A/N: This is the first NS fic I've written. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Nick walked into the bar he had passed so many times on his way to work. He wasn't normally the boozer...but tonight he really could go for a drink. Shift had been hard as always, the usual suspects that were the big asses of the day...some even more-so than Ecklie. Coming into the lab that morning after being woken up earlier than he wanted and a ten minute shower to a pot of lukewarm motor-oil coffee certainly had not put a smile on his face.

After throwing the double-doors to the bar open, he looked around at the people sitting in the bar. There were a few couples sitting at tables and the singles were left to sit on the barstools or at one of the smaller tables, probably drinking their sorrows away, beer after beer after beer. Nick walked over to one of the stools and took a seat.

"What could I get you, Sir?" a male waiter asked Nick as he made his way over to him, grabbing a glass from off the bar and putting it in the sink.

"Um...just a beer, I guess," Nick said.


The waiter walked off with a nod and went to the back to retrieve a cold beer from the cooler. Nick sighed deeply, resting his head on his arm, propping it up on the bar with his elbow. Looking around, he couldn't help but notice all the drunk men and women going around flirting aimlessly with other drunks. Nick couldn't believe how stupid some people could be- they'd let themselves get so drunk they couldnt't even think straight anymore or form a coherent sentence and then they'd let someone pick them up in a bar and take them home to their beds.

Sighing, Nick wondered where his beer was. Did it really take that long to run around to the back of the small building and get a beer from the cooler?

Nick looked over at one woman standing in the corner of the bar alone. She was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans, not the typical bar attire, Nick deducted, though he was one to talk- he almost ended up coming to the bar in blue scrubs from the CSI lab. This woman had long curvy legs that led his gaze up to her stomach. She was stick-skinny...almost unhealthy skinny. He finally brought his gaze up to her head and saw her golden brown hair that fell just below her shoulders. He caught a glimpse of her face when she brushed a strand of hair away with her hand.

Wait...Nick knew who this was...this was Sara!

"Sar?" Nick asked, more to himself than anyone else in the room. What was she doing here? She had left early that day, she had closed her case and asked for the rest of the day off to get some rest. She shouldn't be at a bar, she should be at home in bed, asleep, Nick thought. What was she doing? It was late- almost 11:00 pm and she was out at a bar.

Nick's beer finally arrived and he took it almost greedily from the waiter and handed him some money. Carrying his opened beer with him, he slowly headed over to Sara, stopping only when a large group of drunks walked in his way. "Excuse you," Nick muttered, watching as they walked in front of him, moving at not even a mile an hour, all coming and coming like cars in a line of traffic.

"I just wanted to say hi to Sara," Nick muttered, watching as they still crowded in front of him. He poked his head over the large group of people and looked around for Sara. She was still in the same spot she was before, occasionally taking sips of her beer. And then something happened that made Nick tense up. A man, obviously drunk, walked over to her- he had black hair and brown eyes and was slightly shorter than Nick, but still had a relatively strong build. Nick didn't like where this was going, he knew Sara well enough to know she wasn't going to socialize with random drunk people at bars...

Nick cursed under his breath as he saw another line of people coming to crowd in front of him and keep him away from Sara. These people were getting so annoying! They were only exaserbating the situation, and Nick didn't like the way this man was looking at Sara, not one bit. This man looked like he was undressing her with his eyes...he wasn't good news, Nick could tell right away.

Nick saw the man's jaw move up and down a few times with words, though he couldn't decipher anything he was saying. Sara didn't seem interested one bit by the man, that was good, Nick decided. She didn't need to get mixed up with a freak she saw at a bar. And then Nick could begin to decipher what he was saying...

"Come on, baby," he hissed, his voice raspy and his words slightly slurred. He grabbed Sara's arm, trying to pull her toward him, and Nick just watched as she struggled to tear her arm away from the grip he had on her.

"Go away," Sara told him, still trying to tear her arm away from him.

"Don't be like that," he told her, pulling her to him by her arm. Holding her arm against his chest, he wrapped an arm around her waist and held onto her tightly. His face was now centimeters away from hers. "Let's go some place quieter," he whispered into her ear, silencing her by pressing his lips against hers. She squirmed as he led her out of the bar with him and Nick quickly shoved past the line of people in his way and headed out of the bar behind them.

Outside, the man had pushed Sara up against the wall forcefully and held her in place with one hand holding tightly onto her shoulder and another still around her waist. His mouth came crashing down on hers and he pushed his tongue into her mouth, kissing her long and hard. Now one hand was still strapped tightly around her waist and the other was between the valley of her breasts. He brought his hand up off of her waist and slowly slid one of the straps of her bra down her shoulder. His other hand near her chest squeezed one of her breasts, making her whimper.

Nick ran outside and took the scene in front of him in. "Get the hell away from her!" he yelled. Why wasn't someone else doing something? Had they not seen him drag her out of the bar? Had they not heard her tell him to leave her alone?

The man stopped before he could get any further and turned to look at Nick. "Who the hell are you?" he asked. "I got her first, too bad," he told him, turning back towards Sara, about to kiss her again.

"Nick!" Sara yelled, shutting her eyes tightly.

"I said to get away from her!" Nick yelled, running over to him and pulling him off of her. The man growled angrily, looking over at Nick.

"Get out of here, you bastard!" the man yelled.

Nick avoided being punched in the face by the man as he swung at him and ducked just in time. He then threw a punch of his own, clipping the man right in the face. He backed up, trying to figure out what just happened before Nick hit him again, this time almost making him lose his balance. The man tried to thrown another punch at Nick but he was too slow and ended up falling down on the ground, groaning as he stared up at the sky.

Nick, breathing heavily, still trying to figure out what he just did, turned his head slowly to his right, looking over at Sara. She was staring at him with wide eyes and her body started shaking as she stared up at him in fear.

"It's okay, Sar," Nick told her.

Sara ran over to him, burying her face in his chest as she started crying. He ran his fingers through her hair and wrapped an arm tightly around her. "It's okay, Sar," he told her. "Shh...it's okay..."