Part I

From: welovepublicity(at)operapopulaire. com
To: castncrew(at)operapopulaire. com
CC: prettyinpink(at)dechagny. net
Subject: New Opera, Patron, and a Cool Quiz

After our Hannibal success, we have decided to try a slightly more difficult opera, Il Muto. We are currently assigning parts, so feel free to beg and grovel… we mean, audition…

In other news, we are please to say that we have acquired a new patron, le Vicomte de Chagny, who will be joining us for rehearsals next week. We feel certain that you will all find him an interesting addition to our community. His hair products have certainly made us into fans! Fans with shiny, raspberry-scented tresses!

Most importantly, we have recently discovered a rather neat quiz thing. We have filled it out, and encourage you all to do so as well, so we can learn a bit more about each other in the spirit of togetherness. :-)

Basic Info:

Name? Gilles Lexi Andre; Richard Jean Firmin
Age? 45; 46
Eye color? brown; chocolate
Hair color? varying shades of grey
Height? 4'9''; 6'1''


Country? France, of course!
Food? Baguette
Movie? Breakfast at Tiffany's. That Audrey is such a dear!
Drink? A nice glass of milk
Animal? Sheep… French sheep…
Color? French aquamarine

Are you:

Nice? We like to think we possess genial natures :-)
Sarcastic? We sure hope not!
Funny? Knock knock!


Do you remember your dreams? Yes, we dream of publicity, and queues all around the theater, and sometimes of milk and baguettes.
Do you believe in soulmates? Quite so.
Do you believe in love at first sight? Depends.
What was your favorite childhood toy? A brilliant red firetruck.
Thoughts on life? Have a scandal, and you're sure to have a hit!
Who do you want to be stuck on an island with? Firmin; Paris Hilton (sorry Andre)
What did you do before Opera? We invested in junk.. er, scrap metal.

PS. Who is leaving those roses with black ribbons all over the place? They're absolutely ghastly when they wilt. Pray, do at least clean them up..

Your Managers,
-Andre & Firmin

"I had a dream.. such publicity! But it was a dream, and nothing more..."


From: undergroundlunatic(at)operapopulaire. com
To: frozenexpression(at)operapopulaire. com
Subject: Lesson Tonight

My apologies, but I will unfortunately not be here tonight for our lesson. It has come to my attention that the fools who run my theater are casting La Carlotta as the lead. Fear not, I will go and er.. "settle" the matter with them.

-Your Angel of Music

"The Phantom of the Opera is there.. inside your mind!"


From: frozenexpression(at)operapopulaire. com
To: undergroundlunatic(at)operapopulaire. com
Subject: RE: Lesson Tonight

Of course, my dear tutor! I do hope everything goes as planned! As ever, I eagerly await our next lesson!

Your Mask,


"...angel of music..."


From: prettyinpink(at)dechagny. net
To: castncrew(at)operapopulaire. com
Subject: Introducing…

To my new friends at the Opera Populaire:

I am sure that you have heard the most fortunate news of my recent patronage of your charming opera house. Now, you are all very talented people (especially that cute brunette!), but I noticed during my recent visit an alarming phenomenon: split ends!

Yes, I know you must be as distressed as I am at the very suggestion, but take a deep breath and examine the ends of your hair. No, don't get too depressed! I know what you must be seeing: a seemingly incurable malady affecting your precious locks of hair.

But fear not, for with the help of my wonderful line of Vicomte Beautiful hair products, you too can have hair nearly as gorgeous and fluffy as mine! It may seem improbable, but after a few short years of faithful treatment with my shampoo, conditioner, gel, spray, other conditioner, special brushes, mousse, and little pink hair ribbons, your hair may even approach the caliber of mine!

Don't delay, order today! Free compact mirror possibly included if you are the lucky 100th customer… or that cute brunette…

- Raoul, le Vicomte de Chagny

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty!"


From: blondeballetrat(at)operapopulaire. com
To: undergroundlunatic(at)operapopulaire. com
Subject: squee!

Phantom, I am writing to you as the official president of the Phantom of the Opera Phangirls United Team (POPUT). We are a group dedicated to phangirling you to the fullest possible extent. POPUT will not let any of those nasty rumors about you (really, designing nooses, what kind of psycho would do that?) get in the way of our love for you.

Given this level of dedication, it would be really, really, really nice if you would let me into your lair, or give me some singing lessons, or write an opera for me! I am a lot prettier than that Christine, really; ask anyone around here. I also dance very well. Have you considered choreography? Really, it is all the rage. Composing is a little passé.

With utmost love and adoration,

-Meg Giry

P.S.: Even a rose would be great!

"Cute and blonde since 1854!"


From: divalady(at)operapopulaire. com
To: frozenexpression(at)operapopulaire. com
Subject: FW: New Opera, Patron, and a Cool Quiz

I do hope, you little toad, that you are not thinking about trying out for the part of the Countess. It's not that I'm worried that you're a threat, because you are certainly not, but I just wish you'll spare us the pain of hearing you croak such a lovely part. That part is meant for me and me only. Hands off!

The True Prima Donna,
-La Carlotta

"Superior Singer"


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