my old school. They were putting me in remedial courses and I don't need them."

A couple of the other girls in the compartment made faces. Avalon shot the girls a glare before looking back to Padma and Parvati with those black eyes boring holes into their heads. Now Parvati was getting unnerved by her.

When the train stopped in Hogsmeade, Harry caught a glimpse of a very tall and rather intimidating girl getting off the train ahead of him and Ginny. He only caught that she had long, dirty blonde hair pulled into a pair of braids and that her shoulder width was probably just shy of that of Fred and George Weasley, though he could have been mistaken.

Harry noticed that there were strange, winged, horse like creatures hitched to the carriages that were to carry everyone to the castle. "What are those?" he said as he pointed to one.

"What are what?" Ron came up behind him and looked to Hermione and then back to where Harry was pointing. Harry suddenly had a feeling he was about to look like a two year old that was pointing at something everyone else had seen already.

"Those things, thereā€”I've never seen them before," he said.

Ron shook his head. "Eh, not a clue what you're talking about, mate," he said and got on a carriage with Hermione who looked as equally puzzled.

Harry saw the same intimidating girl go to one not far from him and jump back in surprise. "What the hell! Whoa! It looks like something out of a horror flick," she yelped before calming down and leaning toward the beast and letting it sniff her hand. She leaped back when it tried to bite her. "Yikes! Man, this thing is evil!"

"Maybe it's just you," said a smaller, thinner, black haired girl behind the blonde girl.

"Oh shut up, Avalon, and get in," grunted the other girl.

A brown haired girl trembled behind the tall one as he looked at the strange horse-like creatures. "What are they? They're creepy!" said the brown haired girl.

"Not a clue, Nev. Let's get in." Then, they both got in, the taller girl helping the small brunette inside before getting in herself.

"Harry, get in before these things start off!" said Hermione. Harry got in quickly and shut the door just in time, the carriage starting off right then. In a little while, they would be at Hogwarts for their fifth year. Maybe his previous pessimism would prove to be wrong.